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The Violence of Joe Biden Supporters

It is easy to forget that Joe Biden is the presumptive Democrat nominee for the 2020 presidential election. That is not a joke; I am not making a crack at the fact that Biden is in hiding. Yes, he is in hiding, and yes, the likely reason for this is that a man who was already a walking, smiling, sniffing gaffe machine now makes worse flubs every time he speaks on camera. Biden’s cognitive decline is obvious in comparing him now to clips from as recently as a year ago. It makes sense that his handlers want him to lie low. The result of his hiding, however, is that we often forget him.

Barring some unforeseen and drastic action,  Biden will be the president-elect in November. I say this because, as I’ve previously written, no human being could withstand the 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week assault in every single venue of popular media and entertainment that has assailed President Trump since 2016. Condemned daily by liars in the media, stabbed in the back repeatedly by members of his own party who resent his presence, and enduring ceaseless, baseless political assaults by the Democrats (to include their plans for widespread vote fraud in November), Trump cannot win.

Let us take as granted, then, a Biden win in November. If it does not happen, we will all be pleasantly surprised. When it does, though, we must contend with something far worse in the weeks that follow. We must contend with Biden’s supporters.

Every person currently demonstrating against President Trump is not merely protesting Trump or Republicans. He or she is a Biden supporter by default and by definition. The thousands of Biden supporters currently marching in the streets, burning stores, attacking and beating innocent people, murdering police, and blinding federal officers with high-powered lasers, may not realize they are Biden supporters. Every attack on Trump and Trump’s policies (“fascist” policies that include the insistence that federal property not be burned down) is, however, a vote of support for Biden. If you are against Trump, you are for Biden… and it doesn’t matter if you disagree.

It doesn’t matter because the reality of the 2020 election is that either Trump or Biden will win. There are no other choices. There is no viable third party. The libertarians have put up some woman who claims to support gun rights, but who doomed her chances the moment she endorsed Black Lives Matter. There are the usual also-rans, a group that typically includes open communists and environmental nuts among a few other fringe parties… but we all know none of them is going to win.

Theoretically, any third-party candidate can win if only enough people agree to vote for him or her. You and I both know that’s not going to happen. It hasn’t, it isn’t, and it won’t. Your realistic choices are Trump or Biden. Period.

Despite the chaos that has characterized the Trump administration, and despite the mistakes Trump has made specifically because he is not an experienced politician, I have been quite pleased with his policies overall. The prevailing fear, when Trump ran originally, was that he would be another milquetoast RINO, essentially a moderate Democrat whose leadership would make little difference in the wake of eight disastrous years of Barack Obama. Trump surprised everyone by governing as the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He’s been far from perfect, but he’s been a lot better than I had any reasonable hope he might be.

Even if you hate Trump, however, the choice before you in November is between Trump — and his often muddy, confused declarations, coupled with policies that have generally benefited America — and Biden, who hates this country. Biden didn’t always hate America, mind you; I don’t actually believe he does so now. The problem is that Biden, deep in the throes of cognitive decline, doesn’t really believe anything. He sputters garbled talking points given to him by staffers who are much farther to the Left than he was for most of his life. Once elected, he will be a pawn, a puppet, who’ll probably step down for health reasons and leave his Vice President in charge. The people behind Biden hate America, which is why he will hurt us if he wins.

All those who hate Trump, who are even now in the streets demonstrating against Trump, and who have threatened continued violence until Trump is removed from office, can only be characterized as Biden supporters. Given the election, you cannot argue against Trump without arguing for Biden. The thousands on thousands of overgrown children right now having temper tantrums because they lost the 2016 election are not merely Trump critics; they are Biden exponents. It doesn’t matter if they’d specify some other politician’s name when asked who they prefer. Their actions will only benefit Biden, just as the current chaos on America’s streets only supports the Democrat nominee.

We don’t need to ask why so many Biden supporters, then, are violent. Democrats in general are violent. They love to use force to get what they want, and we now see that if they can’t make activist courts use the law to compel obedience, they’ll gladly take to the streets to burn and beat and shoot and blind. What we need to understand is that anyone who is fighting against Trump is, directly or indirectly, fighting for Biden. That means you either support for and vote for Trump, or you support widespread violence, arson, looting, and lawlessness.

The choices may seem unfair. You may object to the classification. That doesn’t matter. This is the reality of the choice before you. It is a difficult reality, but it should be an easy decision.

1 thought on “The Violence of Joe Biden Supporters”

  1. I’d been trying to fit Biden’s symptoms into what I’ve seen for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Dementia, and while he’s obviously losing his marbles, they didn’t fit into either disease well. It was my brother that pointed out that 50 years of drinking his calories made Biden a perfect fit for “wet brain”; right down the the vampire movie extra appearance of his skin being shrink-wrapped onto his skull.

    As much as people made fun of GW Bush for seeming a bit slow after a couple decades of booze and coke before he dried out, Biden shows all the symptoms of a lifetime of 3-martini lunches.

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