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I Can’t Wait For All The Good News

The Democrats are going to win in November. This is inevitable. The party that controls, or is allied with, the overwhelmingly majority of news media in the United States has produced a twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week propaganda storm attacking Trump. Nothing Trump says is true; nothing Trump does is good; nothing Trump achieves is worthwhile; nothing Trump wants is not evil.

Couple this with the rampant vote fraud Democrats already perpetrate in every election — and the coming storm of vote fraud manipulating mail-in or online ballots — and no Republican will ever be president again. We’ve reached the tipping point and we are past it. Trump was an anomaly. The people who screamed in impotent outrage to the sky when he won in 2016 have been working  ceaselessly since. They will see to it that their Divine Right To Rule Us is never again denied them by some fluke of the voting process.

They’ve been resorting to violence for three years now, determined to hurt and kill anyone who stands in their way. I’ve written for years that the Left would murder you if it could. Their masks have slipped; they aren’t even pretending anymore. The race riots that have plunged our nation into an orgy of hand-wringing self-loathing, desperate to root out every imagined racist thought held by citizens throughout this land, are simply that pogrom coming to fruition.

Given this, a Democrat “victory” in November 2020 was and is inevitable. We are now seeing the first cracks in the dam. Trump, who has been tireless in his efforts to save this country from itself despite the astounding vilification heaped on him (often by people who were happy to call him friend before he ran as a Republican), is showing signs of flagging. No human being could keep up the pace he’s maintained. No individual could bear up under the constant attacks he’s been forced to endure. He will be hated and reviled for the rest of his life; his family will be similarly vilified; he will live out his days as a pariah to those who control our popular culture and most of our media.

He knows it, and still he works for free, because he actually gives a damn about this country.

None of that will matter. When the Democrats seize control in November we will be subjected to a spectacle unlike any the world has seen. The celebrations of Leftist dominance will dwarf any of Glorious Leader Obama’s histrionics. Yes, he held his nose aloft in front of a Greek temple set while proclaiming that his election heralded the lowering of sea levels and the healing of the Earth. Yes, his wife admitted she had never been proud of the United States until her Sainted Husband Obama came to power. Yes, Obama spent the next eight years destroying our allies overseas while destroying our relationships with them, and he did it all while bowing and scraping and making apologies for a country and a Constitution he clearly hates.

But that pageantry will pale compared to what the Democrats will do in November.

By that point they’ll have been grinding their teeth for four years, desperate to get Trump out of office so they can then hound him with the legal system until he is dead or imprisoned. They’ll be so overjoyed, so orgasmic in their victory — and so secure in their vote-fraud-bolstered super-majorities — that they’ll be eager to make the heathen pay. The next two years will see horrifying, economy destroying, authoritarian law after authoritarian law, as the Democrats punish the unwashed masses who dared to defy them.

Our nation, at that point, will have ended. We had a good run. We can look back fondly on the doomed experiment that was the American Republic. Those few of us who are left who remember what sanity is will have to find a way to live in that literally post-apocalyptic landscape. We’ll find a way; we always do. It will be disheartening, but patriots and right-thinkers everywhere will learn to cope and to eke out decent livings despite the horrors foisted on them by progressives. It has ever been thus and, while it will get worse, we will endure.

Thereafter we will never see a meaningful Republican majority again. The Democrats have been working to see to that for three years now, and laying the groundwork for many years before that. And while this reality, too, will be awful, we can all look forward to one thing.

The news will be great.

With the Democrats back in full control of the American government, our news media will rediscover the fawning, worshipful joy with which they treat Democrat politicians. They’ll immediately begin spinning every news piece to tell us how fantastic everything is with Democrats in charge. There will be nothing that cannot be spun in a way to make Democrats look good; there will be no bad news, no matter how terrible, that cannot be slanted to make our new President a success.

The relentless, incessant bad news of the last few years will evaporate. Replacing it will be a newfound, utterly false optimism. And while that optimism will be lies, they will be comforting lies.

Most of us assume that Joe Biden will be president during this newfound Golden Age of Optimistic Media, but his cognitive decline has become so rapid that it’s hard to say. It doesn’t matter. Biden would be a sock puppet for the Democrat establishment. Whether it’s his mouth moving, or someone else entirely, the outcome will be identical. Once again, the authoritarian Democrats will be telling us how to live our lives, and our media will tell us how happy we are.

So, look on the bright side. Our country may be gone, but at least we’ll have Netflix and Nike and whatever syrup brands haven’t been deemed racist. We’ll lose most of our rights, but our kids can still get abortions. And while we toil to see most of our incomes stolen by an uncontrollable totalitarian government that shovels our money into black pits of waste, at least the talking heads at our nation’s news desks will be smiling.

You and I will know they’re only saying what we want to hear. We’ll see through it. We’ll keep fighting. Take heart in that. We may not win this battle, but we’ll fight it anyway.

That is the real good news, the silver lining, in the coming dark clouds.

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