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Democrats Shouldn’t Be Proud Of Changing The Rules

If there are two things that characterize the Democrats’ all-consuming lust for power and control over their fellow human beings, these are projection and a willingness to change the rules. The first is obvious: Democrats constantly, seemingly with no self-awareness at all, accuse Republicans of doing what Democrats are doing — and have done, and will do — to subvert and destroy the Constitution. The second are the steps the Democrats are willing to take — and have taken, and will take — to ensure a guaranteed Democrat majority forever.

Democrats made it very clear in 2016, after hectoring Donald Trump to “accept the results” of the election, that they themselves would do no such thing. Hillary Clinton has spent four years painfully whining about losing to Trump. She has blamed any number of imaginary enemies and made-up excuses for her failure, always missing the obvious one: That she, Hillary Clinton, is a corrupt career politician who is not just thoroughly unlikable as a person, but also repellant as a potential leader.

Democrats believe that they possess the Divine Right to rule us. Any time a Democrat is denied power over other human beings for any reason, they believe something must be wrong with the system. It must be Russian collusion or voter suppression or sun spots or the dog ate my homework. It could not possibly be that a Democrat was honest about what he or she intends to do to his or her constituents — and those constituents rejected these ideas.

The reason Democrats are so desperate for control is not, as they claim, that “Trump is destroying the Constitution” or that “Trump is a fascist” or even that “Trump will take away your rights.” These, as motivations for Democrats, are impossible. That is because Democrats want to do these very things.

They hate the Constitution, believing it to be an obstacle to the laws they wish to pass to chain Americans to the “liberal” point of view. They do not truly believe Trump is a fascist, because they are fascists, whose “brown shirts” — Antifa and BLM — are even now in the streets, marauding, assaulting, and burning. They certainly are not worried about Trump taking away their rights, because Democrats do not believe in rights.

Oh, they’ll pay lip service to the concept, but in point of fact, Democrats believe in only two: The “right” to murder your child in the womb and the right to inflict on others your sexual-gender confusion. They will scream, they will assault, they will commit arson, they will go to any lengths to protect the sacred right to kill a baby for any reason — then celebrate this achievement. They will fine you, deprive you of your livelihood, and jail you for refusing to use a stranger’s “preferred pronoun.” But Democrats, where the Bill of Rights is concerned, simply do not support it.

The right to freedom of speech? Democrats are actively trying to censor any and all dissent, on tech platforms and in any other facet of the public sphere. (Most often, they do this by misclassifying criticism and dissent as “hate.”) The right to keep and bear arms? Democrats want to ban your guns. The right to freedom of assembly? Democrats want to cancel Thanksgiving and force you to sit alone in your house under a blanket wearing a mask for the next 20 years. The right to express your religious beliefs? Democrats have closed your churches and Democrat-appointed judges have upheld double standards penalizing religious institutions.

Understanding that there is no infringement on your liberties Democrats will not use the power of the federal government to implement, you must understand something. That is that Democrats view your freedom of action as a threat that must be controlled. It is this believe that lies behind their fervent desire to rule you. It is this fear that, given the ability to choose, you will choose wrong in their eyes, that prods them to change the rules in their favor.

Democrats changed the rules in the Senate, believing they would always hold the majority — and their loss of the Supreme Court’s ideological balance was the result. Never ones to learn from their mistakes, Democrats now wish to “expand” or “depoliticize” the court. These are euphemisms for court-packing. While they’ve tried to redefine “court packing” as Republicans filling vacancies, the true definition is adding judges to change the court’s ideological slant. With the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, they have started screaming more loudly than ever for “expanding” the Supreme Court.

Changing rules after the fact to win a game in progress has long been something dishonest, unlikable people do. This is what Democrats are — dishonest, unlikable, craven cowards who will cheat in any way possible to win. When they win in November, it will only be because of voter fraud and collusion with Big Tech to censor Republican messaging.

Those perfidies will be nothing, however, compared to how Democrats will change the rules with a Democrat majority in Congress. This is only the start of the fascist, totalitarian regime they will implement — a regime that will continue changing rules to suit its vile, gangster members.

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