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Democrats Love Marginalizing Conservatives

The fallout from the disastrous storming of the Capitol Building continues to, well, fall out. You can almost hear the glee with which Democrats have pounced on the opportunity Trump has given them. In giving a speech in which he simultaneously condemned the illegitimate election of Joe Biden — while tepidly calling for supporters to leave in peace — he opened a door for Democrats to censor, deplatform, and pursue him. But as Trump himself pointed out previously, it isn’t him the Democrats hate; it’s us, and thus it is US whom they seek to push from all public life, commerce, and discourse.

Regardless of what you think of the events at the Capitol, Democrats have painted the incident as an unprecedented assault on democracy, as an “armed insurrection.” Missing from this armed insurrection is any evidence of arms, mind you; the only person shot was a Trump supporter. In ignoring the months of arson, looting, assault, theft, and murder by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the Democrats have thoroughly beclowned themselves.

Here’s the thing, though: They don’t care. They don’t care if they look like hypocrites; they don’t care if you can spot their double standard immediately; they don’t care if their party is full of criminals and communists who provide aid and comfort to fellow criminals and communists. They know only that they can use this riot at the Capitol as a weapon.

Facebook (which owns Instagram) has banned Trump completely. Twitter locked him out of his account (and will likely ban him permanently now that he has no power with which to punish them). Shopify won’t let Trump or any of his organizations utilize their platform for e-commerce. A major publishing company has decided it will no longer publish Senator Josh Hawley’s forthcoming book on the evils of Big Tech’s collusion. The pair of boobs and set of horse teeth that is Alexandria Ocasio-Nina-Pinta-Santa-Maria-Cortez demanded that Republicans (like Hawley) who challenged the electors be expelled from the Senate. Democrats have called for Trump to be impeached only days before his term ends on its own — and failing that, they want to invoke the 25th Amendment, or vice versa.

All of these events in the private and public spheres are the direct result of Democrats using the a-to-b-to-z¬†approach to logic. It’s the same approach that can be used to marginalize and silence you, pushing you out of the public square and guaranteeing that you have no means of doing business. If someone does something bad and they can be said to have been influenced by someone else (in this case, Trump), then¬† Trump and anyone else who supports him is guilty by association.

This is how marginalization works; this is how vilifying one set of opinions, in this case any opinions not aligned with progressive orthodoxy, is used to censor and persecute all dissent. (This same approach never applies to Democrats, even when they openly call for harassment of and assault on Republicans.)

Even the words you’re reading right now are subject to the censorious oversight of Big Tech. Step too far out of line, write too directly, employ a metaphor that is too offensive, and you will be censored. If you are not censored by social media, you will be censored by your own email service provider. If you are not censored by your service provider, you will be censored by your domain registrar. If you are not censored by your domain registrar, you will be censored by your payment processor. This is life in the United States, a nation whose First Amendment was supposed to prevent discrimination of this type.

“But, but,” you may be protesting, “these are private companies that can do as they wish.” No, I counter; these are not private companies, but businesses that are supposed to be open to public accommodation. They should not be allowed to discriminate on the basis of opinions that are protected speech under the First Amendment — and when they collude openly to coordinate their censorious activities, what is happening is anything but the operation of a free market by private business entities.

It says something that the moment your dissenting opinions come to the attention of our progressive overlords, you must leave the country to protect your interests. Right-wingers are routinely banned from subscription payment services like Patreon and must turn to foreign services like SubscribeStar. Anyone on the Right whose free speech is threatened by domestic domain registrars must pay premium prices for offshore hosting. If you’ve been forbidden from doing commerce on all the “major” processors, you have a few independent options — but precious few, which may yet be driven under by the tech oligarchs.

Remember all of this, therefore, if you’re tempted to look at what’s happening to Trump — and to Trump’s political supporters in and outside of government — as the just desserts of Trump’s choice of words. Trump is a minor blip on the radar compared to the wholesale unpersoning of conservatives and libertarians that is yet to come. First they came for Alex Jones and you didn’t care; now they’ve come for Trump and his political allies.

Eventually, though, they’ll get around to you and me. It’s only a matter of time.

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