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Democrats Hate Self-Defense

One of the surest ways to tear apart a society — and ensure increasingly lawlessness in the process — is to make it clear that citizens may be victimized freely by criminals and mobs. No more horrible example of this fact may be found than in the case of Jake Gardner, the Omaha bar owner who shot and killed an attacker named James Scurlock.

Gardner, a veteran of the Iraq War, was trying to defend his bar — and himself — from a mob of jeering, taunting, laughing animals. He was yet another property owner just trying to defend what he had worked so hard to build, to earn, and to keep, as throngs of entitled thugs march through our streets demanding payback for imagined crimes against them. It’s clear that the people menacing, assaulting, and watching Gardner fight for his life had no intention of doing him anything but harm. He was forced to flee the state, in fact, because of the death threats that followed his successful act of self-defense.

Initially told he would not be charged, Gardner eventually was. He was staring down the barrel of so many felony charges, in fact, that he knew that his life was over and his livelihood crushed. He took his own life because he saw no other way out. We — you, me, everyone who has allowed our society to make self-defense illegal — are responsible for his death. He may have died by his own hand, but Jake Gardner was murdered by progressives just as certainly as was the man in the Patriot Prayer hat who was hunted and shot in the street.

Over and over again, people who defend themselves from threatening, braying, intimidating, barking mobs are being charged with crimes for doing so… while the mobs themselves incur no consequences. Countless rioters, arsonists, and looters have had their charges dropped this summer. Knowing they can burn and destroy at will, while never being held accountable for their crimes, they have done two billion dollars in damages to cities across the nation. And as we continue to punish people for defending themselves — the McCloskeys, the young man in Kenosha, drivers who are surrounded by vicious mobs who then floor the gas to escape — we are ensuring that we will only get more of the same chaos.

Every gun owner in America knows — or should know — that even if he or she does everything right, the threat of bankruptcy looms after any justified shooting. If you own a gun, if you have a license, if you have a clean record, if you’ve followed ALL the many laws that we hang on the Constitutionally protected right of self-defense in the United States, you will still be punished.

It is a fact that if you use a firearm in self-defense you can expect to be bankrupted by the legal expense of proving your innocence. The American system treats all gun owners as presumptive criminals, who must spend thousands of dollars establishing what should have been clear to even the dimmest prosecutor. There exists in this country a painfully long list of citizens who defend their lives legally, conduct themselves responsibly, and who are then put through the wringer of a “justice” system that does not give one good damn about the right to self-defense.

For you see, that’s the point. As Americans, we have a God-given, Constitutionally protected right to defend ourselves from physical force. The Second Amendment is both an acknowledgment of one’s right to possess the tools of self-defense and the affirmation that these tools are a means to an end. That end is your right to your own life.

The right to self-defense is a property right. You own yourself and thus your life. (After all, if you don’t own you, who does? If you can name anyone else, that would make you a slave.) Anyone who tries to take your life when you’re not trying to take theirs is essentially stealing from you.

Democrats, in standing for the rights of criminals and thugs, are endorsing this theft. Democrats, in seeking to ban the tools of self-defense, are declaring this theft preferable to its prevention. Democrats, in vilifying and harassing law-abiding gun owners, are declaring their support for the thieves. Democrats, in dropping charges against thugs and rioters and looters and arsonists, are siding with the thieves and cheering for what they steal.

In every law they pass, Democrats make clear their hate for self-defense. With their every sneering lie, with every ounce of misinformation they promulgate against American gun owners, Democrats make clearer their contempt for the Constitution. If your life is in danger, if someone seeks to hurt or kill you, you have the unqualified natural right to protect your person. Democrats, however wish you did not… which is why you can always count on them to work for your death and against your success.

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