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A Vote For Biden Is A Vote For The Bad Old Days

One of the things that too few people understand about a Biden-Harris presidency is just what that will mean for our day-to-day lives. The policies advocated by that senile infant, Joe Biden, and that cackling harpy, Kamala Harris, will not be substantially different than those of Barack Obama. After all, Biden was part of the Obama administration for eight years. If anything, once the fragile, stuttering Biden bows out or is pushed out to make way for Harris, she will amplify Obama’s policies, making their effects that much worse.

But what were Obama’s policies? Too few people can identify them when asked. First and foremost, Obama despised the United States. His own wife has done nothing but whine and complain that America is a racist cesspool. When she’s not making up stories about how white women were mean to her while she took her children on an imaginary trips for ice cream, she’s condemning all Americans as inherently racist monsters who refused, oh so obstinately, to be reeducated by her and her brilliant husband. This is why, she said, she was never proud of America (except for briefly when Barack was elected).

Because he hates America, just like his wife, Obama also hates the Constitution. He was very explicit about this while in office. He saw the Constitution as an obstacle to the great utopia he would legislate into the being, the perfect society he would wish into fruition, if only that pesky Constitution didn’t tie his hands by limiting his powers.

He never let that stop him, honestly, though he complained about it often enough. In fact, Barack Hussein Obama was very proud of his “pen and phone,” the mechanisms through which he wished into law any number of leftist whims through executive fiat. What’s important, though, is that Obama loved power, and loved taking more of it for himself.

This will characterize a Biden-Harris presidency, which means we’ll see any number of unconstitutional power grabs occur under their iron-fisted rule. Whereas Trump steadfastly refused to grab more federal power during the pandemic, deferring to state governors, Biden and Harris will do the opposite.

Along with those power grabs will come constant infringements on our constitutionally protected rights. Biden and Harris have already announced a number of measures they wish to take that would ban AR15s and further restrict firearms ownership. More broadly, there are no rights Democrats like Biden and Harris won’t attack. The only rights any Democrat acknowledges are the imaginary “right” to kill a baby in the womb and the “right” to inflict your sexual and gender confusion on others. All else is entirely open to ban, to restrict, to control.

Of all the rights Democrats hate, however, they hate nothing so much as freedom of speech. You can expect, under Biden and Harris, that your freedom to speak your mind, your your access to the public squares controlled by corrupt technocrats and Silicon Valley oligarchs, will shrink further. Biden and Harris will themselves enact policies that violate the first amendment — including not just your speech, but your freedom of religion and assembly. We’ve seen how much Democrats despise churches and Christians during the pandemic. This animosity will increase as Biden and Harris encourage it.

Then there will be the destructive foreign policy of a Harris-Biden administration, which will again take its cues from Obama’s two terms. Immediately after taking office (and being granted a Nobel Peace Prize merely for existing), Obama embarked on an apology tour, telling the nation’s leaders he was sorry for the awful United States. He bowed and scraped his way through any number of diplomatic encounters, then found time to drone-strike civilians — repeatedly. President Peace Prize then oversaw the erosion of several important alliances with foreign nations, when he wasn’t openly antagonizing Israel and Great Britain with his peculiar mixture of self-absorption and arrogance.

A Biden-Harris foreign policy would be just as destructive. Whereas Trump reasserted American power and American strength on the world stage, Biden and Harris will return us to negotiating from weakness. We will lose more allies. We will see the rise of more terrorism while enduring more assaults from rogue states. While Trump forcedĀ  these enemies of the United States to deal with him, Obama sent nations like Iran pallets of cash. Biden and Harris — and let’s not forget, Biden is a truly, remarkably corrupt politician, while Harris is utterly amoral — will do much the same.

The salt in all these wounds will be the collapse of the economy. Obama’s horrible policies, including his attempt to nationalize a sixth of our economy through Obamacare, gave rise to the “jobless recovery.” Obama’s many proclamations about jobs lost that were never coming back have been proven, by Trump, to be lies. We can expect these doldrums to return, as gas prices skyrocket thanks to the anti-energy policies of a Biden-Harris administration. They will ban fracking and seek to end oil production in the United States — policies that will reverse our energy independence. They’ve said as much (even though they’ve lied about this repeatedly).

A vote for Biden is a vote for Harris. A vote for Harris is a vote for disastrous economic policies, totalitarian domestic policies, and ruinous economic policies. It’s a vote for $4 per gallon gasoline. It’s a vote for government mandates on thermostat settings. It’s a vote for gun control, illegal immigration run amok, and government control of your speech.

A vote for Joe BIden, in other words, is a vote to return to the “bad old days” of the Obama administration. It is a vote to drag us backwards into the weakness, stagflation, and misery that follow Democrats whenever they are in power.

It is also, sadly, a vote that too many “Americans” are only too willing to cast.

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