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Democrats Make Up More Virtue-Signaling Tall Tales

If there’s one thing that unifies all Democrats, it is their willingness to make up tall tales to sell their ideology. Joe Biden, for example, has a long history of making up perfectly absurd stories — some of them lifted wholesale from other people’s biographies, some of them simply fairy tales from his own fevered imagination. For example, he loves to speak of how he contended with “Corn Pop,” a racist stereotype with whom Biden was forced to duel, West Side Story-style, over various matters of dishonor at the public swimming pool of which Biden was temporarily appointed defender in his youth. But Biden is by no means alone in his willingness to make things up in service to his ill-conceived talking points.

Most recently, Democrats have been virtue signaling about COVID-19. Specifically, they love to make up stories about the poor, stupid Trump supporters who, now gasping for breath because they’re dying from the dreaded virus, regret everything and make their Democrat-friendly mea culpas from their death beds.

For example, there was the wretched Kristin Urquiza, a woman who turned her father’s obituary into a condemnation of Donald Trump this summer. Rather than mourn her father with dignity, she basically told the world that he was a stupid Trump supporter who regretted his support for Trump while on the brink of oblivion. Ms. Urquiza, in other words, is not just a bad daughter, but a terrible person, willing to politicize her father’s death because she’s full of hatred for Republicans.

Then there is Lydia Mobley, a “traveling nurse” who has made something of a cottage industry out of talking to media about how stupid Trump supporters are and how they regret so very much their support of Trump while they’re lying in hospital beds wheezing and expiring. It should disgust you that any ICU nurse would sit in front of cameras essentially saying that viruses are political and the people who catch them deserve to die if they didn’t have the right opinions beforehand. After all, are we going to engage in the fiction that only people who “think wrong” get COVID-19? Clearly, both Democrats and Republicans catch it. Democrats are the only ones clucking their tongues whenever Republicans contract it.

Urquiza and Mobley are only two examples from among several Democrats running around spiking the virtue-signaling football whenever somebody they don’t like catches a disease. I don’t mean to imply that this is ONLY done with regard to COVID-19, either. For example, Noah Mohan, 21, was walking his dog in Fairfax, California, when he just happened to catch a nefarious neo-Nazi putting up stickers with swastikas and the slogan “we are everywhere” on them. The dastardly sticker-poster-upper has yet to be identified, of course (he was wearing mirrored sunglasses and the obligatory facemask). When the noble Mr. Mohan confronted the evildoer, said evildoer reports on video that he “believes in that ideology.” That ideology is apparently, uh, being-a-Nazi.

Mr. Mohan says he is half Jewish and an amateur boxer, and thus was barely restraining himself from giving this sinister stickerer the thrashing of a lifetime. Mr. Mohan says he will not tolerate hatred of any kind in his vicinity, no sir, but he did not want to be hauled off to jail for assaulting the man with the stickers. If at any point this sounds like a self-serving, virtue-signaling narrative constructed by someone who created a fake video with a disguised buddy to help him make the news, you’re not alone. I’m only surprised we still haven’t gotten word that this whole incident was a hoax.

Still, setting aside the fact that demand for Nazis obviously far outstrips the available supply (they most certainly are not “everywhere” if we have to fake them to get them on video), nothing virtue signals quite like a COVID virtue signal. That’s why Dr. Taylor Nichols, also of California and also Jewish (according to him), is obviously lying.

Mr. Nichols has apparently repeatedly told the story of a man covered in Nazi tattoos who came, wheezing and gasping, into the ER. Begging his Jewish doctor not to let him die of COVID-19, said neo-Nazi was then the recipient of brilliant and tolerant care by Dr. Nichols, who is so noble, don’t you know, that after initial hesitation in which he considered not doing his job because the man bore offensive tattoos, he bravely overlooked the hate in this man’s heart in order to save him from the ‘rona.

In other words, his story is obviously made up.

Democrats aren’t good at making up stories. It’s not for lack of practice, but the characters peopling their tall tales always sound like Democrat conceptions of the people involved. These imaginary beings speak and behave like characters in a play written by Democrats who’ve never met an actual conservative in their lives. Democrats also season their tall tales with a cast of supporting characters who simply don’t exist in sufficient number to make the stories probable (like swastika-tattoo-covered Nazis begging to be saved from COVID).

The result is that we must always assume these cinematic tales, which always dovetail so perfectly with Democrat talking points, are too good to be true. They’re made up. They’re lies. Given that Democrats have shown a marked penchant for lying in service to their ideology, we should not be surprised that they would make up these self-serving tales. What should surprise us, honestly, is that there are still enough people willing to believe them that these unconvincing fictions keep making the national news.

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