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China’s Government Threatens The Entire World

With the election over and the nations’ news media back in bootlicking mode, a curious thing has happened. The major networks, most notably CNN, have taken a break from bowing and scraping before that senile infant, Joe Biden, in order to do some actual journalism. Specifically, the left-leaning news outlets have discovered what the rest of us already knew: China lied about the COVID-19 pandemic.

While bastions of objective reporting like NPR jump on the bandwagon to report news that broke months ago, it’s amusing to see left-wing reporters breathless with incredulity at China’s deceit. The only truly astonishing thing happening here is that the major networks think what they’re now “breaking” is news.

It isn’t. They’re playing catch-up, as if the Trump Derangement Syndrome they’ve all been suffering has left them with a serious case of amnesia. They’re only just now yawning, rubbing their eyes, and wondering where all the news reporting has been for the past four years.

It is a fact that the COVID-19 virus originated in Wuhan, “coincidentally” the site of China’s only acknowledged advanced virology lab. It insults the intelligence of literally everyone in the developed world that China’s Communist government expected us to swallow their original excuse about this.

Why, it was only coincidence that the Wuhan lab was the epicenter of this mysterious new SARS-like virus. Clearly, the virus came about entirely spontaneously when somebody ate a bat at a nearby “wet market” — a beautiful euphemism for the fact that there are people in the world who think disgusting, vile garbage is food.

That was always nonsense. It was never believable. When China leaned on its allies in the World Health Organization — the head of which is an avowed Communist — to provide cover for the outbreak, the WHO eagerly complied. Claiming there was no evidence of person-to-person spread, the WHO lent legitimacy to China’s lies about the pandemic.

I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow account of how things unfolded. Rather, let’s sum up what we know based on information that came out subsequent to the outbreak. The COVID-19 virus escaped the Wuhan lab, either deliberately (unlikely) or accidentally (much more probable). China, when it discovered what happened, shut down travel in the vicinity of Wuhan and immediately began “disappearing” Chinese whistleblowers who tried to sound a warning.

We know the travel restrictions occurred based on analysis of wireless phone traffic in the area. We also know, based on the number of wireless phone account closures that followed, that China lied from the outset about the death toll.

China’s initial strategy, as it undercounted its deaths and painted a rosy picture of the effects of COVID-19 on its population, was to delay word of the virus in order to buy time. That time was spent accumulating PPE — personal protective equipment — and other medical supplies that China knew would be in high demand once the entire world needed them. Sitting on its stockpile of PPE, China was thus in a better position to weather the pandemic once the shortages hit the rest of the planet.

As word of the pandemic finally got out and China begrudgingly admitted that the virus was transmissible from person to person (while blaming anyone and everyone, including foreign visitors and even the US military, for the outbreak), the ChiComs began releasing bizarre videos of people collapsing in the street and foaming at the mouth. The goal was to drive the rest of the planet into a frenzy of overreacting to this virus, which — while serious — is not really a world-ending plague. The worst damages from COVID-19 have been wrought by our overreaction to the pandemic. That overreaction was the direct result of China’s 3D strategy — delay, dissemble, and disinform.

American media have obligingly aided China in its goal of damaging the United States and the rest of the world. China has a gigantic chip on its shoulder; it has been trying to prove, for years now, that it is a superpower at the same level as the United States. Every endeavor it undertakes is with this goal in mind. If it can’t push itself ahead, it will drag others down. When the COVID-19 virus got out, China probably didn’t do that intentionally — but it definitely, deliberately capitalized on the virus in order to turn this “bug” into a feature.

That’s why China has delighted in repeating American leftists’ criticisms of President Trump’s handling of the virus. It’s also why the ChiComs have rubbed their hands in glee as useful idiots like Governor Andrew “Il Duce” Cuomo tried to rename the Wuhan Coronavirus the “European Virus,” a bizarre self-own that is matched only by Cuomo accidentally showing the world his nipple rings in a press conference.

The endgame of China’s pandemic strategy is finally coming to fruition. A new report indicates that, while the rest of the world is seeing significant reductions in GDP, China is poised to see significant economic gains in the coming year. This is due, in part, to the fact that the ChiComs are forcing their citizens back to work after pretending the pandemic has run its course (and continuing to manipulate and underreport case numbers). It is also due to the fact that the overreaction to COVID-19 globally was the direct result of Chinese manipulation of our media.

This whole, sad year-long period in our lives has taught us two things. First, we all sit on the knife-edge of authoritarian overreach. Our nation’s governors and mayors were only too happy to rule with iron fists when the pandemic gave them unlimited power to infringe on the Constitution.

Second, China is the enemy of the entire world. It will gladly kill thousands, even millions of people to further its own goals of global dominance. This was never in doubt, nor was China’s willingness to lie in service of its agenda. We now possess, however, experiential proof of the danger China presents — and it’s well past time we acknowledged that the Communists running that nation threaten us all.

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  1. Amusingly, China still puts out “statements” by their head researcher who was reportedly one of the very first victims. She hasn’t been seen in a year, and by all reports was dead and cremated shortly after Thanksgiving 2019.

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