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Biden Didn’t Win

It is important to remember, as we go forward into the next four years, that Joe Biden didn’t win.

Oh, he’s been proclaimed the winner by the media. Odds are that he’ll be coronated the winner by the political machine, too. For at least four years, and possibly eight, Democrats will control the White House. That senile infant, Joe Biden, won’t last four years in the White House, of course — not unless he’s propped up and shielded, Weekend at Bernie’s -style, by his handlers and the complicit media. No, chances are good that the cackling whore, Kamala Harris, will sit atop a throne of lies from within the Oval Office — and all too soon. But it’s vitally important, critically important, to remember that Biden did not win.

If my car is stolen, I do not report to people that I lost it. It was taken.  Likewise, Donald Trump did not lose the 2020 election. It was taken from him through rampant voter fraud — rampant voter fraud of which there is ample proof. The lying press are now saying that any mention whatsoever of voter fraud in 2020 is “baseless,” “unfounded,” and a “conspiracy theory.” This is a lie; it has always been a lie; it will always be a lie. For Biden to win, magically, after the fact, through statistically staggering jumps in voting blocs that were almost or actually 100% in his favor, is a mathematical impossibility.

If you were making calculations within any human endeavor of any significance, and you got numbers of the type we saw only in swing states (and only in those states controlled by Democrats) you would stop and say, “I must have done something wrong.” If you are using a calculator for a simple math problem and you get an answer that was two decimal places off what you were estimating in your head, you would stop, back up, and check what you’d entered, reasoning that you must have “fat fingered” a number or missed a decimal entry. Such is the case with the 2020 election. The math is so amazingly, astonishingly off that there is no way on God’s green Earth that it is correct.

In their rush to jam the crown onto Biden’s addled pate, the media have once again revealed themselves as the partisan operatives they are. The most surprisingly, possibly, has been the collapse of Fox News during this election. At one time, Fox was the only major network that was not a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party. It still boasts a few personalities who have been so bold as to challenge their own network’s growing bias, Tucker Carlson among them… but Fox is crumbling before our eyes, falling to the same prejudice, the same urge to censor, that always reveals a lying press outlet.

If the media weren’t lying, they would not fear dissenting opinions. If social media weren’t lying, too, they would not feel the need to employ Democrat operatives to “fact check” your posts and proclaim that things you’ve watched happen never occurred. That simpering coward Neil Cavuto would not have had to cut away from Kayleigh McEnany’s press conference the moment she mentioned voter fraud, sniffing that these allegations are unfounded, if he did not fear what you might start  believing if he did not carefully force-feed you his opinions in lieu of facts.

What they’re lying about, what they’re desperate to cover up, the reason they’re sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming, “La la la, I can’t hear you, la la la” is the fact that Biden has won nothing. No, Kamala Harris is not the first “woman of color” to be elected Vice President. Neither Biden nor Harris were elected to anything. They stole their place in the government, transforming the United States into a banana republic in the process.

At every turn, we must say so. Whenever a Democrat comments on Biden-Harris and their policies, whenever a Democrat advocates Biden-Harris’ unconstitutional executive edicts, whenever a Democrat supports the unconstitutional legislation of a Biden-Harris administration, speak out. Biden won nothing. Harris won nothing.

Trump did not lose when the presidency was usurped; he was simply defeated, and there’s a significant difference. A thief has no mandate to rule you. Corruption does not a legitimate government make. It’s critical that we understand this. It’s immensely important that we remind others of it.

Every time Joe Biden issues a proclamation from his throne of deceit, every occasion on which Kamala Harris cackles through a question she cannot answer while lauding communism and wiping her posterior with the Constitution, we must say it again: Joe Biden did not win. He is not the president, nor is Kamala Harris the Vice President. Once installed in the White House through deceit and theft, the pair will remain liars and thieves.

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