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All Restaurant Check “Hate Crimes” Are Hoaxes

His name is Ashton Bindrup, and he’s probably lying.

We don’t know he’s lying, of course; he could be telling the honest truth. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility. The problem is that I cannot think of a single story like Ashton Bindrup’s that has not been proven false or, at the very least, never verified as true.

Like so many Americans, Ashton Bindrup is a server. Evidently he works in an unnamed restaurant in Ogden, Utah. It’s possible that one of the news stories about Ashton Bindrup has mentioned the restaurant by name, but so far I cannot find one. This is more than a little odd, because knowing the restaurant would enable independent journalists to at least begin to fact-check this story. Not knowing where poor Ashton works only makes his story more suspicious.

Ashton claims he was left a hateful note with a (substantial) tip for a meal at the restaurant. Now, Mr. Bindrup immediately went to social media to report on what happened (which should also arouse our suspicions). On Facebook, he posted that an older couple with their middle-aged son, all of whom were wearing Trump 2020 hats, left a five-dollar bill with the words, “Get out of America, F-g!” scrawled on it.

Right away, we have a problem. Democrats who manufacture hate crimes almost always try to go too far. It isn’t enough that someone left a nasty note; they had to have been wearing incriminating hats in order to tie the crime to Trump. And the fact that all three of the diners were wearing identical Trump hats is again an issue. Have you ever seen an entire family wearing identical hats who were not assembled for a family reunion or touring a theme park? It simply doesn’t happen. We all know that one guy who wears a Trump hat — I’m him, for my family — but it’s rare to see every member of a dining party similarly attired.

A wide-eyed and incredulous Ashton said on Facebook that he simply cannot imagine hating someone enough to go out of one’s way to write a slur on a tip — and, honestly, that’s a very good point. If you hated gay people so much that you were willing to use an epithet for them, leaving behind a note, would you do so while also leaving a generous tip? I think it’s far more likely you’d leave no tip, or a symbolic tip so small that it would be insulting… wouldn’t you?

Ashton, for his part, would like you to know that this (probably fake) hate crime is “not okay.” He also opined that he wished this family had made the comment to his face. In this way, Ashton is like many Democrats, who are very, very brave when speaking of the imaginary hate crimes committed against them. Recall that Jussie Smollett was very proud of how he fought back against his MAGA-hat wearing, white-supremacist attackers, who turned out to be a pair of Nigerian men whom Jussie hired himself for that purpose.

Digging his credibility hole deeper, Ashton explained that while the Trump-loving family who allegedly perpetrated this hate crime “paid with a card,” he says it was “an electric system so there was no receipt.” He thought it odd that these people asked him for a pen (with which to scrawl their hate note). It did not occur to him as odd, apparently, that if they paid with a debit or credit card, a record of the card holder’s name would be attached to the check for that meal. Weird.

Weirder still, Bindrup said the check for the meal was a paltry $22, meaning this hateful group of homophobic Trump voters left him a 23% tip for the privilege of quietly telling him to return to Homoslavia (or whatever country he’s presumed to have immigrated from in this made-up story). Ashton, you see, is gay, and while I assume this fact is probably readily apparent to anyone who speaks with Ashton, we don’t know that. How the family then knew to tell him to get out of America for being, metaphorically, a component part of a bundle of sticks is anybody’s guess.

Most tellingly, Ashton says that he thinks hate crimes like this are what liberals or Democrats “see and hear and think about when they meet other Trump supporters.” This is very accurate. Ashton’s story is exactly, precisely what bubble-dwelling liberals, Democrats, and progressives of every stripe imagine when they think of Trump supporters — because they don’t personally know any.

In the interview I read with Ashton, he went on at length, in a condescending and self-righteous manner, about what he thinks all Trump supporters need to do to “check the hate” that supposedly spews from some within their ranks. It’s obvious that Ashton enjoyed the attention — and that had to have been the point all along. This story was likely fabricated, and fabricated only so that Ashton could graciously inform Trump supporters of how much they need to change in order to better themselves.

Liberals love to tell the opposition what is and is not okay. They fall over themselves at the chance to inform their enemies of how those enemies must improve. This speaks to their mindset, a worldview in which they are smarter, better, and morally superior to everyone around them. The only problem is that this, too, is a fantasy. You may thank our credulous news media for reporting these stories without ever once looking into them to see if they’re true — no matter how many hoaxes of this type are perpetrated.

Ashton Bindrup may, in fact, be telling the truth. I have an unmarked five dollar bill that says he probably isn’t, though.

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