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Laws Are For Little People And Republicans

One of the most reliable standards in American politics is the double standard. Any law, rule, guideline, suggestion, or social commentary that applies to Republicans — and which, invariably, is used as a rhetorical weapon to flog anyone who is not a bed-wetting progressive — never seems to apply to Democrats. You will never go broke in life betting on the consistency with which this inconsistent standard is applied to the political scene. It is as inescapable as death and taxes; it is as reliable as Democrats demanding that you do as they say, not as they do.

The examples are limitless. We’ve seen them during the pandemic lockdowns and quarantines: Governors like Gretchen Whitmer who tell you’ll that you’ll be arrested if you open a salon or barbershop, who turn up at press conferences with their hair and nails freshly done. “Journalists” like Chris Cuomo who demand forever quarantines, yet who (while positive for COVID-19) get caught outside engaging in quarrels with neighbors, and who then stage the “end” to their fake “quarantine” on national television. Mayors like Bill de Blasio who delight in their limitless power to force New Yorkers into house arrest… while traveling to public parks in order to “exercise.”

And, yes, while the pandemic made it clear that Democrat rulers consider you and I to be peasants — serfs who should be grateful for their magnanimous, iron-fisted rule — we’ve seen the same double standard in day to day life. Sometimes, it is inconsequential: Nancy Pelosi, who legitimately and genuinely looks like the Crypt Keeper from HBO’s Tales From The Crypt, calls President Trump “obese” — yet we are expected to ignore the obesity of Democrat also-rans like Jerry Nadler and Stacey Abrams. Obama announces he has no interest in attending the unveiling of his narcissistic presidential portrait while Trump is in office… and the reliably anti-Trump “Business Insider” reports that Trump “refuses” to hold the ceremony for his predecessor.

Other times, the double standard is much more significant. Obama will likely face no charges over Obamagate, the deliberate sabotage of Trump’s administration. Yet if a Republican committed even one of the many crimes for which Obama is guilty — weaponizing the IRS to target his political opponents, running guns to Mexico, or repeatedly attacking Fox news as an illegitimate news agency for failing to be worshipful of him — he would be pilloried and investigated and, ultimately, impeached as Trump has been.

The comparison has never been more stark, in fact, than in these Presidents’ relationships to the press. Obama whined whenever he was not feted and praised, claiming the press was against him. Trump has reacted to obvious and transparent attacks, often involving fabricated “fake news”, with refreshing hostility… yet Trump is attacked for proclaiming the press the “enemy of the people,” while Obama’s attacks on Fox (which were decried even by other media outlets at the time) have been forgotten. The reality is that the press treat Trump as Obama only imagined he was treated… but any comparison has disappeared down the memory hole, as idiots proclaim the corruption-riddled Obama years to be “scandal free.”

The double standard has been crystallized by the sexual abuse allegations against Joe Biden. Desperate Democrats have turned their hypocrisy on its ear by claiming, “If you supported Trump, you can’t criticize Biden for his alleged sex crimes.” The difference is that we on the right never took seriously the obviously fabricated #MeToo allegations against Kavanaugh or the manufactured outrage over Trump’s attitudes toward women.  Democrats, meanwhile, demanded that we believe all women without evidence – and now, with the gaslights at full bellows, are screaming that they never said “all.”

Oh, don’t worry; we know what you meant: Believe all women as long as their targets are on the right side of the aisle. The moment a left-wing personality is accused, we suddenly rediscover the benefits of due process.  Whether we take allegations against Biden seriously on their face isn’t the point; the point is that Democrats are deliberately sticking their fingers in their ears and singing, “la la la I can’t hear you” when the same standard is applied to Biden.

Examples of the Democrat double standard, the “donkey concession” given to anyone whose politics are “correct” regardless of their behavior, are endless. This will never change. We, as conservatives and libertarians, must understand that everything we do is done against this backdrop. Every campaign we wage, every election we win or lose, and every opinion we express will be judged against this ever-shifting standard. It is for this reason, now and always, that you must remember Rule #1 of American politics:

Laws (and rules, and standards) are for little people and Republicans. They are NEVER for Democrats.

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