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Our New Dictator, Kamala Harris

By now it should be obvious to you that Kamala Harris is a disaster waiting to happen. A shrill, cackling, authoritarian hypocrite, Harris has made it clear that there is nothing she won’t use the power of the federal government to do. She wants to ban fracking and destroy America’s energy independence. She wants to implement Medicare for All, including illegal aliens, and destroy America’s healthcare system. She wants to ban guns, destroying your right to self-defense. She wants to ban plastic straws, for crying out loud.¬† She hates white people, hates America, hates the Constitution, and seeks to remake America in the image of extreme leftism.

And if all that sounds familiar, you aren’t alone.

In March of 2009, I wrote a column called “Barack Hussein Obama: Our Technology Dictator.” We were reeling from the months of adoration heaped on Obama by a media eager to fellate him over even the smallest thing. There was nothing Obama could do wrong; there was no word Obama spoke that was not brilliant; there was no policy Obama could enact that was not applauded; there was no media outlet safe from Obama’s sibilant visage. Like Orwell’s Big Brother, Obama was everywhere, overexposing himself in countless outlets, making it clear that he, Barack Obama, was in charge of our lives now.

If you hated those times, if you hated the eight years under which this nation suffered through Barack Obama’s terrible foreign policy and crippling economic decisions, you are not alone. What’s sad is that the election of Kamala Harris will plunge us right back into the bad old days, when an incompetent, America-hating, racist president spent every day hectoring the American people and pointing his finger at them for refusing to embrace his greatness.

In this, Obama was the most brittle president we have ever had — more sensitive to criticism than even Trump. He was so used to having the media worship him that he became indignant when a single media outlet actually insisted on asking him the occasional uncomfortable question. In fact, Obama tried to declare war on Fox News (an action that earned him rebukes from the few journalists left among the left-wing networks).

We’ve all forgotten that¬† fact now that CNN has become a 24-hour Hate-Trump outlet. But Trump, in declaring the press the enemy of the people, is treated by these liars, these propagandists, these enemies, as Obama only imagined he was treated.

That’s the world we’ll plunge back into when Kamala Harris inevitably ascends to a Presidency vacated by Slow Joe Biden. Biden’s cognitive decline is so bad now that he may not even make it to January. One assumes Harris will be crossing her fingers and cackling with delight at the prospect (when she’s not oiling her new face). But some of what I wrote in that column from 2009 came back to haunt me as I considered four to eight years of a Kamala Harris dictatorship.

That is what it would be, after all; the same people who lose their minds any time Trump uses executive power were thrilled with Obama’s “pen and phone.” Harris has claimed she’ll use unconstitutional executive orders to do any number of things if Congress won’t oblige her. Of course, it’s very likely the Democrats will have full control of Congress by then… so there’ll be nothing to stop her from ramming unconstitutional law after unconstitutional law down our throats.

As she does so, she’ll be everywhere, feted by the media and worshiped by her stenographers in the press. Gone will be any pretense of critical inquiry, to be replaced by open worship of her cloying presence. Here is what I wrote, in part, eleven years ago:

As Glorious Leader Obama (called “Caesar Obama” by one radio talk-show host) exerts his best efforts to place his Orwellian visage on the telescreens of the nation’s media outlets, both traditional and Internet-based, citizens are inundated with the inevitability of Obama’s increasingly statist rule. Already, Obama has called for tremendous expenditures of your money for his ill-conceived stimulus plan(s), lied about his knowledge of bonuses to be paid to companies receiving these tax dollars, advocated the creation of what would be, essentially, fascist brownshirts to enforce his rule, and generally proven to be every freedom-loving American’s worst nightmare in his willingness to embrace invasive government controls on your life, in every venue of human endeavor.

If that sounds too sweeping, too general for you, do a simple news search for various policies advocated, facilitated, encouraged, or otherwise endorsed by Barack Obama or operatives within his scandal-ridden and corrupt Cabinet. What you find should give you pause, if you value the ideals of liberty and personal responsibility on which this nation was based.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Or rather, it sounds a lot like where we’re headed with Kamala Harris in the White House. I wrote yesterday that you should be afraid of Kamala Harris — that you should be very afraid indeed of this horrible woman in a position of power. Today, after twenty-four hours’ reflection, my terror at the prospect has only deepened.

Yours should have as well.

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