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Democrats Stole Our Government: What Now?

Both vile Democrats in the Georgia runoff elections are projected to “win” their Senate races as of this writing. In typical fashion, the Democrat-dominated precincts reported their numbers last, so they would know how many votes to manufacture in order to secure their stranglehold on the American government.

Democrat activists immediately began calling for measures to end the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, add states to the United States, and ensure what they believe will be a Democrat super-majority forever. There is nothing to stop them from making millions of illegal aliens voting citizens, either, further deepening their grip on our throats.

So now what?

At times like these it is instructive to look at the past. You must always remember that only about one third of the American people are truly ardent Democrats, just as only a third of our population can be described as passionate Republicans. The remaining third of American voters shift whichever way the winds blow them, depending on what is happening in the moment. It is this third of voters who determine who wins or loses, and when the political pendulum swings too far in one direction, they tend to react to course-correct.

Take, for example, Bill Clinton’s awful first two years in office. The moment Clinton walked into the White House, it was clear his ambitious, unlikable harpy of a wife was his “co-president.” Gore was left in the shadows (and truly never had the full support of the Clintons, for whom he was an afterthought). Hillary, meanwhile, was immediately put in charge of “healthcare reform,” a euphemism for nationalization of healthcare in the United States. Giving the unelected spouse of an elected official this kind of political power was not well-received, setting the tone for Hillary’s political woes for the rest of her life.

In March of 1993, if memory serves, Bill Clinton made Janet Reno the Attorney General. She immediately oversaw, in April, the disastrous raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Clinton’s approach to government as one of jackbooted thuggery was therefore firmly established . His political capital continued to fall.

All of this was occurring, mind you, with a Democrat Congress backing Clinton up. The idea that there was no check or balance on anything the Democrats did was beginning to dawn on that squishy third of the American people who possess no firm political views.

Clinton followed up these disasters by implementing the unpopular “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, sort of the “I never inhaled” equivalent of LGBT rights in the armed services. Nobody was happy with it on either side, but Clinton pressed on, governing even farther leftward. He put Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the worst and most left-wing Justices ever to serve, on the Supreme Court, ensuring years of disrespect of the Constitution whenever she was involved.

In September of 1993, Clinton was ready to unveil his attempt to nationalize healthcare. With Hillary proudly spearheading the effort, the Clintons went on television to tell us all about their universal healthcare plan (which was, at the time, doomed to failure). It would not be until the equally destructive reign of Barack Hussein Obama that Democrats would achieve the unenviable goal of making our healthcare system even worse than it already was.

In November of 1993, Clinton signed the Brady Act, requiring a waiting period for handgun purchases. This capped off his horrifying first year in office (in terms of major accomplishments). He was governing to the left and it showed — at a time when Democrats actually worried about angering the voters.

One year later, in November of 1994, Republicans took control of Congress for the first time in 40 years. Clinton spent the remainder of his first term and the entirety of his second term triangulating his policy through opinion polls (in part, a legacy of adviser Dick Morris) in order to stay in office. As a result, his policies were much more “centrist” in execution, though he himself was not.

Why the history lesson? Well, Democrats are poised to govern farther to the left than they ever have before. They’ll do it, too, ramming all kinds of unconstitutional and tyrannical legislation down our throats, wiping their hind ends with the Constitution and sneering in their contempt for your rights as an American citizen. It will be a difficult two years ahead, given that there will be nothing to restrain them. They no longer care about revealing their socialist, authoritarian policies, which will make things even more difficult.

Despite all this, you must not lose hope. The worse it gets, the more likely there is to be political backlash in the next elections. We won’t have to just win those elections; we’ll have to win them by margins large enough to overcome pervasive Democrat vote fraud. It will be a lot of work. It will be hard. It will be unpleasant. It will also be a fight worth fighting, –and one that we must all pursue if we wish to save America.

I don’t like what’s happened. I don’t like what’s coming. But I have faith that, together, we can fight it. If you, like me, are red as hell, keep the faith.

We can get through this, we can get past it, and we can come back better than ever before.

1 thought on “Democrats Stole Our Government: What Now?”

  1. The first thing they will do overreach that dwarfs previous attempts. Versions of the Tea Party and Contract With America will form with the sole purpose of opposing anything and everything our new Marxist government attempts to do. Within a year all sorts of massive legal scandals will start to pop up from the WH as criminals just can’t help themselves, and Democrats are, by nature, criminals who believe that they answer to a “higher law” that they just fucking made up.

    2022 elections will see a massive shift in the House, particularly once redistricting is completed.

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