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Antifa Will Gladly Blind You – And Worse

The laughably named “Antifa” — a group that styles itself as “antifascist,” but which in reality comports itself as black-shirt stormtroopers — has a new tactic. They are using powerful green laser pointers to blind law enforcement. Any assault on law enforcement is of concern to private citizens, even if those private citizens hate cops. This is because a person willing to assault a cop is that much more willing to assault “just some person” on the street.

Think about the rationale that must go through your head when you assault a police officer. It’s not a fight you can ever win. That’s because, for you, there is an infinite number of police officers. Yes, in reality, that number is finite, but it is always more than you can fight. For you, functionally, the number is endless, because you will never reach the end of it. If you are stupid enough to pick a fight with an infinite number of highly motivated government opponents, I guarantee you’ll assault a civilian with casual confidence.

Antifa scumbags love to use creative ways to assault and injure the many people they hate. Do not be fooled, either; they hate you. If you believe in free speech, they hate you. If you believe that all Americans are entitled to express their political opinions, they hate you. If you believe that it’s wrong to commit violent assault in order to silence those with whom you disagree, they hate you. In the minds of Antifa thugs, anyone who opposes them is a “fascist,” all fascists are evil, all evil eventually leads to “genocide,” and therefore assaulting you is a preemptive form of self-defense.

This is how they justify attacking people in the streets to silence them. This is how they justify their domestic terrorism. And this is why they have no problem hurting, burning, blinding, and even killing the people they seek to silence.

The fact that Antifa has not yet managed to take a life is nothing short of a miracle. It isn’t for lack of trying. The infamous “bike lock professor” who obtained heavy bicycle locks to use them as bludgeons was hoping to murder another human being. He did his best to kill the man he struck in the head. By some fluke, or perhaps because most Antifa thugs are also physically weak, he did not score a killing blow.

Antifa has since escalated its tactics from helmets and shields to fireworks and powerful lasers. At least three federal officers in Portland, Oregon, may be permanently blinded. Portland has been beset by violent rioters for weeks, targeting (among other locations) a federal courthouse. The “peaceful protesters” (as our media euphemistically refer to them) shined powerful laser pointers into the eyes of the officers there. These are not the cat and dog toys you can buy in any dollar store; these are extremely bright lasers that pose significant risks to the user.

These are the same green lasers, in fact, that are so powerful they pose some risk to airplane pilots. It is illegal to shine lasers from the ground at airplanes. In New York, Senator Chuck Schumer (a Democrat, natch) actually introduced legislation to ban them. This means that even a Democrat acknowledges the power these devices have. While his knee-jerk Democrat reaction to ban things is shared by his fellow travelers, the point remains: Deliberately shining one of these into somebody’s eyes means you intend to damage their eyesight.

The Federal Protective Service has been forced to procure anti-laser protective glasses as a result. These same officers have been targeted with a variety of thrown objects, including frozen bottles (freezing them is an attempt to make them more dangerous) and commercial-grade fireworks. A commercial-grade firework is not a sparkler or an amusement; it is a dangerous munition that, if you are holding it when it detonates, will blow your fingers off your hand. Getting hit with these will burn you and could blind or kill you.

Oh, and if they don’t manage to blind you or kill you during a riot, Antifa will come to your home after the fact to harass and threaten your family. This is why, the Feds say, officers working to protect federal assets have been wearing numerical designations instead of name tags. It’s to prevent them being “doxxed” by the little black-clad fascists they’re arresting.

Given the Antifa storm troopers’ behavior, it’s another miracle that authorities have not used live ammunition. I guarantee that in the face of a fusillade of 5.56mm bullets, their revolutionary courage would fail them. But we will never see this, because those in power fear the bad optics of a bloodbath.

Despite this — and perhaps because of it — these “protesters” and their tactics should worry you. These are not people seeking “justice” or trying to “be heard.” These are violent anarchists whose goal is to injure and kill people. They are, in other words, a threat to you — and that threat is real even if you sympathize with their repulsive politics.



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