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#NotMyPresident – The Illegitimate Biden-Harris Reign

During the absurd “resistance” to the Trump presidency, it was not uncommon for “slactivist” hashtag aficionados to proclaim #NotMyPresident on social media. The idea was that if a Democrat doesn’t get her way, well, whomever won the presidency must by definition be illegitimate. The fastest way to irk Democrats in the first weeks of the Trump Administration was to remind them that, yes, Donald Trump was, in fact, their president.

With the advent of magical vertical lines in the vote counts in hotly contested states, all that has changed. Now, we will have a president (two of them, really) who are not, in fact, legitimate. The Democrats are stealing the election in real time, expecting all of us to see these magically appearing 100% Biden vote counts — in states Biden was losing — and not find anything at all odd about it. This invalidates the outcome.

The fact is, though, that the Democrats have been promising us for weeks that they would steal the election through vote fraud. Why, the state government in Pennsylvania called the election for Biden before any votes had been cast. This farce of an election was over before it began. There simply was no way the Democrat political machine and Washington’s entrenched bureaucrat class was going to give Trump another four years to bull his way through their precious china shop.

America is now over. We had a pretty good run; our Constitutional Republic was great while it lasted. Now that an illegitimate Democrat regime has seized power through vote fraud, we can say good-bye to all that. Once Biden’s official coronation has occurred, once the smug thieves have given their self-congratulatory speeches and the smug talking heads on the smugly corrupt news networks have nodded along in approval, once corrupt Democrats everywhere can lean back in their chairs and steeple their fingers in satisfaction at the fraud they have perpetrated, the rest of us will have to go on living our lives.

Those lives will be more difficult, our economy more beleaguered, our rights more besieged, our liberties more infringed… but unlike the vicious Democrats who riot, burn, loot, and murder whenever they do not get their way, we Republicans will meekly consent to Biden-Harris and their illegitimate rule. In truth, our fetish for the rule of law has always been our downfall. We believe in the Constitution. We believe in the rules it sets forth. We believe that this alone ensures a level playing field.

We tend to bow our heads and accept the results even when those results are not legitimate, even when they are the result of cheating. This is why predictions of Trump supporters “rioting” were so absurd. Store owners across the nation did not board up their shops because they were worried about Republicans; they knew that if violence came, it would be perpetrated by Democrats. As Matt Walsh said, not all Democrats are rioters and looters — but all rioters and looters are Democrats.

We forget that the Democrats hate the Constitution and that they believe any and all perfidies are justified in order to guarantee that they get their way. Whenever they are thwarted in their thirst for power, their lust for control, they become violent. We’ve watched them do it for the last year, as they’ve wrought two billion dollars in damages over their months-long temper tantrum.

Even now, elements within the Democrats street-fighting arms — the fascists of Antifa, the street gang that is their political “protesters” — are mobilized to threaten, harass, and injure anyone who opposes Democrat rule. This will not get better when Democrats hold the Oval Office through fraud. It will only embolden these amoral control freaks.

The senile infant Joe Biden, who has been shielded from all criticism by complicit media — not to mention his allies in Big Tech — has promised to “assert control” over the nation. Once he assumes that control, the countdown timer above his head, “Lemmings” style, begins at a large, glowing numeral 5.

If you’re not sure what I mean, it’s a reference to an old computer game. The lemmings were little creatures who would hurl themselves off cliffs if you did not direct them, much like the American people have done. When you clicked a button, a countdown started above their heads, whereupon they would explode. The Democrats will eagerly click Joe Biden’s metaphorical Lemming button the moment the way is clear for the vile, cackling Kamala Harris to replace him. They will shed no tears for slow Joe as they shove him out of the way.

If you believe the Constitution was under threat under Obama, just you wait. If you think our President held this nation and its people in contempt when Barack was conducting his apology tour of other nations, you ain’t seen nothing yet. First Biden, then Harris will be the death knell for what’s left of this nation. The Constitution will be meaningless. Your rights — what’s left of them — will be discarded completely. Your government will be run by an illegitimate dictator who has ascended to power, not because he, then she were voted in by the people, but because the Democrats stole the election through rampant voter fraud.

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