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No, “White Supremacists” Are Not Our Biggest Threat

Alex Henderson, writing in Salon last week, commented on an article that originally appeared in AlterNet concerning a new draft report from the Department of Homeland Security. The report contends, as DHS has in the past, that “white supremacists” are the “most persistent and lethal” threat in the United States.

This is a lie.

Insofar as statistics are used to bear out this alleged threat, the thousands of deaths on September 11th, 2001 — or the time frame in which they occur — are always omitted. What these reports always consist of are subjective analyses written by people who start with a preconceived conclusion and then editorialize to “prove” their theses.

White supremacists are not now, nor have they ever been (barring the heyday of the Democrat-founded Ku Klux Klan in the South) a significant threat to the United States. You could not fill a football stadium with active members of the Klan and other neo-Nazi groups in the U.S. You also cannot cite more than a handful of attacks, high-profile or otherwise, carried out by white supremacists, “militia members,” and other white, ostensibly conservative, gun-owning villains from Central Casting.

The only major terror attack ever carried out by people who meet this description was the Oklahoma City Bombing, an attack perpetrated by exactly two individuals with a rental truck full of fertilizer. One person died in the midst of a “white supremacist” march in Charlottesville. This was an incident wrongly characterized as an attack (even I thought it was “vehicle Jihad,” at first) that was really panic on the part of a driver whose car was attacked. In California, I believe it was, black counter-protesters attacked a march by uniformed neo-Nazis and got stabbed for their trouble — acts of violence that were characterized as legal self-defense.

A single Bernie Sanders supporter shot more members of our government than any “white supremacist” has managed to shoot or stab. Yes, the OKC bombing was significant — but it pales in comparison to Muslim attacks in the United States, from 9/11 to the cumulative effect of multiple “lone wolf” massacres like the Pulse nightclub shooting or the San Bernardino massacre. When comparing ongoing threats to the security of the United States, Muslim terror attacks far outnumber any actions by neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists… with one exception.

That exception is the widespread violence, looting, intimidation, and arson committed by supporters of BLM and members of Antifa. These left-wing groups and their would-be-revolutionary adherents have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to cities across the United States this summer. This alone  outweighs any actions, attacks, or strategies perpetrated or theorized by the nation’s vanishingly small conteingent of white nationalists.

How can even DHS be so staggeringly wrong? The answer is simple: the people drafting these reports are left-leaning bureaucrats, who base their findings not on statistics, not on economic damages, not on documented attacks in the United States… but on feelings and conjectures. The political operatives writing this report feel like white supremacists are the biggest threat to the United States, so they write this into “fact” by publishing this speculative report.

The dishonesty at work here is similar to the mythology surrounding “mass shootings” in the United States. If we define as a “mass shooting” any incident in which four or more people are shot, the perpetrators of mass shootings in the Unites States are overwhelmingly black males. You have been told that white gun owners are overwhelmingly the cause of mass shootings in the US… and to arrive at this “figure,” the authorities ignore or reclassify the vast numbers of shootings by young black males across the country. It is nothing short of lying with statistics.

The same cannot be said of the DHS report. This isn’t “lying with statistics” because there are no statistics to be distorted. Instead, the bureaucrats responsible are manufacturing a threat based solely on writing it into being.

DHS and other government agencies — based largely on the Obama administration’s reliance on propaganda-mill hate organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center — have in the past mischaracterized preppers, military veterans, gun owners, and anyone ELSE who falls in the “right wing” demographic as domestic terror threats. For that matter, there is a long history of this type of defamation of white, middle-class, center-to-right-leaning gun owners in the United States. In the 1990s, the media and even our government manufactured the “militia threat.”

Citizen militias were never a significant threat to the security of the United States, nor did they figure prominently in crime or terrorism. Our government and the press nevertheless screamed for day after week after month after year about this threat. What they were doing, in actuality, was simply defaming Americans who had committed — and who would go on to commit – no crimes.

Whomever wrote this report at DHS is wrong at best — and lying at worst. The media promoting this report with such glee are purveyors of propaganda, not news. The citizens who believe this and base their votes for left-wing authoritarians on this are most certainly dupes — if not dangerous morons.

No, “white supremacists” are no the biggest threat our nation faces. They’re not even close. If we want to gauge relative threats, Muslim terrorists, Antifa, and BLM rank far higher — and they don’t even begin to approach the threat that is the Democrat Party.

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