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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was A Bad American

With the abrupt death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg just short of the 2020 elections, the Left has made it clear that they will burn down the country if Trump nominates a new associate justice. The death threats on social media have been fast and furious, as have the viral temper tantrums. If you thought the incoherent screeching, the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the impotent wailing to the heavens was bad in 2016, you ain’t seen nothing yet. But this was predictable. What many people are missing, in focusing on the (allegedly great) life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is that she was a bad American.

I don’t mean that she was a bad person. I mean that, by every measure of what it means to be an American — to align with the ideals of the founding of this republic as established in the United States Constitution — she hated the rights afforded to American citizens. She hated American principles. She hated American liberties. She fought her whole life, not for “equality,” but to shackle all Americans according to the Left’s vision of statist utopia. This makes her a bad American, an American who worked against the ideals of this once great nation for her tenures on the US Court of Appeals and on the Supreme Court.

Her leftist street cred is unassailable. She was director and co-founder of something called the Women’s Rights Project, at a time when it was very fashionable for American women to claim they were oppressed while enjoying the most protections, the fewest obligations, and the highest standard of living in the world. She would go on to become general counsel for the ACLU, an organization that — while it once fought for civil liberties even for marginalized groups — now works exclusively for leftist infringements on the Bill of Rights.

Nominated to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit by the worst president in history, Jimmy Carter, she was then nominated to the Supreme Court by the second-worst president in history, Bill Clinton (whose ranking is a tie for second place with Barack Obama). The fact that these two men, Carter and Clinton, thought Ginsburg should be their standard bearer for Democrat judicial activism should tell you all you need to know about her opinions on the “law.”

From 1993 to her death in 2020, Ginsburg proved to be the most (or second most, depending on what measure you use) “liberal” justice of the Supreme Court. We must be careful with the term “liberal,” which overseas still means something closer to libertarian than it does in American politics. A “liberal” in American politics is generally a leftist, a Democrat who wants to use fascist government control to legislate into being their vision of modern utopia.

The fact that such a utopia is authoritarian, even totalitarian, by definition does not trouble them. Except for making up discrimination that is not occurring, in order to mewl about their victimhood, leftists are unconcerned with individual rights. There is, however, one exception to that rule.

Ginsburg was a staunch defender of the one “right” leftists recognize and for which they advocate: abortion. The “right” to kill your baby in the womb, the “right” to destroy a living child up to the moment of birth (and perhaps beyond) is the holy sacrament of the Left, the litmus test against which they measure all jurisprudence. If you do not support abortion, if your religion might prompt you to think a baby is a human life, if there is even any hint you might be considering a religious belief that coincides with the notion that unborn children are children, you are a monster.

Leftists will dress up like characters from The Handmaid’s Tale and parade around accordingly, LARPing a theocracy that exists only in Muslim nations, all while claiming that it is Christians conspiring to chain them to birthing stations. But this sad devotion to child murder was not Ginsburg’s only sin during her years on the bench — not by a long shot.

Ginsburg made it clear, in various decisions, that she wanted illegal aliens to remain in the United States. She wanted people with mental health problems inflicted on the community at large, rather than institutionalized. She wanted to force employers to pay for abortion procedures as part of those employers’ health plans. She was instrumental in forcing all-male military academies to take female cadets. She legislated gay “marriage” into being from the bench in Obergefell vs. Hodges. At every turn, she was wrong, wrong, wrong when it comes to the law and to the American Constitution.

She wasn’t just wrong all the time; she was reliably wrong. More topically, Ginsburg wanted Al Gore to be able to engage in selective recounts in only those counties favorable to him, during Gore’s attempt to steal the 2000 election in the courts. She even dissented without the usual decorum, making her displeasure clear when the Supreme Court’s majority put an end to Gore’s antics. You can bet that in any Supreme Court decision involving Democrats’ attempts to steal the 2020 election, she would be the best friend Biden and Harris ever had.

Given this, given Ginsburg’s record, given her opinions, and given the judicial activism that now mars the legacy of the Supreme Court, this politicized body has far too much power over Americans’ lives. Ginsburg was instrumental in that tyranny, in that infringement, in that authoritarian rule over the American people by nine unaccountable oligarchs in black robes.

She did not defend civil rights; she infringed on them. She did not interpret the Constitution; she attacked it. She was not a great American; she was a bad judge.


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