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BLM and the Farce of the Peace Prize

It’s very fitting that after a summer of media gaslighting, censorship, and double standards, the most violent “civil rights” movement ever to exist has been nominated for an award representing “peace.” After telling us with straight faces for month after grinding month that BLM’s billions of dollars in damages were “mostly peaceful,” media talking heads are now gleefully reporting that BLM has been nominated for a Nobel Prize.

The Peace Prize is meaningless, mind you. It’s been meaningless for years and, arguably, was meaningless at the moment of its founding. Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist and engineer whose family business was arms (among them, mines). He invented dynamite believing it was a weapon so powerful that it would end all war — and of course, his invention did nothing  of the kind. The Nobel “Peace” Prize, then, has always been a symbol of both failure and unintended consequences.

The people on whom the Prize has been bestowed have further rendered irrelevant this political theater. Barack Hussein Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing. He was elected and his fellow travelers in whatever bureaucracy bestows such things decided it would be awfully nice if Barack got a Prize. He then proceeded to perfect the art of drone-striking civilians, including children, in the pursuit of murder as foreign policy. Way to go, President Obama.

There are a handful of other monsters who have received Nobel Peace Prizes, among them Yasser Arafat and Lê Đức Thọ. Al Gore joins the “people who didn’t deserve the Prize” category with his buddy Obama. There are others. The point, though, is that the Nobel Prize confers no actual virtue on the recipient. Getting one is a political process and that political process is run by left-wingers.

Being nominated for, or receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, is a lot like being Time‘s noun-of-the-year. (It used to be “man,” then became “person,” and seems to have morphed into abstract groups and concepts.) The people running Time are basically Communists, so anyone they put on the cover of their magazine is little more than someone communists admire.

This brings us back to Black Lives Matter being nominated for a Peace Prize. The movement was nominated by Norwegian MP Petter Eide, whom I guarantee knows nothing about the activists he is supporting. You know what you don’t think of when you think of Norway? A large population of persons of color, that’s what. Yet Eide thinks that BLM has forced nations across the world to confront their own racism and therefore the movement is worthy of the Nobel Prize.

The reality, of course, is far different. Black Lives Matter is built on a series of lies, the first of which is found in the name. It is an accusation and a false one. When someone tells you, “Black Lives Matter,” he is telling you that he believes you don’t think so. While I’m sure there is a tiny minority of hatemongers who would disagree, there is almost no one in the United States who thinks Black Lives don’t matter.

The BLM activists would have you believe that police hunt black people in the United States with both reckless abandon and malicious glee. This too, is false. Police are more likely to be killed by black Americans than black Americans are likely to be killed by police. The majority of the time that a black American is murdered, it is neither police nor white Americans doing the killing; it is other black Americans. This is true both in raw numbers and in terms of proportionate representation.

Despite this reality, it was based on this lie that thousands of BLM activists were allowed to rampage through America’s cities in 2020. They were permitted to do so in spite of pandemic lockdowns and quarantines; they were allowed to do so despite the 2 to 3 billion dollars in damages their arson, looting, and murderous violence caused; they were released en masse by the authorities on those rare occasions when they were arrested for rioting. Over and over again this summer, the lesson was clear: If you are a BLM rioter, you may do exactly as you please for as many weeks as you please, and there will be absolutely no consequences for any violence you perpetrate.

That is the reality of BLM, no matter how often we are gaslighted by media figures with their eyes squeezed shut and their fingers firmly jammed in their ears. While both pundits and politicians alike excused, mischaracterized, or ignored BLM’s savage violence last summer, while they told us again and again that these riots were “mostly peaceful,” we know what really happened. We saw it with our own eyes. Many of us suffered because of it… and many more of us continue to suffer thanks to the economic devastation those riots caused.

In this age of lies, up is down, good is evil, and lies are truth. Democrats are shielded online by “fact checkers” who do nothing but lie for the Left. Media figures look us in the eye and tell us that what we see isn’t happening. The cadaverous Joe Biden is, we are told, the most popular president in American history. Given all this, I can think of no lie more appropriate, no gaslight brighter, than to grant BLM a Nobel Peace Prize. By the standards of the world in which we now live, they’ve more than earned it.

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