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Tony Fauci Is A Liar And We Should Ignore Him

Anthony Fauci has repeatedly been described as the nation’s “top expert” on infectious diseases. While he may well be, Fauci is also a political operative — a partisan hack whose proclamations about what Americans should and should not be “allowed” to do during the COVID-19 pandemic have made him the de facto Plague King of the United States. It is time, simply put, for King Fauci’s reign to end. Given that Biden and Harris will likely continue indulging this liar’s lust for control, it falls on us, the American people, to start ignoring him.

Not only is Fauci an admitted liar (who recently admitted, brazenly and arrogantly, to “moving the goalposts” on herd immunity), not only has Fauci been wrong about the pandemic at every conceivable opportunity, but his open political advocacy should disqualify him from any position within the United States government. This is not because he disagreed with the Trump administration’s leadership, but because he disagreed so strongly that he he was willing to sacrifice good sense on the altar of his political ideology.

The list of mistakes Fauci made in the run-up to the full-blown pandemic has largely been memory-holed, especially in light of Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech oligarchs furiously censoring information about it. Still, we know that Fauci himself was downplaying the risk posed by the pandemic before the current orthodoxy on coronavirus was established. More importantly, though, we now know — from his own mouth — that Fauci lied about the utility of face masks.

Specifically, Fauci toed the line on personal protective equipment, deliberately claiming we should not wear masks in order to discourage the public from buying them. This was done, supposedly, to preserve the supply of PPE — a stockpile the previous administration allowed to be depleted — as the pandemic ramped up. Only when we had reached the “too little, too late” stage did Fauci, the Surgeon General, and the CDC finally change their tunes on masks. (They hedged their bets by advocating “non-medical face coverings” at first.)

Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) – posted under fair use standards for review and commentary

Even as the Plague King was busily telling us all what we were allowed to do — whether we could hug our children, what holidays would have to be canceled, how much of our nation would have to be “locked down” for years to come — Fauci himself was demonstrating what a fantastic hypocrite he is. At a time when Americans were told they could not gather in crowds, Fauci was sitting with his mask under his chin while cheerfully hanging out with people at a sporting event. The grin on his face should tell you everything you need to know about Tony Fauci. He’s delighted with the amount of power he has over you — and he does not care about the rules he demands you follow.

“But, but, but,” we are always told, “he’s a medical expert. He’s the foremost expert on infectious diseases. We MUST listen to the SCIENCE.” The problem is that Fauci has repeatedly let his political ideology interfere with his medical proclamations. He steadfastly refused to condemn mass protests, or even acknowledge that mass protesting increased the risk of transmitting infection, even as he was condemning family members gathering to visit their relatives or attend loved ones’ funerals. But Fauci’s political hypocrisy was only just getting started.

Next, Fauci praised Andrew Cuomo, the worst governor in the United States — and, not coincidentally, the man with the worst coronavirus record. Cuomo’s disastrous mandate forcing nursing homes to take coronavirus patients — and forbidding them from testing and screening those patients — resulted in the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers among the state’s most vulnerable populations. Those deaths are not just blood on Cuomo’s hands; they are directly attributable to a mistake in his judgment.

Cuomo has blamed literally everyone else for the mistake. It was the federal government (it wasn’t). It was the “European virus” (it isn’t). It didn’t happen and claims that it did are right-wing propaganda (it did happen and it isn’t propaganda). But Fauci, that idiot, hypocrite liar Fauci, praised Cuomo for his handling of the virus. No doubt this helped encourage Cuomo to publish a book praising his own leadership on COVID-19. Meanwhile, Fauci admitted that he’s been close with the Cuomo family for years, which probably explains why he has the same stupid gangster accent that all the Cuomos affect.

But even this was not the last straw. No, the last straw was when Fauci — still irritated that the Trump administration accurately quoted him in a political ad explaining that Trump has, in fact, done a good job during the pandemic — decided to embrace open Democrat activism. Specifically, Fauci praised Biden as “taking the pandemic seriously,” despite the fact that no policy Biden has advocated varies much from what Trump has already done.

Biden has no record on coronavirus, only inarticulately mumbled criticisms — so praising a response he has not given and cannot outline in detail is worse than premature. It is nothing but openly stating that Fauci prefers the Democrats to the Republicans. This is no surprise, given that Fauci is a Democrat. nor was it a surprise when he admitted most recently to continue to lie to the American public. With Trump leaving and Biden sure to continue taking cues from Fauci, though, we have no choice. We must, as one people, turn our backs on Fauci in order to take away his power.

Enough is enough. Start ignoring this gravel-voiced, politically motivated, lying fraud. Tony Fauci has no business bossing around the American public — and he has no power that we do not give him voluntarily.

3 thoughts on “Tony Fauci Is A Liar And We Should Ignore Him”

  1. Progressives have been sacrificing themselves on the altar of “science” and “experts” since the late 19th century. I can’t think of an example when they haven’t been engaging in pseudoscience and the experts have been anything other than charlatans.

  2. The mask is useless. We need to free ourselves from Fauci and his Chinese message. Our government is compromised and people shoudl protect themselves against our democrat led government and the “Deep State”

  3. You are right. He is a compulsive liar and authoritarian fascist. He should be fired and then jailed for massacring the American public with his deliberate misuse of information and his rotten advice.

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