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Democrats’ Hatred Rules The World Now

When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote The Gulag Archipelago, he was describing the network of prison camps that so characterized life in the Soviet Union. It is one of life’s little ironies that our world, our history, is so replete with stories of oppression and domination, totalitarianism and authoritarianism… yet we constantly find ways to vote Democrats into power. Democrats are not merely hypocrites; they are not only corrupt; they are not simply purveyors of bad policy. They are dictators, little tin-pot rulers who delight in the opportunity to force people to obey them.

This is why Democrats may so shamelessly lie, yet never suffer any consequences. Time and time again, Democrats have been caught in verifiably false stories, the most recent one being Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her lurid reenactments of events that never happened to her at the Capitol. When it isn’t that imbecile AOC, it’s other members of “the squad,” a vile, unqualified, America-hating, Jew-hating group of communists with ties to terrorism. They can wail and moan and pretend to cry all day long in Congress, yet never be challenged on their imaginary struggles. All the while, their lies serve one purpose and one purpose only: to facilitate putting more American necks under the Democrats’ boots.

This is why Joe Biden has been lying all his life, after all. The man who dropped out of the presidential campaign back when the public cared about lying and plagiarism has made a career of telling tall tales. When he isn’t defaming a dead man by falsely calling him a drunk driver (after the accident that killed Biden’s wife and daughter), he’s manufacturing people like “Corn Pop,” a racist caricature with whom BIden supposedly dueled while a lifeguard in whichever town it is that Archie and Jughead live.

Biden lied for almost 50 years for one reason only, and that is, again, to crush the American people under the yoke of Democrat oppression. That’s why he wasted no time destroying thousands of jobs, wrecking America’s tenuous energy independence, giving China a foothold in our feeble power grid, and otherwise weakening America. Democrats are happiest when America is weakest and its people are suffering.

“But,” you might protest, “That makes no sense. How can you accuse Democrats of wanting America and its people to suffer?”

The answer is simple. A prosperous, independent people do not willingly submit. They do not lie down and obey when told to act against their interests. Democrats need us to suffer so they can remake the country in their woke, politically correct, fascist image. They will not be happy until all the United States is a prison, a gulag, one in which your every waking and sleeping minute is strictly controlled. Only when the very thoughts you are allowed to think have been constrained will Democrats finally be satisfied… and even then, they will continue tightening their grip. Power doesn’t just corrupt; it addicts, as Democrats so ably demonstrate.

Democrats’ hatred of you and of your liberty has a very simple source. Democrats believe that your freedom of action is a threat. They believe that, left to make your own choices, you will choose wrong. You must never be permitted to make that mistake. That is why they spend so much time defaming, vilifying, and mischaracterizing all dissent. They hate you so very much because your disagreement interferes with their plans.

Even if every vote cast in the 2021 election were perfectly legitimate and verifiable, there is no doubt that the massive campaign to censor any and all material critical of Democrats in social media and the news had a profound effect on the outcome. In seizing our government and setting up one-party rule, the Democrats are that much closer to their goal of stamping out the dissent they so hate. They’ll gladly keep lying to do so — we see it every day, as their “fact checks” shield Democrats while ignoring slander of Republicans — but soon, lying will not be enough. That should worry you, because when the lying stops, their hatred has only one other direction in which to go.

Right now, Democrat politicians and media pundits are declaring anyone who is a Republican a terrorist. They’re calling for you to be killed by drone strike. They’re saying that if you don’t agree 100% with their endless lockdowns and their multiple-mask policies, you should be left to die.  They’re saying that any failure to completely embrace Dear Leader Biden and his thousands of troops and his militarized inauguration from behind barbed wire fences is “sedition” that should be punished.

They are, in other words, openly writing think-pieces about your murder. Right now, those calls to physical confrontation, imprisonment, and violence are merely theoretical, dismissed as jokes or as political commentary. But as Democrats continue to criminalize dissent, it should worry all of us that they can’t stop talking about how much they hate us.

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