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The Press is Libeling Trump with Anonymous Sources

The dirty tricks are coming out as we get ever closer to the most important presidential election in American history. Previously, the Democrats attempted to Dr. Who our president. By this I mean they pulled the same stunt that David Tennant’s doctor did when he wanted to destroy a politician.

“Don’t you think she looks tired?” the Doctor asked before witnesses. Before long, the press were running unfounded rumors of the politician suffering from fatigue and unnamed medical problems. Because Democrats are liars who always project, they tried to claim that Trump’s health is “compromised.” Never you mind that the indefatigable Trump will take questions for hours, basking in the attention despite the sneering contempt the press shows for him. Joe Biden, meanwhile, can’t tell the difference between his scripted dialogue and the headings in the teleprompter — but sure, it’s Trump whose health is declining.

Most recently, the press has turned to “anonymous sources” to libel Trump by smearing him as contemptuous of veterans. No reasonable human being feels this way, of course. Trump is one of our more genuine presidents in that he is neither a trained politician nor a gifted liar. He is utterly transparent, often saying what he is thinking to his own detriment. If he had contempt for wounded soldiers generally, if he really thought they were “losers,” we’d know it. Meanwhile, Trump runs and grabs a Marine’s hat when it flies off, without even thinking, because he’s basically a decent human being when it comes to members of our military.

Liberal rag The Atlantic has published a story claiming that Trump believes American war dead are “losers” and “suckers.” He didn’t want to visit Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, claims editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg, because Trump thought the rain would mess up his hair. Why, Trump was so stupid that he didn’t know who the “good guys” were in 1918.

If it sounds absurd, that’s because it is. It reads like every other Democrat “hate hoax” involving a Trump supporter in a MAGA hat, graffiti scrawled on a car or a building, an angry note left on a dine-in check, and every other imagined and manufactured smear against the Right. This reads like what a Democrat only thinks Trump and Trump supporters believe and say… because Democrats neither associate with, nor credit with basic humanity, anyone who disagrees with them politically.

“To think that I would make statements negative to our military and our fallen heroes, when nobody’s done what I’ve done,” Trump said, flatly denying the allegations. “It is a disgraceful situation by a magazine that’s a terrible magazine — I don’t read it.”

We’re supposed to believe that the Democrat party, a party that sees our military as the problem, a party that hates our soldiers and whose presidential candidate, John Kerry, called them all torturers and baby killers, is somehow better for the military. We’re supposed to believe a party that considers American military superiority a threat to world peace, and which does not believe in American exceptionalism, has just so much respect for the same soldiers whose missions they have repeatedly derided. Yet Trump, who has advocated for American superiority globally, is supposed to be the bad guy where our troops are concerned?

It’s worth noting that Jeffrey Goldberg hates Trump. He’s always hated Trump. It’s hard enough to trust the unsourced word of any left-wing “journalist” these days. How we’re supposed to trust a man we know doesn’t like the subject of his article, who uses anonymous sources to smear the president under circumstances that would be legally actionable if Trump were not president, is anybody’s guess.

I’ll say it again: It doesn’t sound plausible because it isn’t plausible.

“But,” you may object, “Trump said horrible things about John McCain, and called him a loser for being a prisoner of war.” Yes. Yes, he did. And that is what Trump does: When you attack him, he attacks you harder, and he goes straight for the things that he believes will hurt you most. Let’s not forget that he attacked Ted Cruz, too, going so far as to insult the man’s wife. But Trump does not go after people unprovoked. His vicious return fire is almost always that — a response.

This is, at best, an ugly character trait — and at worst, extremely off-putting to some voters. But it is what makes Trump so persistent, so tenacious, and so tireless. He is, where the media game is concerned, not a politician. Instead, he is a street fighter, willing to trade ugly blow for ugly blow until someone falls.

Axios tried to characterize Goldberg’s article as “damaging,” but it isn’t. At least, it isn’t damaging to any of the people who were inclined to support Trump in the first place.

The Altantic’s attempt to defame Trump serves merely to cement, in the minds of people who despise Trump and who have spent their every waking moment triggered and outraged since the 2016 election, that the orange man is a bad orange man who is bad. It isn’t factual, it isn’t credible, and it isn’t even reasonably plausible. It’s just another lie — more nails in the coffins of news media whom Trump has repeatedly exposed as “fake.”

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  1. And the libel isn’t even in character for Trump. Please, at least find some more tall busty blondes to claim he diddled and was then blackmailed by for hush money. Oh wait, nobody cares about that….

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