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Trump vs. Biden Town Halls: One “Man” Is Unfit

The dueling town halls on broadcast television last week tell us everything we need to know about the coming presidential election. On the one hand, you had the bellicose Trump, seemingly undisturbed as he walked into the lion’s den. On the other, you had Joe Biden, who is as sheltered as a newborn baby in the arms of the complicit media. Both men — and in Biden’s case, I use the term a little loosely — believe they have the energy, the drive, the stamina, and the mental fortitude to do the most difficult, most stressful job in the entire world.

Only one of them can.

We knew the media would throw softballs at Biden. They’ve been doing so since her first launched his campaign on the naked lie that Trump is a white supremacist. We’ve watched as Biden has repeatedly called “lids” on his campaign in the mid-mornings. Sorry, “free” press; you can’t interview Sleepy Uncle Joe today. You’d like Joe to tell you his plans for packing the Supreme Court? Guess that’s another lid. What’s that? Uncle Joe’s worthless son has been caught in a horrifying drugs-and-corruption scandal? Sorry. Lid.

The town hall came amid the flurry of Hunter Biden’s latest scandal. Hunter has long been a embarrassment to the Bidens as a family. He’s the black sheep, the one repeatedly linked to various troublesome behavior (not to mention allegations of financial corruption). Photos of your grown son passed out from an apparent drug binge are not something any candidate wants to see. Did the press… well, press Biden on this matter? Of course not.

On the contrary; social media went out of its way to shield Biden’s campaign from the bad public relations. Twitter and Facebook deliberately interfered with the election by censoring links to the news story. The fact that social media can suspend a presidential campaign three weeks from an election should terrify you.

Remember, these aren’t just “private property.” The courts have ruled that Trump is not allowed to block people on Twitter because his account provides a vital public service. You should find the speed with which Big Tech can close ranks to protect its candidate, Biden, utterly chilling.

But I said that this was a tale of two town halls, not just the media’s coddling of Joe Biden. By definition, a town hall is not a debate. It’s meant to be more of a platform for the candidate to get out his or her own message — all while fielding questions from constituents. We know this is true, in fact, because before Trump’s town hall aired, CNN’s Don Lemon railed against the network for falling prey to Trump’s manipulations.

Why, they were capitulating to Trump’s demands by allowing him to come on air and answer voter’s questions. How dare a major news network give the President of the United States actual air time to tell voters what he thinks about political matters? Lemon’s temper tantrum — one among many outbursts through which the CNN host has thoroughly beclowned himself —  reveals how desperate the libs, the Democrats, are to silence all dissent.

Under no circumstances must a Republican ever be allowed to utter his opinion, according to Democrats. In no way, shape, or form should a Democrat (or anyone else) be forced to overhear, even by accident, a dissenting notion on any topic. Given the power the Democrats have given the Supreme Court — transforming it into an oligarchy of judicial activism, a kind of “super-legislature” that can command the libs’ beliefs into law — it should worry you that Democrats want to pack the court with more leftist judges.

Once they do, any pretense to freedom of speech — or any other protection of the Bill of Rights — will be discarded. This is the world in which Democrats wish to live, a world in which you have no rights except the “rights” to murder your baby and magically change your sex. This is why the press’ coddling of Biden is such an insult to the intelligence of ever voter who shows up at the polls in November. Presidential candidates should be made to answer tough questions.

Trump, meanwhile, wasn’t really sitting at a town hall. He was engaged in a running argument, a metaphorical gun battle with the “moderator.” She existed merely to press Trump on absurd issues, her shrill voice and rushed cadence betraying her desire to get Trump, to trap him, to trick him. She was agitated the entire time she was badgering and interrupting the president… and Trump absolutely did not care.

Why President Trump repeatedly subjects himself to interrogations by his enemies is anyone’s guess. He seems to enjoy the attention. Perhaps he also has faith in his ability to get his point across — if not to the querent, then at least to the audience. What we do know, though, is that Trump is at least willing to subject himself to questions. He’s willing to give answers. He knows he’s being attacked and he’s willing to go forward, towards the danger, anyway.

We can’t say the same of Biden. Biden has been hiding in his basement for most of the campaign. Even when he’s not hiding, he’s being shielded by his handmaidens in the press. There is absolutely no comparison between Biden, the infant, and Trump, the man. Only one of these two is fit to be President of the United States… and the stark contrast between their town halls makes this abundantly clear.

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