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The Farce Of Democrat “Science”

Mayor Beatlejuice of Chicago — the shrunken head and sunken eyes that together form the shambling, cringe-inducing, incompetent pile of garbage in the shape of Lori Lightfoot — is no stranger to owning herself. By this I mean that she regularly does things that are so awful, so cringe-worthy, so shudderingly horrifying that she humiliates herself on a national stage. At the same time, she is so utterly devoid of self-awareness that she has no idea how badly she is beclowning herself.

This is a woman who once appeared, in costume in a cape and mask emblazoned with the term “Rona Destroyer,” to give a press conference. This same imbecile previously defended the fact that, yes, she got her hair done despite her own dictate closing hair salons and forbidding hair appointments in Chicago, because she is, well, important. (Yes, that was really her defense. It is perhaps one of life’s little ironies that no amount of hair styling could make her look like anything but Michael Keaton’s Beatlejuice.)

Recently, Lightfoot released an entire video devoted to “science.” Democrats love to hail “science” in a kind of adoringly abstract way. Because they are godless communists, “science” is as close to a deity as they get. Even the Democrats who pay lip service to their “faith” haven’t the faintest idea what they’re talking about.

Bug-eyed Nancy Pelosi (who is also a hypocrite who got her hair done, while not wearing a mask, at a salon that was supposed to be closed by Democrat order) loves to pretend to be a Catholic. So does Joe Biden. The problem is that both Pelosi and Biden should be excommunicated over their support of abortion. Regardless of what the current communist Pope says about anything, Catholics cannot support abortion. It violates a fundamental tenet of their faith.

Democrats’ adoration for their interpretation of “science” goes far beyond the mere absence of genuine spirituality, however. They hold up the word, science, as if it explains away their contradictory belief system, never once understanding that what they believe isn’t science the vast majority of the time.

Science, after all, is not a belief system. It’s simply a method of inquiry, a means of determining what is. In their fundamental misunderstanding of this, Democrats simply bark, “Science! Science! Science!” whenever they’re trying to defame the people who disagree with them.

The only true adherents to scientific method, the only people who actually believe in facts, are those who believe in objective reality. If you don’t believe facts can be true objectively, if you don’t believe reality is knowable, you’ve foregone science in favor of some belief system that has no link to the scientific method. Because they’ve done this, because Democrats don’t actually understand reality or its nature, they have engaged in a series of increasingly self-destructive political campaigns that  do nothing but harm American and Americans.

This is why Democrats can advocate for socialism while ignoring the millions of bodies piled atop each other by socialism’s historical exponents. This is why Democrats can advocate for gun bans while ignoring the victims whom “gun control” creates. This is why Democrats can advocate for abortion to the point of birth and beyond, while ignoring that what they’re doing is killing babies. 

These contradictions are possible specifically because Democrats ignore reality. They don’t love, adore, or revere science. They hate science. What they love is a bizarre interpretation of “science” in which the term has come to mean whatever is convenient in the moment.

People who believe you can magically become a woman when you were born with male genitals do not believe in science. People who believe sex is gender and gender is “on a spectrum” do not believe in science. People who believe that every Trump rally is a “super-spreader” event but every BLM riot actually prevents the spread of coronavirus do not believe in science. People who believe it’s okay, in a time of pandemic, to gather in the thousands and drink from shared champagne bottles — to celebrate Joe Biden’s theft of the presidency — do not believe in science.

In fact, it is this last, even more so than their denial of biological reality with respect to “gender,” that has exposed Democrats’ hatred of science. When they excused the first mass BLM protest, when Tony Fauci refused to condemn mass political gatherings of Democrats, when they gathered to celebrate Biden’s stolen “victory,” that was the moment progressives told us they were lying. The second the Democrats started making excuses to violate their own pandemic protocols, we should have known their devotion to “science” was a farce.

Their hypocrisy would be merely amusing if they did not also hold power over us. Their double standards would be merely irritating if they were not hurting Americans in their abuse of that power. Given that we now know where they really stand, it’s time to start ignoring Democrats’ bleating. The more loudly they chant, the less we should believe them. Their cries of “Science! Science! Science!” should be met with disbelief and derision — and we should never again trust anything they have to say on the subject.

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