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No, Republicans Are Not “White Supremacists”

The histrionics over the riot at the Capitol continue to expose Democrats’ prejudices — as well as their bizarre illogic. No less a vile harpy than Hillary Clinton recently penned some sort of editorial about how ridding the political landscape of Trump was not sufficient to eliminating “white supremacy.” In this, she is conflating white supremacy and white nationalism with all conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans. This is a common falsehood perpetrated by Democrats, but it’s one that is being repeated with increasing fervor. That makes it dangerous, because if they can apply the scarlet letter of racism to Republicans simply for disagreeing, they can marginalize us even more effectively.

Understand that marginalization doesn’t simply mean that you won’t be able to eat at the cool kids’ table at lunch. If you are marginalized, you are no longer a person in our society. If you are marginalized, you can’t have an email service. You can’t have social media accounts. You can’t have a phone. You can’t have a website. You can’t have a bank account. You can’t even register a domain for the hosting you’re not allowed to have for it. These are all steps that have been taken to marginalize Trump and his supporters, steps that have been taken against other famous “unpersons” in the last few years. It happened to Alex Jones; it has happened to prominent Republicans and conservatives; it will happen to you if you come to the attention of the Democrat oligarchs.

The insidious logic (really, illogic) behind these unpersonings, these deplatformings, is the leap that Democrats make while going from a to b to z.  It works like this: Bad people sometimes do bad things. Bad people have ideas we don’t agree with. If you, too, have ideas we don’t agree with — which in this case is any opinion Democrats dislike — then your bad ideas, too, will eventually lead to violence. Therefore, any utterance which Democrats disagree is violence, violence is illegal, and it is now illegal to disagree with Democrats. If you do so, you will be punished, as the network of interconnected Democrat oligarchs moves to remove you from all public, private, and commercial life.

The result is that you will be unable to do anything. You cannot make money. You cannot spend money. You cannot put money in a bank. You can buy nothing because your ability to conduct commerce has been destroyed. You cannot complain about it or alert others to your plight because you’ve been removed from all platforms where you might share this news. If others try to alert the public to your plight by proxy, they too will be punished and unpersoned. In fear of being associated with you, they will shun you and refuse to work with you.

This is how quickly your life can be destroyed. This is how fast you can be vilified. This is how easily you can lose everything. If they can’t tar you with this link to violence, however, they will smear you by linking you to thoughtcrime. The criminal thought, in this case, is racism, something we rightly refuse to tolerate. Cries of “raaaaacist” have become so hysterical in modern society that they’ve lost all connection to reality. When everything is racist, nothing is — but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from declaring absolutely everything to be “white supremacy.”

We live in a majority white nation. This alone means there will be more white people in various endeavors, and linked to various accomplishments, than people of color. Yet the mere existence of this proportionate breakdown in social demographics is, to Democrats, evidence of “white supremacy.” Any time a white person has an opinion, any time a white person holds office, that person is by definition a “white supremacist” to the Democrats.

You may wonder how this is possible, given that many Democrats are themselves white. They issue themselves special dispensation because they have, according to progressives, the “correct” opinions. Thus, all it takes to be branded a “white supremacist” and therefore a “racist” and therefore a bad person whose opinions inevitably lead to violence and therefore somebody who should be silenced and shunned and destroyed (excuse me while I take a breath)… is to disagree with Democrats.

You don’t even have to be white to be a “white supremacist” in the eyes of Democrats. They delight in smearing people of color who dare to side with conservatives and libertarians, calling them all manner of racial epithets in the process. What matters to the progressives, as it does in all things, is whether you toe the line with their orthodoxy. In their world, you either agree with them and obey their dictates… or you are a very bad person who deserves to be destroyed for being bad.

The single greatest crime ever perpetrated by progressives has been this redefinition of all dissent as somehow wrong, bad, and illegal. They’ve made it so that disagreeing with them is itself a crime that warrants punishment… and they alone get to dole out those punishments. Maligning all conservatives as somehow complicit in the riot at the Capitol, while ignoring months of deadly riots by left-wingers, is just more of the same double standard from hypocrite progressives. It is, however, a double standard that is working for them — and one that will eventually destroy all of us if we let it.

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