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Democrat Hypocrisy On Spreading The Virus

If President Trump has accomplished one thing above all others, it is exposing the hypocrisy and double standards of the Left. One of the most powerful — and infuriating — double standards has been where spreading coronavirus is concerned. Specifically, any time Republicans gather for any reason, that is a “super spreader” event. Any time Democrats and Biden supporters gather by the thousands in close proximity, all the COVID-cops and contact tracers look the other way.

The same people who screamed that protesting lockdowns was a dangerously reckless way to spread the most insidiously lethal virus since the Bubonic Plague would very much like you to know that coronavirus can’t spread at Black Lives Matter “protests.” In fact, so wonderful are these protests that they’ve actually reduced the spread of coronavirus. We know, because leftist “fact checkers” tell us so.

This, of course, is ridiculous. When the first BLM protests happened this summer, any hope of “flattening the curve,” “stopping the spread,” or “tracing contacts” was lost forever. You cannot have two sets of rules during a global pandemic and then pretend that people must remain under house arrest. If thousands of people are allowed to pack public streets (when they aren’t looting, burning, or assaulting white people for being white), then there is no reason those of us who aren’t rioting should be compelled by the government to remain indoors.

This hasn’t stopped idiot dictators like Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer from vowing to complete the destruction of their states’ economies by insisting on lockdowns in perpetuity. Why, there may be some people whose New York businesses are still hanging on by a thread, so any hope those businesses have of remaining solvent must be crushed under Cuomo’s boot heel through selective zip-code by zip-code shutdowns. Why, there might be some people left in Michigan who still believe they have some civil rights left, so shiny-faced Lord Gretchen “Farquaad” Whitmer will find a way around the court ruling declaring her arbitrary measures unconstitutional.

But this goes beyond the missteps by authoritarian Democrats, whose constituents continue to press the hamster pellet bar and vote these imbeciles into office for life, no matter how badly or how consistently “blue” states are run to ruin. No, the most obvious hypocrisy is found in the nightly news reports, in various online news outlets, and in the declarations of social media censors (whom Facebook and Twitter call “fact checkers”).

The annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, for example, was declared a “super spreader” event, even though it wasn’t — and numbers were distorted and outright falsified to “prove” this. Every Trump rally has been decried as a dangerous vector for infection… and now that Trump has diagnosed positive for coronavirus, Democrats are screeching in dismay about the danger of infection, even as they look the other way where mass “protests” are concerned.

Yes, Trump and many people around him caught coronavirus. That’s hardly a surprise, given that these are people whose jobs are interacting with other human beings across diverse swaths of society. It is, by its nature, extremely risky. I’m only surprised more people in Trump’s orbit didn’t get it — and relieved that everybody who did seems to be recovering okay.

Yahoo News published a story Monday by no less than three authors, all of whom wrung their hands while painting a haunting portrait of our fading Commander in Chief. “Infected and contagious, President Donald Trump briefly ventured out in a motorcade on Sunday to salute cheering supporters,” they wrote, “a move that disregarded precautions meant to contain the deadly virus that has forced his hospitalization and killed more than 209,000 Americans.”

What you’re meant to take from that is that Trump, perhaps cackling with glee over the opportunity to spread his infection — even as he coughed his last precious breaths while on death’s door — recklessly endangered others’ lives while being treated for coronavirus. The same people who seemed to take so much joy in the President’s diagnosis paused long enough to declare, simultaneously, that he was faking the disease to get sympathy (while also doing his best to give it to everyone he encountered).

Trump instead gave them all the middle finger by A) wearing a mask, the thing they’re constantly hectoring him to do; B) energetically recording a series of videos for his supporters while continuing to work in offices at Walter Reed; and C) wearing a mask while in proximity to N95-masked Secret Service Agents as he made his car tour of supporters outside the hospital.

The image of the tireless Trump was so in-your-face that Trump haters were forced to wonder why the Orange Man was so pale and not-orange. The idea that he wasn’t slathering on either makeup or tanning lotion, while working through his recuperation in the hospital, was too simple and obvious for them to grasp.

His critics were also forced to pick one: Either masks work, which is why they’ve been screaming at us to wear them while a dead-eyed Paul Rudd chants, “It’s Science, It’s Science” from within ill-conceived New York PSAs, or they don’t work and Trump was endangering his agents, in which case we’ve all been scammed.

Which is it, Democrats? As much as you’re always trying to have it both ways, Trump has forced you to pick one… and that, clearly, is his superpower. While he’s not out of the woods yet, Trump insists on behaving as if he is. This, too, frustrates his enemies to no end… and emphasizes why, even for those of us who voted for him reluctantly in 2016, he’ll have our votes in 2020.

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