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AOC Is The Dumbest Woman In Congress

Alexandria Ocasio Nina Pinta Santa-Maria El Domingue De Los Angeles Cortez, an imbecile who managed to get elected in one of New York City’s most solidly Democrat districts, has outdone herself recently. You would think a woman who became famous sitting on the floor of her empty apartment, drinking wine and musing about the mysteries of her inscrutable garbage disposal, would be hard-pressed to exceed her previous missteps. You would be wrong. Having recently discovered the wonders of “not feeling safe,” and understanding how much leverage this can give her, AOC has managed to beclown herself so thoroughly that having done so should be grounds for removal from office.

Specifically, AOC — a socialist who has as much understanding of economics as former President Trump had of cosmetics — recently vented her spleen about the Wall Street scandal in which a retail broker rigged the system to favor large hedge funds and penalize its retail customers. Senator Ted Cruz agreed with the horse-faced pair of large breasts in an expensive pantsuit that is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, at which point she lost her mind in his general direction.

Whining that Ted Cruz and literally any other Republican who exists somehow fomented an insurrection that very nearly resulted in her murder, AOC essentially accused Cruz of being part of a conspiracy to kill her. It is on these grounds that AOC and her fellow Democrat imbeciles in Congress have demanded the resignation of all political opposition. They do not “feel safe,” you see, which is why AOC was forced to skip Joe Biden’s coronation as America’s new dictator. Why, somebody from the other party might be somewhere in proximity to her. She couldn’t possibly be expected to tolerate such a threat.

Apparently it is now the norm for members of Congress, especially freshman members and other less-than-experienced politicians, to scream at each other as they pass each other in the halls. A Republican freshman recently posted video of a Democrat moron berating her. The Republican was forced to post the video because the Democrat was making false accusations, projecting her behavior onto the GOP. More and more members of Congress on the right side of the aisle are being treated like second-class citizens, as if their very presence on Capitol Hill should be illegal because their party does not hold the majority.

My point is that while AOC is the dumbest woman in Congress — a bartender or barmaid or waitress or whatever the hell she was before she was elected by an almost exclusively Democrat constituency — she is not alone in her hijinks. Yes, AOC beclowns herself with stunning regularity, such as the day she accused all Republicans (even the ones who’ve had limbs blown off during military service) of having no idea what hard work is like… because Ms Ocasio-Delarosa-Me-Gusta-Cortez has spent wait shifts crying on the floor of a walk-in cooler after customers were mean to her. But multiple Democrat morons just like AOC have now discovered how much power there is in claiming they “don’t feel safe.”

These modern days, if somebody doesn’t “feel safe,” were are supposed to conclude that the object of their ire has committed a crime. It doesn’t matter that feelings are not tools of cognition; it doesn’t matter that the target of said feelings may not have done anything illegal, immoral, fattening, or otherwise contraindicated; it doesn’t matter that the person having the feelings need offer no proof at all of his or her emotions. All you have to do is claim you “feel unsafe” and you can wield this accusation like a weapon.

Claiming you “feel unsafe,” in fact, is much like accusing someone of being a witch in the late 1600s. The accused party is guilty until proven innocent. No proof to contradict another human being’s feelings is possible. Therefore the accusation alone is enough to target, harass, persecute, and destroy someone who had committed no crime and done no wrong.

Like so many puritan harridans goose-stepping their way through the halls of Congress, AOC and her fellow dolts are now braying that they “feel unsafe” because a violent protest occurred at the Capitol. AOC did not feel unsafe when she was encouraging BLM and Antifa to burn the country this past summer. She did not feel unsafe when she adopted a “blaccent” while condescending to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (which has itself encouraged more violence than the incident on January 6th by an order of magnitude). She did not feel unsafe when she drove one of the largest companies in the world out of her district, denying thousands of jobs to her constituents. No, she only feels “unsafe” when a Republican is nearby.

No doubt the designer watch that so complements her expensive suits glows blue in the presence of demonic Republicans. Perhaps this is why she feels unsafe; perhaps her glaring overbite masks some deep and abiding psychic insight into the intent of her smarter, more experienced Congressional peers. Unless and until we are provided with evidence that AOC deserves the post of Witchfinder General, however, we are going to have to dismiss her accusations and her histrionics as the play-acting that they are.

This is not a woman who “feels unsafe.” This is a petulant child who knows she can make the lives of her opponents more difficult if she can claim they’ve been mean to her when they really haven’t. It’s time we all understood that this is what’s really going on… and it’s time we started ignoring this large-chested, empty-headed little fool.

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