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Stop Subordinating Yourself To Those Who Resent You

One of life’s little ironies is that the same people obsessed with the notion of “shaming” — the notion that any criticism of any person for any reason is “shaming” that person and therefore wrong — are themselves so quick to shame others. In social media, in popular culture, in the workplace… if you dare to express any opinion that is not completely in line with the current politically correct orthodoxy, you will be punished. You won’t just lose your job; you won’t just be subject to ridicule and even assault. You will be shamed, and shamed relentlessly, told over and over again what a very, very bad person you are for having a different opinion.

In the eyes of all leftists, dissenting opinion is not just wrong; it’s evil. Dissenters are not merely incorrect; they are bad people. Thus does the Left marginalize all people with whom they disagree. In this marginalization is the sinister justification, the rationale, for any amount of harassment and even assault.

If you have the wrong opinions, in the eyes of a leftist, you are motivated by hate. If you are motivated by hate, you are a hate crime waiting to happen. If it is only a matter of time before you commit a hate crime, assaulting you and ruining your life is merely preemptive self-defense. Thus, anything they do to you, any lie they tell about you, any way in which they malign, impugn, and injure you, is perfectly fine in their eyes.

More insidious than how leftists treat their enemies, however, is how they treat their allies.  There exists in this country a vast swath of well-meaning but emotionally weak human beings who are desperate to be told they are good people. They don’t want to offend anyone; they don’t want to be seen as bad; they will gladly and loudly signal their virtue over and over again, if only the permanently outraged class will affirm them for their good will and good deeds.

These are the people posting black squares on social media in “solidarity.” These are the people kneeling in front of Black Lives Matter activists, begging forgiveness for crimes they didn’t commit against people who aren’t alive. These are the people washing the feet of other races in their desperation to be seen as anything but racist — in what must be the most stomach-churning display of self-loathing I’ve ever seen.

Drew Brees, an NFL quarterback, made the mistake of saying kneeling during the national anthem was disrespectful to the flag and those who have fought for this nation. He was not wrong, but the hue and cry over this monstrous dissenting opinion was so vehement that Brees could not grovel hard or fast enough. He begged, over and over again, to be forgiven for his crime — the crime of believing that this nation is not wholly evil and that its symbols should be venerated based on those who gave their lives in protection of its people. The horror!

There have been many other acts of obeisance made by guilt-ridden Americans across the nation. “We are the problem!”  they cry. “Woe to us! Forgive us the crime of being born this color! Cleanse us of this collective guilt based on the actions of people long dead in abuse of other people long dead!”

Nothing has changed in America in over four centuries, you see. We did not pass civil rights laws that erased absolutely all legal double standards favoring whites over blacks. We did not enact a number of legal systems that do just the opposite in the name of affirmative action. We did not make it legal for all citizens of all colors to vote in the United States. We did not elect a black president, a man who told us again and again how much he hated America — not once, but twice. No, America now is as racist and horrible a place as it has always been, and any lie told in the service of that fable is justified (and worthy of a Pulitzer, in the case of the laughably inaccurate 1619 Project).

The only solution to these ills is, apparently, for one race to hate itself. The only way to solve racism in America is for one race to kneel and beg and wash the feet of another. The only way to achieve justice is to repeatedly injure one race in favor of another. Only when enough people alive today — who share the same skin color as those presumed to have been wholly, thoroughly evil for the entirety of their lives centuries ago — have been made to suffer for things they haven’t done will we truly achieve racial equality in the United States. Only when enough people who have never owned slaves have paid reparations to people who have never been slaves will racial justice truly be achieved.

If you’re disturbed by these acts of self-loathing, by these political histrionics, by this socio-political kabuki theater, you are not alone. The reason you are disturbed is the reason men have stood in defiance for the whole of human history. The man who demands you kneel before him does not want to forgive you; he wants to dominate you. The group that expects you to bow and scrape and beg forgiveness is not here to absolve you; they are here to subordinate you.

The activists who spent the weekend before last burning and stealing are no longer seeking “justice.” They are not fighting “oppression.” They are seeking revenge. They seem most obviously to want payback. They are unmoved by your groveling. They are not sympathetic to your bowed head. Kneel if you want; nobody is stopping you. But understand that you are helping no one — not the outraged mobs, not yourself, not people who happen to look like you — by giving other people authority over you.

Only when you stand up for yourself and demand that everyone be held to the same standard of conduct will anything resembling “equality” be achieved. Until then, you’ll only be humiliating yourself by kneeling before people who sneer at your weakness — and whose opinions about you, and what they think you owe them, will remain unchanged.

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