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Republican Quislings Aren’t Principled (Or Decent)

Much was made of the Republican quislings who appeared at the dreadful Zoom meeting that was the online Democrat National Convention. The media covered these appearances adoringly. They have always loved Republicans In Name Only, RINOs who attack the GOP because they have nothing to offer their party. This was the primary reason former presidential John McCain was such a darling of the media, after all. McCain went on to earn the media’s ire when he dared to run as a Republican against a Democrat, but quickly regained their good will when his hatred for Trump earned him a permanent spot on Trump’s enemies list.

McCain has since passed away. Among his legacies — to include some of the most dreadful, unconstitutional legislation ever passed in the form of  McCain–Feingold — is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer named for him. One assumes the USS John S. McCain’s primary tactical application will be laying down “friendly fire” on other US Navy ships, given that this was John McCain’s most prominent contribution in life.

Democrats adore these Republican quislings for the obvious reason: they make good weapons. Democrats, after all, exist for only two purposes. The first is to subject Americans to as much government control as possible, crushing under the government’s boot the neck of every American who thinks he he or she has a right to self-defense, to the product of his or her own labor, to the free expression of his or her religion, or to free speech in any capacity. The second is to destroy all opposition to the first. Democrats hate nothing so much as dissent, for they believe they are divinely entitled to rule over us. Any deviation from that script indicates something is very, very wrong. That wrongness must be stamped out at all cost.

If the Democrats can amplify their lies about Republicans by propping up useful idiots from among the ranks of nominal former Republicans, they will gladly do so. It is no surprise that Cindy McCain, widow of Senator John McCain, recorded a video for the DNC gushing about the friendship between McCain and Biden. Both men shared a mutual contempt for the Constitution and individual rights, after all. They also shared a mutual hatred for the Republican Party. Many friendships are based on common interests.

I would say it is in poor taste for the Democrats to use a widow in this way, but they are no strangers to trampling the dead in service to their agenda. In any case, McCain would agree if he were still alive, and would doubtless have appeared in person if he could. Given the technical difficulties Democrats had in simply setting up online broadcasts among the living, I think it would unreasonable for them to have Skyped into the lowest levels of Hell to speak with the late Senator McCain.

Then there is Colin Powell, a man who epitomizes the term “neocon.” Neocons are not conservatives; they are not even principled Republicans. They are, instead, a cross-section of establishment ideas. They’re the worst that politics has to offer: Democrats who claim not to be, but only when it is pragmatic and convenient for them to engage in this charade. Powell endorsed Obama when Obama ran for president, so why anyone still considers him a Republican is a mystery to me.

Then there is former Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has been reveling in the attention given him by his own turn at stabbing his party in the back. Kasich ran in 2000, hoping to become the Republican nominee for president. He failed and tried again in 2016 — only to have his rear end handed to him, not by the establishment, but by a loud-mouthed outsider named Donald Trump. He’s never forgotten that. His bitter resentment at being displaced by someone he considers beneath him is the reason for all his hand-wringing about the 2020 election.

We’re told that it’s Kasich’s “conscience” that drove him to the DNC. We’re told that he’s deeply worried about the crossroads at which the party finds itself. We’re treated to florid photo opportunities in which Kasich stands, literally, at a crossroads — overt messaging that screams, “SYMBOLISM YOU  DUMMIES” — and we’re then expected to believe that this decent, principled conservative is so worried about the direction of his party (and so enamored of Joe Biden’s decency and principled political history) that endorsing Biden is his only choice. We’re left to believe that Kasich has struggled mightily with this decision (and therefore we should all be impressed by it).

Except that neither man is any of these things.

Biden is neither decent nor principled; he’s a serial plagiarist suffering from dementia who, before his mind came unmoored, spent most of his life sniffing and grabbing women and children in a display that I can only term as pedophile adjacent. Kasich is not principled, either. He is supposed to be against government spending and against abortion, yet he voted for Obamacare and is now endorsing the most pro-abortion ticket in American history.

The Republican puppets being paraded across the DNC “convention” stream aren’t “decent” Republicans. They’re self-serving RINOs, bitter losers who hate, not what Trump has done, but that Trump has usurped what they believe is their rightful place at the table. Their hostage videos don’t make them look “principled.” They make them look weak and, worse, they make them look false.

Were they lying for years when they claimed to uphold Republican principles, only to forsake the party’s planks in favor of today’s radically left Democrat Party? Or are they lying now, supporting policies they’ve supposedly fought their whole lives, out of some desperate desire to hurt Trump? Neither choice makes these RINOs look good, but then, they never did look good. When it went looking for top-tier traitors to stick knives in Trump’s back, all the DNC got were weakling, bottom-of-the-barrel also-rans — whose trembling hands can barely hold the blades they now wield with such glee.


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