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Democrat Screeching About Crowds Is A Farce

One has to admire the Jewish community of New York City. While I don’t support anyone purposely gathering in large crowds of thousands of strangers, I am heartened by their repeated defiance of Andrew “Il Duce” Cuomo’s unconstitutional executive orders. News that New York Jews secretly held a gigantic wedding involving thousands of participants — without masks and in violation of Cuomo’s “Thanksgiving Is Canceled” dictates — has yet again set Democrats to fits of hand-wringing and screaming in protest.

The key word here, however, is protest.  Any moral authority that Democrats might have had — from which to lecture us about not gathering en masse — completely evaporated this past summer. That’s when the first of months of Black Lives Matter protests, rioting, and looting started. Thousands of people, most of them following poor masking protocols (and none of them “social distancing”), gathered together in complete violation of pandemic protocols, quarantine rules, and lockdown edicts.

The same people who told us that protesting lockdowns was dangerous, reckless, selfish, and even unpatriotic didn’t just endorse and support the “protests.” They didn’t merely give rioters free rein to burn, destroy, and steal to the tune of two billion dollars. They also actively participated in the protests, doing the very thing for which they spent weeks screaming at us.

Even left-leaning health care workers, who spent months fretting about coronavirus (including one young woman who recently went on CNN to make fun of her dying patients), took time out from making TikTok dance videos in largely empty hospitals to claim the protests were necessary and even beneficial. And of course that incompetent liar Tony Fauci, who never met an American liberty he could not condemn in the name of his interpretation of “science,” refused to condemn the protests as presenting a risk of infection, even as he delighted in forbidding Americans from hugging their children.

But the progressive farce doesn’t stop there. In the last several weeks, as leftist governors and mayors did their best to completely and utterly destroy the economies of their states and the lives of their citizens, we’ve watched them completely disregard their own unconstitutional demands. The governor of California attended an expensive dinner indoors without masks where almost two dozen people sat in close proximity. The same man told you that Thanksgiving was canceled — and then promptly ordered all California restaurants to close after he got caught. The gangster governor of New York, Andrew “Il Duce” Cuomo, demanded that police enforce his unconstitutional orders — then got caught inviting his elderly mother to come over for Thanksgiving.

Mayor Beatlejuice, the sunken-eyed, moon-faced imbecile running Chicago from within a series of absurd costumes, previously got caught getting her hair done while hair salons were closed. She violated pandemic protocols again to take to the streets and swill champagne to celebrate Joe Biden’s theft of the election. Ever the hypocrite, Beatlejuice then went right back to ordering things shut down and canceled in the name of the farce that is coronavirus lockdowns.

Any hope of “contact tracing” disappeared when the first “protest” occurred last spring. Any moral authority any Democrat had to harangue people about covering their faces was destroyed the moment both the CDC and the Surgeon General contradicted themselves on masks. I have always believed masks offer some protection to the wearer; I never believed the government when its minions tried to discourage us from buying these critical supplies. When Tony Fauci admitted it was a lie, a ruse to preserve the supply of masks for first responders, well… that told you everything you need to know about both him and the administrative state he serves.

Simply put, Democrats have no moral authority on the pandemic. It’s bad enough that every one of these little tin dictators — the governors, the mayors, and soon, “president” Joe Biden — takes such glee in slapping arbitrary orders, restrictions, and crippling mandates on their constituents. We’re seeing the first sparks of rebellion as desperate people, people whose businesses are barely hanging on, chafe under the hypocrisy. There’s even bizarre video from Buffalo in which at least one business owner tells a health inspector and the police to get out and come back with a warrant — as one of the cops, who has an inexplicable British accent, whines that you pesky citizens should blindly obey his authority no matter what unconstitutional order is slapped on you.

This has got to stop. The propaganda in every media outlet is too obvious. Countless people in positions of authority throughout this country have used the pandemic to exercise capricious, petty, arbitrary, and harmful power over the people they are supposed to serve.  If we continue to obey, if we continue to let them destroy us in the name of saving us, if we continue to let them exercise complete and unrestrained power over us, we will never again live in a free country. We certainly do not now… and we have limited time to take back what we’ve lost.

No more. Not now. Not ever again. The farce has gone on long enough.

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