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The Democrat Police State’s Scapegoats

Democrats have a long history of imagining, exaggerating, and misidentifying threats to the country in order to smear those people they consider their enemies. Back in the 1990s, this was the “militia” threat, the idea that some great threat to law and order was represented by a handful of people  carrying SKS rifles and running around Michigan in camouflage outfits. All we heard about, back then, was how dangerous these “militias” were — and thus, we needed to enact more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

By definition, people who violate firearms laws do not abide by gun control restrictions. Make all guns illegal and there will be a brisk trade in illegal firearms, either imported (there was an incident some time ago in which full-automatic AK-47 rifles were being smuggled into California) or stolen. When civilians no longer have firearms that criminals can steal, they will target the one group who is always armed and which can be outnumbered and overpowered: the police. If you’d like to draw a target on the back of every police officer in America, by all means, ban all guns. You’ll create a black market characterized by violence and brutality that puts Prohibition to shame.

But I digress. The reality of the “militia threat” in the 1990s was that there wasn’t one. Yes, there were a few nuts out there, some of whom managed to run afoul of the law. Yes, the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred. But you may have noticed that since OKC there have been no high-profile acts of domestic terrorism in the United States, at least not as perpetrated by stereotypical rednecks who spew anti-gub’mint rehtoric. There have been acts of domestic terrorism perpetrated by Muslims, but we aren’t supposed to notice that.

Our own government, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, has gone out of its way to focus on “white supremacists” and “militias,” proclaiming them the greatest threat to our security. Not only is this completely false — it’s a political calculation, not one based on actual violence taking place in the United States — but it was always false. Our government has always pushed the minimal threat of “militia’ and “patriot” groups as a way to smear and vilify right-wingers, whom the leftists in our government want to marginalize.

We’ve seen this same philosophy play out in the last few weeks as the Democrats seek to eliminate any challenges to their one-party state. Eager for vengeance, they have cast aside any pretense of representing “the people.” All that is left is their naked ambition, their unbridled lust for total control. That total control will include censoring and making illegal all dissent, while expelling from our government any opposition voices. These are not conspiracy theories. The Democrats have said as much, in explicitly those terms. They love the fact that they have their boot firmly on the neck of the American people… and they do not intend ever to let up.

A famous talk show host is fond of saying that when Democrats are in charge, stupid things happen. This is very true. Biden’s cabinet picks are shaping up to be a Star Wars cantina of freaks, weirdos, and mentally ill lunatics, with a healthy salting of socialists and racists. Nothing good will come of having these people in positions of power. When Biden steps down for health reasons, as his dementia becomes too great for the press and his own staff to hide, Kamala Harris will bring  worse decisions to the Oval Office.

What will remain consistent from Biden to Harris, however, will be the Democrats’ insistence that just being a Republican should be illegal. This is why they’ve tried so hard to conflate all Trump supporters with the small group who stormed the Capitol. This is also why law enforcement has worked so hard to punish every single person who entered the Capitol, while this summer’s Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were almost always released en masse without consequences.

Even Antifa thugs who assaulted other human beings, including the infamous “bike lock professor,” saw only minimal punishment for their attacks. The same cannot be said for anyone who wants to attend a MAGA rally, a freedom of assembly that Democrats wish to make illegal by branding it “domestic terrorism.”

When one side wants to make the other side’s opinions illegal, we no longer occupy a free society, a republic, or even a democracy. When one side manufactures threats and scapegoats in order to demonize their opposition, we are living in George Orwell’s 1984.  When Democrats wield unfettered, unchecked, total control over our government and ignore the Constitution, we are no longer America.

As Joe Biden’s militaristic inauguration demonstrated, this is now a police state. We are not united; we are divided. All citizens are not equal; Democrats are more equal than others. We are not the land of the free and the home of the brave; we are North Korea with better Internet.

You should, in other words, be very worried about what Democrats do next.

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