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Have You Ever Read A Positive News Article About Trump?

Today I would like to pose something of a philosophical question for you. It is said that there are two types of people in the world — people who think there are two types of people, and people who don’t. Wait, no, that’s not it. There are 10 types of people in the world: people who understand binary, and people who don’t. Wait, no, that’s not it either. There are two types of people in the world: people who think the “mainstream news” is biased, and people who are wrong.

What I mean is that the major news networks have stopped even pretending to hide their bias… yet they continue to claim to be objective sources of news. All of the major networks and all the prominent cable news producers are biased against Republicans and in favor of Democrats. This includes ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN. It also incorporates the orbiting also-rans of media, including online outlets like Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, The Daily Dot, and really every single other online outlet that is not explicitly Republican, conservative, or libertarian in position. The lone exception is Fox News (and of course a network of alternative platforms and conservative websites/podcasts), but even Fox does not side with the Right as consistently as all the other networks side with the political Left.

Against this backdrop, I pose the question: Have you ever read a positive news story about President Trump in any of these “mainstream” outlets?

With the exception of Fox News, have MCSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, or NBC published a single news article or story that painted President Trump in anything but a negative light? Have you ever seen these networks refrain from editorializing when presenting the news, to include using, as premises for their “news,” assertions made by the Left that are accepted as facts?

For example, you don’t have to look long or far to find a major news article that talks about Trump’s “racist tweets.” At no time is it acknowledged that these tweets are not necessarily racist; at no time do the networks admit that interpreting the tweets as “racist” is a subjective value judgment. The premise is accepted from the outset and analysis of this “news” proceeds on that basis.

No attempt by the Right to reject these Leftist assertions, these biased premises, is ever acknowledged or even allowed. Attempt to do so and you are deplatformed for violating vague “terms of service” or “community guidelines” that can be distilled to mean, “Anything we disagree with is a hateful lie.”

This is a big one on the Left, of course: They have decided that only their opinions are true and that any dissenting opinion is by definition a “lie.” Thus they have perpetuated the myth that President Trump (when he’s not being racist) is “always lying.” They accept this as true because he’s always saying things they disagree with — and if they disagree with him, he must be lying, because only the Left side of the aisle is presumed and permitted to hold legitimate opinions.

I’ve written before of the fact that progressives, leftists, and Democrats of every stripe refuse to give anyone on the Right the basic respect of accepting that right-wingers come by their opinions honestly. We all make conclusions based on a process of reason that interprets the data of our senses and the information we gather through them. Right-wingers use a process that brings them to a different conclusion than leftists do.

Some processes are more logical than others. Leftists, however, don’t allow that this process occurs at all. In their world, you either agree with them, or you’re a bad person who is deliberately being bad. They simply cannot fathom how anyone could reason their way to a differing opinion.

These same people control popular culture and flood that culture with this idea — that there is nothing positive, nothing redeeming, nothing legitimate, about right-wing opinions. In their world, we are all “deplorable.” In their world, we belong on the “trash heap” of history (to quote Susan Rice’s recent misquote).

Against this backdrop, there is literally nothing Trump can do that will not be (and is not) condemned in “mainstream” media. This is why you have never read a positive news article about Trump that was published by an allegedly “objective” source. You only read articles defending or lauding Trump that are published by ideological fellow travelers (and occasionally Fox).

The rest of the time, you read attacks. The rest of the time, you read the least charitable interpretation of anything he says or does. The rest of the time, you read a ceaseless drumbeat of negative opinions about Trump that are presented as fact, as news, when they are only opinion.

Given this, it is truly staggering what Trump has managed to accomplish in the short time he has held office — the first political office, to my knowledge, that he has tried to obtain. We have reached the point at which acknowledging that you prefer Trump to his opponent(s) is an invitation to be attacked physically, censured politically, and cast out socially. This is a direct result of the incessant attacks on Trump for anything and everything, no matter how insignificant, that he says or does. No human being could bear up under an onslaught like that — and yet Trump shows no signs of flagging.

I will say this much: When Trump loses in November, his candidacy a casualty of an uneven playing field, widespread disinformation, rampant vote fraud,  and the economic devastation of the pandemic, there will be a silver lining in this black cloud. Our news media will immediately begin cheering for America again. We will be flooded by sudden an unexpected good news, in which anything that might reflect poorly on a Democrat president is minimized, while any coincidental positive will be credited to the new authoritarian in the White House.

As depressing as I find total Democrat control of America — and as resigned as I am to the destruction of our nation as a result — I have to admit it will be nice to hear some good news again.

Even if it isn’t really true.

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