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The Coming Illegitimate Biden Presidency

The senile infant Joe Biden, fresh from a “campaign” in which his party functionaries stole the election through mathematically impossible vote tallies (in other words, through fraud) wants you to know that he doesn’t care what you think about it. That was never clearer than in the bizarre victory speech Biden gave after the electoral college cast its votes for what Democrats claim is our 46th president. Biden is illegitimate; Biden will always be illegitimate; Biden will not last a full term in office due to his nagging health issues and incipient senility. The result will be that the cackling whore, Kamala Harris, will seize the Oval Office, completing the cycle of illegitimacy that has been this election.

But I digress. While Biden was up there coughing and spewing and trying to manage coherent sentences, he taunted his detractors and made it clear that he considered his illegitimate victory to be a landslide mandate.  This speech was nothing more than a senile old man pointing and laughing at the people his subordinates successfully defrauded (for at no time do I believe Biden had much of a hand in those maneuvers — he simply isn’t cogent enough to do so). But the speech takes on a new light when you consider the audio leaks of Biden prattling on about Democrat strategy.

An audio clip is floating around of Biden whining that the dastardly Republicans “beat the hell out of” the Democrats with the “defund the police” mantra. Like so many Democrats, he views the truth as a dirty trick. To insult a Republican, you lie about him; to insult a Democrat, you quote him accurately. For most of 2020 the Democrats have staked out defunding the police and happily participating in mob violence as part of their platform. They want to reduce our streets to lawless anarchy, freeing violent criminals without bail and giving arsonists and looters “room to destroy.” We know this, not because we’re saying mean things about them, but because they’ve told us this is what they want.

Over and over again, Democrats have said that police are racist animals who wake up each day hoping to murder anyone who isn’t white. Democrats have engaged, in fact, in a kind of race fetishism, in which white people are always evil and black people are so special that we must capitalize “Black” but never “white” when describing race. When called on the destructive results of giving violent criminals free rein to riot, however, Democrats then began whining that when they demanded taking all the money away from police, they didn’t actually mean it.

Biden (or, more accurately, Biden’s handlers) would have you believe that this grinning imbecile has identified a Republican dirty trick. Why, Democrats only said over and over again that they wanted to defund the police; they weren’t actually serious, so it was dirty pool to use that as a campaign issue. I might point out that when cities are burning down around your ears and white people are being dragged into the street and beaten near to death for the crime of being white, the “optics” of your demands to gut police forces is not your only problem.

Over the Christmas holidays, two different area malls where I live were shut down because of “large fights” involving “large groups” of “teens.” These are all code words for urban mob violence — violence explicitly encouraged and even fomented by Democrat defund-the-police policies. Democrats told us they were going to do this, then they did it, and now we’re seeing more and more mob incidents as a result. This is representative of the illegitimate Biden-Harris presidency as a whole.

For weeks, Democrats told us they intended to steal the election. They warned us that it would appear that Trump had won before magically found votes changed the outcome. They explained to us that they were going to use widespread mail-in ballots, knowing the danger of fraud existed. They brazenly carried out their fraud in full view of video cameras while ejecting Republican poll watchers from the count and even covering windows to prevent outside observers from witnessing their perfidy. They as much as told us that they were going to take the election from Trump no matter what happened.

This is perfectly representative of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. These are people who repeatedly lie to our faces, grinning and guffawing as they do so. Their lives are obvious. We know they’re telling tall tales even as the lies leave their mouths. Whether it’s Biden’s ridiculous stories about his chain-and-switchblade duels with Corn Pop, or Kamala Harris claiming to celebrate Kwanzaa years before the “holiday” became popular, their fabrications are transparent. They lie so much and so casually about unimportant things that we don’t notice when they tell the truth.

They do, however, tell the truth when it matters. They tell the truth when they reveal to us their plans to steal our country and subvert our Constitution. They’ve been quite explicit on these points, announcing their soon-to-be infringements on the First and Second Amendments. Those are just the start; there will be more unconstitutional laws on the way. But we must never forget that when they tell us the evils they intend to do, we should believe them. Their hatred for the Constitution is the one thing they’re always honest about…  and these are warnings, from their own mouths, that we should heed.

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