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When Everything Is White Supremacy, Nothing Is

Our government recently made yet another pronouncement warning of the dire threat posed by white supremacists and “extremists,” supposedly emboldened by the Capitol riot. How the utter destruction of the lives of anyone who set foot inside the Capitol on January 6th — to include encouraging employers and citizens to “inform” on anyone guilty of MAGA wrongthink, while all Trump supporters are smeared, falsely, as domestic terrorists — is supposed to “embolden” anyone is anybody’s guess. Even when Trump was in office, our nation’s domestic security agencies were firmly held by progressive bureaucrats and administrators. This latest news proves that “business as usual” has simply resumed with ever greater intensity.

Our government, including Homeland Security and the FBI, has repeatedly focused on the illusory threat of domestic “extremists” while largely ignoring real threats (such as those posed by illegal immigrants and religious zealots). That is to say, they may well be focusing on those threats too, but they don’t talk about them, preferring instead to keep yammering away in public about the bogeyman of white supremacy.

“White supremacy” has, in fact, become an extremely popular tool of defamation, almost a secular blood libel used against anyone and everyone who disagrees with Democrats. In their efforts to make all dissent illegal, Democrats have decided that anyone who disagrees with them is a tool of “white supremacy.” Even the people of color who disagree are lumped under this label, accused of “multi-ethnic white supremacy.” People who can hold such bizarre and contradictory concepts in their heads with straight faces should not and cannot be trusted. They should never be allowed power over others, either.

In much the same way that there exist no “right wing” personalities — they are always “far right” when this label is used — there are no white people anymore; there are only white supremacists. College courses and workplace diversity training sessions refer to the persistent “problem” of “whiteness” as if merely being born white is to be born with the stain of an original sin. Progressives use “white privilege” to smear and defame anyone born white by proclaiming all their accomplishments and all their efforts to be unfair and unjust. Why, if you were born white, you have a “knapsack of unearned benefits” for which you should feel guilty and over which you should be punished.

All of this is hideously, horrifyingly racist, but progressives are among the most hateful and racist people on Earth. They wear their racist hate with great pride. White progressives flog themselves in public, literally prostrate themselves before black citizens, and bow and scrape and beg to be forgiven for having been born as villains. This degree of self-hatred, this declaration that anyone who is white is automatically a monster, is a form of mental illness. It is self-loathing expressed as a desire to make everyone else hate themselves, all in the name of some twisted idea of “social justice.”

The problem of condemning and vilifying white people and white culture is omnipresent. The National Museum of African American History and Culture, for example, has an entire webpage devoted to “whiteness,” in which white culture, white people in general, and the very notion of being white are condemned as an evil that must be addressed, redressed, stamped out, and overthrown. Were such a webpage erected to vilify literally any other race or ethnic identity it would be condemned far and wide as a hate site. Its domain registrar would revoke its registration. Its payment processors would refuse to work with it. Its bank accounts would be closed without explanation. Its social media accounts would be revoked. Its managers would become digital unpersons, condemned to the shadows like members of the untouchable caste.

If these were isolated pockets of progressive insanity, they would be a problem, but not an insurmountable one. The issue we now face is that these hateful, blanket condemnations of white people are everywhere. They have invaded all facets of society. Our representatives and senators speak of “reprogramming” white supremacists, who are presumed to be an imminent threat. Anyone who is white (and anyone who is not white) is guilty of white supremacy unless and until they make their loyalty oaths to the gods of the progressives. Prominent figures in politics and culture speak of “deprogramming” and “reeducating” anyone who disagrees with them, but especially those pesky white supremacists. A lawyer for PBS even wants their children put into camps.

There is not now, nor has there been (since the fall of the Democrat-founded KKK) a significant problem or threat of white supremacy in modern America. There simply isn’t. You could not round up enough genuine white supremacists in the United States to fill a football stadium, nor do white supremacists enjoy any political power. They have no support — and are roundly condemned — in every corner of the political right, save those few pockets of their own devising. To point to them as a problem or, more importantly, as a rising threat is simply to gaslight and lie.

When everything is racist, nothing is. When everything is white supremacy, there is no such thing as white supremacy. Progressives have managed to so dilute and distort these concepts that the terms have lost all meaning. The words are now only insults, shorthand for “people who disagree with progressives.” This warping of reality helps no one — and wreaks considerable harm on the conservative backbone of the United States.

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