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No, I Won’t “Say Their Names”

“We got a Trumper right here.”

Those were the words spoken by Antifa thugs just before gunshots rang out. The victim was Aaron “Jay” Danielson. He was shot dead on the street of an American city — Portland, Oregon — by a fascist who was proud of his membership in a fascist organization. He was hunted down and killed for the crime of being a Trump supporter, and for no other reason.

And that is why I will not “say their names.”

For years I wrote a column in WND News in which I repeatedly warned those on the Right that the Left wants to murder you. I was often scoffed at for saying so. I was ridiculed. I got hate mail. I warned that while the Left (at the time) made at least some effort to conceal its murderous intent, it was only a matter of time before this pretense was dropped.

That time is now. The mask is off. The Left is now openly, nakedly, explicitly calling for your deaths, Republicans. They are now calling for your murder, conservatives. They are now heaping their scorn and their contempt on your for daring to believe in the Constitution, libertarians — and if you get in the way, they will kill you, too.

The Democrats have done everything in their power to call for violence, to marginalize and criminalize dissent, and to dehumanize Trump supporters. They have called us “deplorables.” They have called us “enemies of the state.” They have exhorted their followers to “get in our faces,” to “create a crowd” whenever we show our faces in public, to drive us out of public life and from the public square.

They have used the social media, tech companies, and banks they control to ban our accounts and cripple our ability to do business. They have defamed and libeled us in their wholly owned, fellow-traveler news outlets. They have called us “racist” at every turn, “Nazi” every hour on the hour, and every other slur imaginable in every medium on every day. Not a day passes that every single white person, every single conservative, every single Trump supporter, is not vilified as the intergalactic oppressor of every precious special interest the Left holds dear.

Women who support Trump are threatened with rape. Hispanics who support Trump are called “white.” Blacks who support Trump are called every racist slur invented. And always, always, there are constant threats of violence against us.

A white man is hunted and hit with a brick for no other reason than that he is white — and the animals watching and videotaping the assault laugh and laugh and laugh. “We’ve got a Trumper right here,” they cry, and they shoot us dead in the street like dogs — all while claiming that our own acts of self-defense are the depredations of racist white supremacists.

Even as they are rampaging through our cities and our suburbs, terrorizing people asleep in their beds, permanently blinding people with lasers, burning down small businesses and razing neighborhoods, all the while screaming that they are the victims, that they are oppressed, that we are the villains in the fantasy world that is their delusional conception of their lives in America, our media gaslights anyone who dares to notice. “This is not happening,” they shout, sticking their fingers in their ears and humming loudly. “The protests are mostly peaceful. The only violence was done by imaginary white supremacists and Hawaiian-shirt-wearing militias.”

Against this backdrop, these savages, these animals, demand that we bow and scrape and kneel and pay homage to their made-up cause. “Say their names!” they scream, demanding that we deify murderous criminals for getting shot while resisting arrest. “Take a knee!” they demand, ordering us to bow before them and show our subservience to the mob. “Give your homes to black people!” they laugh, knowing that the media will capitalize “Black” but leave “white” in lowercase.

No. No to all of it. To hell with your demands. To hell with your bullying. To hell with your domestic terrorism. To hell with your assaults, your constant threats of violence, your arson, your extortion.

I will not say their names. I will not take a knee. I will not bow to your cause. I will not apologize for the circumstances of my birth. No, I do not have “white privilege.” No, you do not get to hold me responsible for things I have not done. No, you do not get to play the victim while you murder each other like it’s free — and threaten to inflict the same treatment on anyone who defies you.

Black Lives Matter is  a terrorist organization, whose threats are abundantly clear. Antifa is  a terrorist organization, whose thuggery marks it as a clear and present danger. Democrats, who support both organizations while also filling their ranks, are giving aid and comfort to these terrorists, while gleefully repeating the threats made by both.

I will neither obey, nor negotiate with, any of you.

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