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Cops Are Being Murdered And Democrats Are To Blame

When a BLM activist shot and killed multiple police officers in Texas, we were told that this man — who indicated his affiliation with Black Lives Matter — was not, in fact, a BLM activist. When another BLM activist walked up and shot two police officers sitting in their car in California, we got the same song and dance. Now cops are being shot in Kentucky because of the lie that Breonna Taylor was “murdered.”

Other police officers have been killed — some executed by attackers who approached them for that sole purpose — this past summer. What all these dead and wounded officers have in common is that their murders, and their attempted murders, are the fault of Democrats.

By “Democrats” I mean the Democrats in the major news media. I mean the Democrats who form the ranks of Black Lives Matter. I mean the Democrats who participate in, and provide cover for, other groups like Antifa. What all these Democrats have in common is that they have consistently pumped into our news, into our popular discourse, into our popular culture, the lie that police are predatory killers hunting minorities for sport. No matter how strenuously Democrats, BLM, and Antifa try to blame their violence on “lone wolves” and on imaginary “white supremacist infiltrators,” it is the Democrats who are to blame.

The responsibility for individual action begins and ends with the individual. When President Clinton tried to blame the Oklahoma City Bombing on talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, he was wrong (and he was also being dishonest). When contemporary pundits tried to blame the car accident in Charlottesville on Trump’s alleged racism, they too were wrong (and they were definitely, knowingly lying). There is a marked difference, however, between all events with which Democrats try to smear Republicans — all acts of individual violence or other crime to which Democrats try to attribute Republican, conservative, and libertarian free speech. Republicans, when they dissent, are criticizing their opponents — but they are not advocating for violence.

We cannot say the same for Democrats. Multiple high-profile Democrats, from politicians like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, to media figures like Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, have called actively and explicitly for violence and confrontation while dehumanizing and vilifying Republicans and conservatives. We’ve been called “deplorable” and “enemies of the state” by these Democrat hags. They’ve demanded that good little Democrat drones “get in our faces” and “create a crowd” to show us that we “aren’t welcome.” They’ve called for “burning it all down” and wondered aloud where it’s “written” that protests “have to be peaceful” (hint, you savage moron Chris Cuomo, it’s right there in the Bill of Rights).

But it is not ONLY calls for Democrat violence that create an “atmosphere” in which Black Lives Matter thugs murder police officers. It is not ONLY Democrat fantasies about harming their opponents that prompt Antifa goons to blind police, mob cars, and burn stores. No, the other problem is the lie — the falsehood that cops are killers whose goal is always to murder minorities at every possible opportunity.

No reasonable human being believes any police office hates minorities so much that he’s willing to destroy his own life for the sheer thrill and joy of gunning down an unarmed black man. Yet we are told from every corner of the media that this is so. We are told that America is such a wretchedly hateful place that every black person wakes up in flop-sweating fear of leaving the house that day — all for fear of being hunted and killed on the streets of major American cities.

I have a hot tip for you, people: There are indeed black citizens being gunned down like it’s free in every major city of this union. It isn’t the cops who are doing it, either. It’s other black citizens, who commit murder, rape, and violent crime out of all proportion to their percentage representation in America.

These are statistical facts. They are not in dispute. These facts stand in stark opposition to the lie that our nation’s police — the people working to protect us all, every day, only to be demonized by popular culture and our media, only to have their pay cut and their funding eliminated because we insist that they are the problem — are the source of crime. The other facet to the lie that is getting police murdered is that somehow, the very presence of police in a community are causing crimes. Why, if police patrolled white suburban communities the same way they patrol inner-city black communities, those white suburbs would be just as crime-riddled. Wouldn’t they?

No. No, they would not.

The presence of police does not cause crime. No crime-soaked neighborhood anywhere in the United States is “over-policed.” Police are not deliberately “hunting and murdering” citizens in a systemic and institutionalized fashion. Yes, police abuses occur — but they concern all citizens, not just specific racial demographics. They are also extremely rare compared to the hundreds of thousands of police working in the United States.

Republicans and conservatives are sometimes blamed for the “hostile climate” supposedly created by their criticism of their opponents. That’s ridiculous. What is true, by contrast, is that a very real, very hostile, very threatening “climate” is created when Democrats lie about Republicans and about police — and when they couple these lies with explicit calls for violence.

If these demands for physical harm do not stop, our nation will hurtle to the brink of open anarchy. If that happens, nobody wins. It’s a future we should all work to avoid.

If we don’t or can’t, none of us will enjoy what comes next.

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