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“Viral” Lib Harpy Shows How Much Dems Hate Freedom

Yet another viral video of yet another progressive, “liberal” Democrat woman has exposed yet again just how much Democrats hate self-government. You see, Democrats love to talk about “democracy” as long as what they’re talking about is you voting in agreement with them. The second your vote is different, then we are “losing our democracy.” If a Democrat holds power, all is as it should be. If a Republican holds power, he is a fascist who threatens the very fabric of our society while subverting the Constitution (because he happens to disagree with Democrats).

Understand that there doesn’t actually have to be any action involved. All that is required for Democrat harpies to begin screeching into their phones, pressing their distended, hateful faces up against the Gorilla Glass as they bellow in rage, is that a Republican be elected. 

Stop and ask yourself: If you were a Democrat who believed in Democrat policies, how has Trump harmed you? What has he done to injure you or your interests? Now, yes, he has nominated to the Supreme Court a judge who believes in strict construction of the Constitution. This is not the first judge he has nominated. You could therefore explain that Trump’s existence, the fact of his having been elected, somehow threatens the imaginary right you believe you have to murder your baby in the womb. But… other than that, what has he done?

I’m willing to bet that even the calmest, most cogent progressive Democrat cannot actually articulate an injury done to Democrats or their interests during Trump’s time in office. All he did was enact economic policies that helped the economy finally climb out of the doldrums of Obama’s time in office — a rising tide that lifted all boats, as it were. Some Democrats blame Trump for his coronavirus response, but this is wishful thinking only; not only was Trump not responsible for COVID-19, but his responses to the pandemic were entirely reasonable (even when the administration’s public messaging was confused and contradictory). Any harm done by the pandemic is directly traceable to your state governor and your mayor, depending on where you live, as Trump refused to take federal power for himself through pandemic response.

It is against this background and in this context that the latest florid, inexplicably purple viral video has made its way around the Internet. In the video, an enraged, unpleasant Democrat woman screams at her phone. She doesn’t just yell; she yells as loudly as it is humanly possible for a person to yell, probably hurting her throat in the process. It is her words, however incoherent with rage they may be, that tell us everything we need to know about the Democrat mind:

I’m terrified! Listen to me, Republicans. Listen! You are the people in history they warned us about! They warned us about people like YOU! Pay attention! We’re losing our democracy! Wake up! WAKE UUUUUUP!

No, Republicans are not who “they” have been “warning us about.” No, we are not “losing our democracy.” No, people who don’t agree with you are not “asleep.” It is abundantly clear that this woman is simply upset that there exist on planet Earth people who do not share her opinions.

Why is her video so purple? Nobody knows. Why does she sound like she can’t remember, from sentence to sentence, how English words are pronounced? That’s what being that angry will do to you. Why does she confuse screaming at the outer envelope of her lung capacity with actually having an argument? She’s a Democrat and, therefore, doesn’t understand how reason works. But there’s more to be gleaned from the content of her video beyond this woman beclowning herself virally.

Michael Knowles made a particularly insightful comment on this. He pointed out that what she was saying, basically, was, “We support democracy. And if you the people ever disagree with us, that’s the end of Democracy. You’re saying that you support the people going out and expressing their views at the ballot box, and that’s good because that’s pro-democracy. But if they ever disagree with your party, that’s the end of democracy. …In reality, that would be an expression of Democracy, wouldn’t it?”

Knowles, of course, is absolutely right. Progressives only support “democracy” — where “democracy” is defined as “mob rule” — when their mob is ascendant. Any deviation from what they want, from what they demand, from the control they wish to assert, is a failure of the entire system (and a sign of fascism, tyranny, and destruction). It is simply a symptom of Democrats’ complete lack of self-awareness that it is their own policies modeled on fascism and tyranny, their own desire to control others that is the activating spirit of their party.

Remember, these are people who recognize no rights except the right to abortion (and, more abstractly, the right to be sexually confused about your gender). They don’t support of freedom of speech; they want to silence any ideas they disagree with. They don’t support your right to self-defense; they want to ban your guns and render you helpless. They don’t support your right to live your life, work or run a business, and pursue your own happiness; they want to plan your economy, redistribute your earnings, and make sure all your choices align with their orders.

The video, in other words, perfectly encapsulates Democrats’ hatred for your freedom. These are people who lie awake at night fretting over the fact that somewhere out there are people who won’t obey. Your only chance to retain your freedom — to continue disobeying them — is to deny them power in November. If they seize control of our government, it is screaming, panting, bed-wetting, out-of-control women like these who will be setting the political agenda in both our government and our popular culture.

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