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Can America Be Saved?

I have some friends whom I see every Christmas (although this year, thanks to COVID-19, we couldn’t do that). They are Democrats or, at the very least, much farther left than me. For three years running, I reassured them every Christmas that their nightmare would soon be over. They were unhappy with President Trump in charge (there was one Christmas, for example, when nuclear war with North Korea seemed imminent) and I understood why they felt that way, even if I disagreed.

I told them many times that I suffered through eight years of Bill Clinton. I managed to get through eight years of Barack Obama. I coped with the indignity of having Hillary Clinton as my carpetbagging Senator. Surely, if I could get through all those years of Democrat rule, they could manage four (or even eight) years of President Trump. I didn’t think the eight years were likely, even then; I thought there was no way the Powers That Are would permit Trump a second term.

I wasn’t wrong.

Now, however, I find myself in the unenviable position of having to take my own advice. After all, if I could get through eight years of Clinton pawing every woman in reach, lying to the American people on national television, blaming conservative politics and Rush Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City Bombing, and generally behaving like a braying jackass, I should already know how to cope with a Democrat president. Bad as Clinton was, Obama was a step down from him — a sibilant, brittle narcissist who was completely obsessed with how worshipful he thought the American people should be of him. Clinton was terrible; Obama was a disaster. He and his wife are racists who hate white people (and who for years attended a church where that was part of their theology).

Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express and was generally a loathsome figure. Obama, however, was much more sinister. His evils centered on his hatred for the Constitution and his desire to use the weapons of government against his opposition. Whether it was using the IRS against conservatives, running guns to Mexico to foment support for infringements on the Second Amendment, nationalizing our healthcare system (and raising costs for everyone in the process), or whining that the Constitution was an obstacle to the dictates he meant to issue with his “pen and phone,” Obama was a much greater danger to our nation than Clinton every hoped to be.

What we now face is even worse.

Now, the only thing standing between the United States and an even more racist, even less competent, even greater believer in socialist economics — Kamala Harris — is that senile infant, Joe Biden. I can’t imagine that he’ll be president for long. He was so feeble by the time he reached inauguration that he’ll likely suffer greatly under the pressure of being president. Even as a puppet, the demands of the country’s highest office will make his dementia worse. He’ll bow out for health reasons sooner rather than later, leaving the worst individual in America (this side of Hillary Clinton) firmly ensconced in the Oval Office.

Right now, with armed troops patrolling the streets of Washington and all dissent effectively illegal, we are living in an de facto police state. Democrats, in total control of every branch of government, will waste no time exacting revenge. They want to punish us for disagreeing with them. That is not a theory; it is not supposition; it is not a guess. They’ve said as much. With no one to stop them, with no check or balance on their power, they will run amok with unconstitutional orders and ill-conceived legislation.

Every generation tends to think it’s living in the End Times. Every year voters in the United States tell themselves that it can’t get worse… and then it does. Against this backdrop, what should one think about where we’re now going? Will we manage, somehow, to muddle and suffer through another disastrous Democrat regime… or have we finally put so much pressure on what remains of the Constitution that our free society has ended?

Democrats spent four years questioning the election of Donald Trump. They spent four years defaming, libeling, and slandering him. They spent four years heaping hatred and threats of violence on their political opponents. They spent four years refusing to acknowledge that Donald Trump was their president.

Now that the tables have turned, they demand our obeisance. You are forbidden from questioning the election. You are forbidden to speak ill of Dear Leader Biden or his corrupt family. You are forbidden to hold Democrats to the same standards they now use to vilify all Trump supporters. You must embrace Biden as your president, or else.

It’s hard to know if America can survive this. At no time in the least five decades have I feared this much for my nation. It remains to be seen if America can indeed endure Biden-Harris and their corrupt Democrat minions… but if we do get through this, we will do so only through the grace of God.

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  1. History shows that normally these types of governments end violently and not well for the oppressors. Dictators rarely see when the tide has shifted against them, even if it takes decades for it to happen.

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