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Never Forget That “All Buildings Matter” Is DUMB

The 19th anniversary of September 11, 2001 was a stark reminder that a lot of Americans have, indeed “forgotten.” On a series of social media posts about 9/11, which included the usual “never forget” slogans, I was appalled to see just how many people posted disrespectful garbage.

The worst terrorist attack ever to occur on American soil happened long enough ago, now, that an entire generation of young people are now aware of politics — but with absolutely no memory of September 11th. Popular culture has given them nothing but snide remarks, glib “truther” retorts, and one of the most viciously illogical attempts to falsely equate two political ideologies. I’m talking about the slogan, and hashtag, “All Buildings Matter.”

If you don’t regularly dip your head in the bucket of excrement that is left-wing dominated social media, you might have no idea what I’m talking about. In fact, I applaud you if you don’t. Anyone who doesn’t bother to inflict the dumpster fire that is Twitter on their day-to-day outlook is doing themselves a favor.

Facebook is little better. There is no freedom of speech on Facebook, but the “fact checking” on that platform is its most offensive feature. Any opinion with which good little Democrats don’t agree is labeled, falsely, with a “fact check” claiming it should not be trusted — even if the post is a matter of subjective opinion, and sometimes in direct contradiction to actual facts.

If you do subject yourself to these platforms, you may have seen the “All Buildings Matter” phrase trending on and after September 11th, 2020. Here’s the point the people saying that think they’re making: America is a horribly racist place where most people don’t think that “black lives matter.” Therefore, they started using the slogan “Black Lives Matter,” after which an organization sprang up around that slogan.

A bunch of white supremacist racists didn’t like that very much, they tell us, so the racists started using the phrase “All Lives Matter.” This is stupid, say Democrats — just as stupid as saying, for example, that “all buildings matter” when what we’re commemorating is the destruction of the Twin Towers.

If you have no grasp of logic, that makes a certain kind of sense, I guess. In reality, it is a false moral equivalency — spurious logic whose conclusions cannot be supported by these dubious premises. Those are fancy words for saying that the people screaming “all buildings matter” don’t understand the point they believe they’re making. In the process, they’re making fools of themselves.

Yes, it would be ridiculous to say that we should memorialize all buildings when what we’re trying to commemorate is the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Where the “logic” fails is that it was not all buildings that were under attack — and nobody contends they were. Where the “logic” completely collapses is that if terrorists were to attack other buildings — or “all” buildings, even though that’s not physically possible — we would be just as upset about it and we would speak out about it.

The people screaming “Black Lives Matter” at you, the people mobbing motorists and forcing them to raise the Black Power fist while chanting this slogan, are really making an accusation. They’re demanding that you acknowledge that “black lives matter” because they are accusing you of not believing it. They are accusing you of racism. They are accusing you of indifference to the loss of black lives — and only by affirming them through their mantra can you “prove” otherwise.

The slogan “All Lives Matter” was created, not in opposition to the notion that black lives have worth, but to counter the accusation of racism. When you scream at someone that they must say, “Black Lives Matter,” you’re telling them that you think they don’t believe it. 

Those of us who prefer the slogan All Lives Matter, those of us who use that slogan proudly in opposition to the braying mobs of race rioters rampaging through society this last half year, are saying that the worth of a life has nothing to do with race. As BLM points its collective finger, we are rejecting the premise. We are refusing to accept the accusation.

A lot of people saying “All Buildings Matter” thought themselves very clever, I’m sure. They weren’t. There simply is no comparison between the two concepts. Saying that you believe all lives do matter is not saying that the black lives taken through violence don’t. It is saying that you reject the implied or explicit accusations contained within BLM’s talking points. It is saying that you refuse to be held accountable for sins you have not committed — and you refuse to be defamed for the color of your skin.

I drove a series of suburban neighborhoods recently, looking for lawn signs. I saw several houses with Black Lives Matter signs or banners. These were not black households; they were the homes of white virtue signalers. While I’m very happy for them — and I’m sure that, yes, they do indeed believe that black lives do matter — I’m sad that they’ve accepted the premise. I pity them for embracing the unjust accusation of racism. I shake my head to think they’ve acknowledged their imagined guilt and are now begging to be forgiven for it.

All buildings matter — insofar as leftists should not be allowed to burn them down. All lives matter — insofar as leftists should not be allowed to murder people who disagree with them. And yes, black lives do matter — but no more or less than those of any other race. The shrill insistence by members of BLM, their loud assertions that most Americans don’t believe their slogan, tells you more about them than it ever will about the people they accuse.

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