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There’s No Limit To Democrat Hypocrisy

It’s been said so many times that it’s almost trite: If it weren’t for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all. There has never been a truer statement where modern-day politics are concerned, however. As I’ve said many times, laws are for little people and Republicans. They never apply to Democrats, who are allowed to do as they please, whatever and whenever this may be.

Case in point: That senile infant Joe Biden signed a mask mandate requiring masks to be worn at all times on federal land. While Biden’s handlers probably weep that he cannot issue a similar mandate across the entire United States — though why this being unconstitutional should stop them is a mystery to me, given how little they care about the Constitution — this does seem to be within his purview. Biden immediately celebrated his manufactured “victory” while he and his family did not wear masks on federal land.

Asked about this hypocrisy — and specifically, the fact that Biden has made mouth-noises about leading by example — his hapless, incompetent press secretary stammered that he was “celebrating.” There were more important things to discuss, she muttered, her discomfort and lack of preparedness obvious. The press spent a year shielding Biden with their bodies, protecting him from any question harder than queries about his favorite flavor of ice cream. For Biden’s mouthpiece now to be assailed with real questions was, I’m certain, cause for much consternation behind the scenes. It wouldn’t surprise me if that reporter meets with certain repercussions.

Grandstanding idiots like Jim Acosta could go so far as to lay hands on White House interns, but when Acosta’s access to the White House was revoked due to his incessant, unprofessional histrionics, that was somehow cause for international alarm. Now, the press have returned to the docile sheep they always are when Democrats are in power. Gone are the constant, hostile attacks on  the president, to be replaced by the fawning, boot-licking adoration that characterized the Obama administration.

The double standard in the press is only the most obvious on your device screens at this moment. There are many other double standards — from the fact that Democrat politicians and activists are allowed to make as many explicit threats against Republicans as they want (while Trump and his supporters are smeared as “domestic terrorists” for the January 6th riot at the Capitol) to the fact that a series of Biden’s condemnations of Trump policies have not aged well. Biden (or whichever intern runs his Twitter account) was fond of smearing Trump as a racist, a xenophobe, and an all-around bad orange man for every policy decision Trump made… but now, Biden has adopted many of the same, including the supposedly “racist” travel ban.

Much has been made of the destruction Biden wrought as his puppeteers waved their arms and caused him to sign a variety of executive orders in his first few days in office. He destroyed thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in income by revoking the Keystone XL pipeline permit. He also destroyed America’s tenuous grip on energy independence. He erased women and destroyed girls’ sports with his transgender edict. He opened the United States’ feeble power grid to Chinese meddling. The list goes on. None of it is good. But Biden’s disastrous policies were to be expected because the man has been consistently wrong on every domestic and foreign policy decision for his five-decade career.

No, what is much more worrying than Biden’s disastrous policies — or, more accurately, the wretched decisions made by the team pulling Biden’s strings — is how quickly we slipped back into the Democrat double standard. You could see the relief on the faces of countless Democrat operatives, celebrities, talk show hosts, and other fellow travelers. The admitted and repeated liar, Anthony Fauci, wasted no time crowing about how great it felt to be free of Trump (and of course we jumped right back into bed with the Communist Chinese dupes at the WHO). The war machine cranked up to keep pace with what will be rising gas prices; Trump’s era of “no new wars” is over. Even useful idiots like Stephen Colbert talked about how much they cried in relief that the Bad Orange Man had been vanquished.

As the Senate prepares for the absurd, unconstitutional spectacle that is an impeachment trial for a president who has already left office, you could ask for no better example of the Democrat double standard. Trump has been impeached twice for things he has not done: power-brokering in Ukraine and agitating for violence against his political opponents. Biden and his supporters, meanwhile, have done exactly these things, but will suffer absolutely no consequences for them. In modern America, being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry… and it means that you will always be free of the pesky laws and regulations that hold everyone else to a stricter standard.

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