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The Puppet Presidency of Joe Biden Begins

From behind razor-wire topped barricades, “President” Joe Biden squinted from his podium today at a landscape barren of supporters but replete with thousands of armed troops. You could ask for no better manifestation of the North Korean-style Biden-Harris regime that is to come. As Biden’s supporters demand the resignation of all political opposition and the press reaches new levels of fawning adoration for Dear Leader Biden, the rest of us must watch in despair as what is left of our country is seized by power-made authoritarians.

For four years, they called Trump a dictator, a fascist, a power-mad puppet of foreign regimes. Now a real dictator, a real fascist, a real puppet of Communist China — a man who has many times praised the rise of the brutal dictatorship in China as good for the world — is, at least in name, the President of the United States. No doubt at the moment of his inauguration, Kamala Harris slapped a hand on the chess clock that counts down the moments until Biden resigns. It’s only a matter of time, after all, before Biden’s credulous admirers in the press can no longer hide his incipient dementia from the public.

The absurdity of calling this a “free and fair” election is setting in now. While Biden’s supporters and even a number of establishment “conservatives” have been bleating that there is no “proof” of voter fraud, John R. Lott said it best:

Courts have frequently rejected Republican challenges to the 2020 presidential vote because they want evidence that a case involves enough fraud to alter the vote’s outcome in a particular state. Republicans argue that since their observers couldn’t watch the vote count, they can’t provide that evidence and have asked for discovery. Still, while the courts have agreed that irregularities have occurred, they weren’t willing to grant discovery unless Republicans first present enough evidence of fraud to overturn the election. Republicans thus faced a kind of Catch 22.

In other words, our court system demands that Republicans prove voter fraud occurred before they can obtain the discovery that would provide them with hard evidence that voter fraud occurred. But even if we ignore the widespread allegations of “irregularities” in the count, even if we ignore the mathematically impossible jumps in vote counts that were almost entirely for Biden and devoid of statistically appropriate opposition, even if look the other way at Democrats covering windows and throwing out Republican poll watchers and counting votes in secret in the dead of night, the numbers still don’t add up.

We are asked to believe that the cadaverous Joe Biden and that cackling whore Kamala Harris got more votes than any president in history. We are asked to believe that this senile infant and that malevolent, pathologically lying harpy chose to campaign, when they bothered to campaign at all, to handfuls of people, while the man whose rallies commanded throngs of admirers simply could not muster the votes to beat them. We are asked to believe that even though every Big Tech oligarch has worked overtime to censor any breath of doubt over Biden’s election, why, he totally won fair and square and with no doubt as to the outcome.

Even if we stipulate that there was no voter fraud, we must also ignore the weeks of censorship conducted by media and Big Tech to shield Biden from criticism. Not only did the press steadfastly refuse to ask Biden a substantive question, but at every presidential debate he was protected by the moderators — who became active participants on his behalf. No story critical of Biden or his family was allowed to be shared on social media; no news network would touch any hint of Biden’s corruption; no conservative who tried to get the word out was allowed to keep his or her social media platform.

The oligarchs went so far as to collude to destroy the only viable alternative to their dominance of social media, conspiring to deny Parler public accommodation and prevent President Trump from having a voice there. The CEO of Parler explained that his website was shut down by Amazon, Apple, and Google after he let Amazon know that he needed to scale up his servers to accommodate increased demand.

Trump was going to join Parler and this meant greater traffic — traffic that had to be stopped. This is not the free market; this is not competition; this is racketeering, plain and simple, in violation of the First Amendment and in flagrant opposition to the spirit of the Constitution.

I’m told that 1984 has hit the Amazon bestseller list again, as millions of Americans contemplate living in a dictatorship with Biden as its temporary figurehead. The real rulers, the real Big Brother, is and are the management of Big Tech and their countless progressive fellow travelers.

Only one side is pushing for censorship; only one side wants to make political dissent illegal; only one side hates the Bill of Rights and seeks regulations that would violate every part of it. That side is the Democrats, the side of authoritarian domination, the side that has seized through perfidy and deceit complete control of the United States Government.

Good luck, to all of us. We’re going to need it to get through the next two or more years.

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  1. Eventually we’ll go full French Revolution and have an American version of The Terror. It would be good theater to use guillotines, but I don’t think we will.

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