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When Everything Is Racist, Nothing Is

The story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf resonates with us because it demonstrates a fundamental aspect of human nature. If you continue to “cry wolf” and your dire warnings or objections are repeatedly empty, you condition others to ignore you. When your cries finally coincide with an actual danger, it will be too late.

We’ve seen political examples of this during the interminable COVID-19 pandemic. A hallmark of this debacle, which has dragged on for month after miserable month, is that those in charge have contradicted themselves repeatedly. The WHO has lost all credibility in so doing. Dr. Fauci, the De Facto Plague King Of The Former United States, has likewise changed his story over and over again (even admitting publicly that the authorities lied about the utility of masks in order to preserve the available supply for first responders). So frequently have Fauci and the WHO changed their stories and cried “Wolf!” that they are now the targets of public derision. This is understandable, predictable, and reproducible.

While Fauci continues to issue more and more Mad King dictates from atop his medical throne of skulls, delighting in his ability to tell Americans what they’ll be allowed to think and do for the next twenty years as he continues touching his face while adjusting that damnable sports-themed mask, we will proceed to ignore him. As the WHO adds more and more symptoms to COVID-19 until literally any physical manifestation of any other disease or disorder can be construed as evidence of coronavirus infection, we will proceed to ignore them, too. This, writ large, is how human beings treat other human beings who repeatedly show themselves to be full of sh-t. It has ever been thus.

But Crying Wolf is a principle that can be applied to any realm of human endeavor and to any aspect of popular culture. At the same time we as Americans have been contending with Fauci and the WHO’s cries of “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”, we have also been dealing with another series of shrill objections. These are the ceaseless and increasingly bold screams and shrieks that everything and everyone, anywhere, is a raaaaaaacissssst!

Racism used to mean something. The term used to hold real import. To be a racist was to be someone who treated people differently — even illegally, even lethally — based on racial prejudice. Racists were dangerous people. They supported laws that treated people differently based on racial makeup; they segregated public facilities; they believed, and often expressed their belief through word and deed, that certain races were inferior or even subhuman. Racism, as realistically defined, is an objectively evil ideology on its face. It is wrong.

To our credit, we have defeated it.

The United States is the least racist country in the entire world. To accuse someone of racism, today, is quite possibly to destroy their lives. A person branded a racist through a viral video or social media post can expect to lose their job, be shunned from polite society, be attacked and abandoned by their peers, and even face legal consequences for their actions.

In May, a woman lost her mind when a creepy bird-watcher in a public park lured her dog with treats he carried specifically for that purpose. She responded by calling the cops and reporting, at the edge of hysteria, that a black man had accosted her. She was fired for this. Her dog was taken from her. She now faces charges for falsely reporting an incident. We are so not-racist as a society that there are legal repercussions for behaving as this woman did. We are so not-racist as a society that every single major media outlet toes the line, bends the knee, and bows and scrapes in obéissance to Black Lives Matter.

And it is not enough.

Black Lives Matter and its supporters already base their contentions and their accusations on a series of lies. They believe our society is systemically biased against them (it isn’t). They believe they live their lives at a disadvantage compared to their lighter-skinned peers, all of whom have easier lives by dint of their skin color (they don’t). They believe the average white person does not think black lives matter and that they must be told this, loudly and at great length (when this isn’t true). They have also redefined a series of benign actions, words, and gestures as racist because the totality of these “microaggressions” are presumed to add up to actual aggression (they don’t).

More recently, they have decided that any and all references to, manifestations of, and landmarks related to traditional American culture and values are racist. Every single white person is presumed to be a white nationalist, a white supremacist, an alt-right hatemonger, without evidence and without appeal. Statues to the Civil War are racist. Statues of Lincoln, the nation’s most famous abolitionist, are racist. Mount Rushmore is racist. Families are racist. Milk is racist. Sports teams are racist. Syrup and pancake mix and butter are racist. The American flag is racist. The national anthem is racist. Everything is racist and can be construed as white supremacist. We know, because they tell us so, every day, never shutting up about it even for a second.

When everything is racist, nothing is. When every single thought, act, landmark, cultural touchstone, and tradition are defamed as “white supremacy,” regardless of origin or context and irrespective of fact, the term “racism” has lost all meaning. Progressives have even gone full Orwell on the topic, redefining dictionary definitions of racism itself to exempt their prejudice. Now, per the dictionary, only white people can be racist. We know, because progressives told us so.

It’s a recursive argument that leads nowhere and destroys everything. It’s a farce. It’s absurd. When everything you do is racist no matter your intent or your actions, nothing anyone does can ever be racist. The concept is devoid of meaning, the notion has been deleted, and anyone screaming “Racist!” is just another pod person pointing and hissing.

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  1. It is really too bad, even horrifying, that this has been happening. Is everything sexist, too? Probably, according to some feminists.

    Now, I yawn at those words. They mean nothing, except that the “tolerant” left has become the party of hate.

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