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Biden’s Chickens Are Already Roosting

That senile infant Joe Biden wasted no time pretending to be president last week, signing a flurry of unconstitutional executive orders that assume far too much power for the federal government. It should surprise no one that one of these stroke-of-the-pen acts of arbitrary executive fiat forces girls across the nation to accept the presence of male genitalia in their locker rooms and rest rooms — or else. 

Remember, all federal government mandates occur from behind the barrel of a gun. If you don’t comply, you are fined or jailed. If you don’t wish to be fine or jailed, you are arrested against your will. If you don’t wish to be arrested against your will, you will be killed. That is what government power is.

While it’s not a shock that a man with a long history of touching inappropriately the daughters, wives, and girlfriends of his fellow Americans would embrace such perverted nonsense , let’s not indulge the fantasy that any of Biden’s orders are his ideas. Video has already emerged of Biden blurting out the words “salute the Marines” after his handlers whispered the instructions in his earpiece. Various lying “fact checkers,” who exist for no other purpose than to shield Democrats from criticism, have already agreed on an excuse to use for this incident. They claim, incorrectly, that Biden was saying, “Good-looking Marines,” as if this man is given to making random compliments to the troops’ aesthetics.

This might hold water if it were the first time Biden had been caught behaving like he has Kamala Harris’ hand up his torso, but there’s far too much other video of him being stage-handled like Statler and Waldorf. From the reflection of the teleprompter in various “casual” interviews to the time he accidentally read out loud the “action line” instructions in his script, Biden has very obviously been doing and saying only those things he is told to do and say. Democrats seem to think that if they deny this is happening, they will be protecting their precious, dementia-addled idiot from another scandal. The fact that Biden is not in control, however, is not what worries 75 million Americans, who already knew he wasn’t in charge.

No, the problem is that the policies we knew Biden’s handlers would enact through him have already cost thousands of jobs and billions in lost wages by killing, with a single pen stroke, the Keystone XL pipeline. While Americans collectively face-palmed at the specter of returning to dependence on foreign oil — not to mention $4 and $5 per gallon gas prices on the horizon — even the Canadians were distressed. Even that absurd, corrupt imbecile Trudeau seems to understand that losing the pipeline is bad for his country, something I wouldn’t expect him to acknowledge. When even he opposes your energy policy decisions, given that this same spectacular moron publicly declared that he uses the term “people-kind” instead of “mankind,” it’s a pretty good indicator that something is very wrong.

If Biden can destroy so many jobs and wreak so much economic harm on his first day in office, imagine what his puppeteers will have him do in the weeks and months to come. With no checks on the Democrats’ power, they’ll continue to rampage through our government, scheming for revenge and working to expel from polite society all who oppose them. They’ve apparently committed, with the cooperation of useful idiot Mitch McConnell, to holding an impeachment trial for a president who no longer holds office. This would be astonishing if it were any other person than Donald Trump, who seems to have a unique ability to provoke Democrats and RINOs into beclowning themselves.

The “pastor” of the church Barack Hussein Obama attended for many years once gave a fiery speech (marked, of course, by elaborate verbal histrionics) in which he proclaimed that “America’s chickens… are coming HOME… to rooooooost.” His point, as his point so often was during his time behind the pulpit, was that America is a very bad place full of very bad people who should all be punished for being bad (because they’re white).

He rejected the exhortation, “God bless America,” preferring instead to demand that God damn America, because like so many people in his congregation, Wright hates our country and everybody in it who does not share his skin color. Biden’s handlers are no different; they believe that America deserves all the bad that befalls it… and they are happy to facilitate those ills.

Let me emphasize that: It isn’t that Biden’s puppeteers mean well, but don’t realize their policies will hurt America. They want to hurt America because they believe we deserve it. We are too powerful, too prosperous, and too free, according to the Democrats. We must be reined in. We must be brought low. We must be punished. This is their philosophy and their goal. In allowing Joe Biden to steal the 2020 election, we are all now in a position to watch our chickens come home to roost — and we will all suffer until we have once again voted Democrats out of power.

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