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Democrats Think They’re Better Than You

It should comes as no surprise that John Kerry is scum. John Kerry has always been scum, but we’ve had enough time free of his Thurston Howell The Third accent and his Lurch-from-the-Addams-Family mannerisms to forget what a disaster this hypocrite elitist is whenever he gets his hands on power.

Recall that this same man betrayed everyone with whom he served in Vietnam, accusing American servicemen — falsely — of being just so many baby killers and torturers. By the accounts of the men with whom he served, Kerry was a coward, which explains why he was so eager to defame their honorable service on his return from Vietnam. Kerry has even told conflicting stories of throwing his service medals (or ribbons) onto the White House lawn, because people like John Kerry never have the strength of the convictions to which they lay claim.

It was therefore no surprise at all when Kerry somehow managed to get his gangly foot between his permanently clenched teeth. Asked how it is that our “Climate Czar” can be flying around the world on a private jet, Kerry sniffed that he’s devoted almost his entire life to fighting the Sun Monster of Climate Change. Why, as long as he “offsets” his carbon footprint, you can’t expect a man as important as John Kerry to take commercial transportation like one of the rabble. He, unlike you, is an important person.

Setting aside for a moment the fact that “carbon offsets” are imaginary, Kerry’s attitude has been echoed by countless Democrats, either in word or in deed. Nancy Pelosi exemplified it when she gave a video tour of her mansion’s expansive gourmet ice cream freezer in the middle of a pandemic — a pandemic whose lockdown restrictions she was happy to ignore. She did all this while Democrat lockdown policies forced  countless Americans into unnecessary financial ruin… because, hell, she and her fellow Democrats are rich, so what do they care if you suffer?

Various Democrat politicians, called out about their hypocrisy on gun control, have sniffed and jeered that they have lives worth protecting. You, the little people, cannot be trusted with private arms. This is why the Democrats have worked so very hard to take your Second Amendment rights away while working equally hard to exempt themselves from any such restrictions. Democrats don’t hate violence; they only hate violence over which they don’t have a monopoly. They’ll gladly imprison you, ruin you, defame you, even injure or kill you, if they can… all while gaslighting you. claiming that it’s the Republicans who are somehow dangerous.

This attitude is the direct result of a difference in character between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans, on the whole, understand why Democrats think what they think; they just disagree. Democrats, on the other hand, not only lack any real understanding of what Republicans believe, but they consider it beneath them even to try to learn these things. Democrats don’t ever argue with or fight against Republicans. They argue with and fight against their distorted conceptions of who Republicans are and what Republicans believe.

Only an arrogant condescension explains this attitude. Democrats do what they do and behave as they behave because they believe they are better than you. It’s why they embrace such obvious double standards and don’t even try to rationalize or excuse them. They know that laws and rules are for little people and Republicans, but never for Democrats. They also know they’ll never be called out on their double standards, because they control literally every institution — the press, popular culture, the government and its bureaucracy — that might check their runaway power.

This is how Democrats who encouraged the violent riots this summer — and who have explicitly called for harassment and even physical intimidation of Republicans — can, with straight faces, condemn all Republicans as responsible for the Capitol riot. It’s how John Kerry justifies saying simply that, why, he’s far too important to fly coach, even as he tries to destroy your quality of life in the name of fighting “global warming.” It’s how Joe Biden can ignore his own mask mandate on the grounds that he’s “celebrating” while his TSA makes it a federal crime to disobey the same orders.

Yes, Democrats are hypocrites. Yes, Democrats revel in the double standard they have inflicted on Americans. Yes, Democrats delight in forcing you to comply with rules they know they will ignore. It’s not because they think they can get away with it (although they know they can). It’s because they think you deserve to feel their boots on your neck. They are entirely comfortable in their smug sense of superiority over you… and it is this smugness, this arrogance, this complete and total lack of self-awareness, that is the activating spirit behind every awful, totalitarian, authoritarian, unconstitutional law and regulation these monsters ram down our throats.

Bleak as this picture is, it perfectly represents who Democrats are — and we would all do well to remember this.

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