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Democrats Ruin Christmas (Again)

News that a mall Santa in one of the nation’s liberal cesspool states had managed to horrify a child came as no surprise to most of us. We are used to the humorless scolds on the Left destroying everything they touch, servicing their agendas to the exclusion of all other considerations.

When a young boy asked “Santa” for a nerf gun earlier this month, the coward Santa whined and mewled, “No guns.” Practically holding his skirts about him as he tried to change the subject, he suggested “Legos.” Why, there are toy trucks in the world, aren’t there, little boy? Surely we can channel your desire for a Nerf gun into some other toy entirely. “Football? What’s a football?”

It’s heartening to see that the mall, realizing just how bad a public relations disaster this was, saw to the “resignation” of the mall Santa in question. They then did a photo-op in which a new and improved Santa brought the young boy a Nerf gun. The video has gone viral, so it’s likely this kid will have more Nerf guns than he can play with by the end of the Christmas season. That, however, is not the point.

Yes, it’s good that justice was done in this particular case. Yes, it’s good that this particular progressive coward was shown the door. Yes, it’s good that the company that provided this particular “Santa” to the mall has made sure its personnel understand their jobs. What’s bothersome is that this should have to be said at all.

Any idiot knows that Christmas, particularly where Santa is concerned, is about children and good humor. I don’t mean the religious aspects of the holiday; I am well familiar with “keeping the Christ in Christmas.” Many years ago my mother once tasked me, as a teenager, with hand-painting a sheet of plywood with that message. She then insisted on placing this massive, hand-painted-by-me sign on our front lawn, much to the consternation of my father. (He may have agreed with the sentiment, but he thought the hand-painted plywood sign was an eyesore.)

No, I’m talking about the festivities we associate with the superficial elements of the Christmas season. These include allowing children some time to just be kids. When an adult allows his vile political sensibilities to interfere with a child’s enjoyment of the holiday — and threatens to create terrible, indelible holiday memories as a result, making a child cry because he can’t keep his own weakling politics in check — he is inflicting his adult biases on the child’s world. No child deserves that at the best of times; every child deserves to be free of that at Christmas.

By the way, that’s what a fear of guns is: weak. Guns are not evil; they are mechanisms, like cars or hammers or axes or air compressors, that do a thing that we designed them to do. Specifically, they launch a projectile that way, very fast. Only the operator determines when this happens; only in context can we judge the operator’s actions as good or evil. American children grew up with toy guns, and with real guns, as a fact of life in earlier generations. It is only now, in our latter-day sensibilities, that we have decided this is wrong.

It isn’t. Any man who fears guns isn’t a man.  Any man who wants to regulate and even ban guns isn’t an American. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Why, I disagree,” that’s fine. I don’t care. Just know that I think you’ve abdicated your manhood if you’re reading this and you’re male.

Know also that, if you made my small child cry while you were dressed as Santa, I’d take you to task verbally about your weakling politics then and there., calling you out and humiliating you for the progressive or Democrat or Green or whatever-the-hell-you-are right in the moment.

That viral video wouldn’t only show the child crying; it would show me telling you, on camera and in front of the world, what a miserable, petty, small little cretin you are. This is what every right-thinking American should do every single time we are confronted with cowardly, hypocritical progressives who want to inflict their miserable sensibilities on everything they touch, ruining every institution and uprooting every tradition we’ve allowed them to infect with their presence.

Simply put, progressives hate our culture. They don’t respect cultural institutions; they don’t respect traditions with which they disagree; they don’t care who gets hurt when they put their politics ahead of others’ interests.  The only way to protect our traditions, and to protect our children while allowing them to enjoy those traditions, is to stand up for ourselves — immediately, within the law, and with firm persistence — when treated this way.

Justice may have been done in this particular case, but I guarantee this is neither the first nor the last time a Democrat “Santa” has ruined Christmas for a child.

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