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Whitmer’s Imaginary Kidnappers Are A Democrat Fantasy

The news cycle was briefly hijacked last week by a breathless report that brave elements within our government had preempted a nefarious plot against Gretchen “Lord Farquaad” Whitmer, Dictator for Life of Michigan. (I’m sorry, I spelled “Governor” wrong.) While everyone responsible for foiling this kidnapping scheme was very, very proud of themselves, they had little real reason to be. There’s one reason for this:

The “militia threat” in Michigan is not now, nor has it ever been, real.

This is not to say that “militia” groups do not exist. They do. This also is not to say that they aren’t dangerous. Occasionally they are. The reality, though, is that right-wing domestic terror groups have never occupied a significant place in the threat landscape of the United States.

There is just one exception to this rule: The Oklahoma City Bombing. The problem with that logic, however, is that OKC does not represent a successful execution of domestic terror by militia groups. Instead, it is the successful execution of a terror threat by a small group of four or possibly five individuals. While those individuals certainly held beliefs similar to those espoused by some anti-government militias, they were not acting as representatives of any such group, nor was any militia group implicated credibly in the plot.

I’ve written before that we face a huge problem when it comes to this reality, and this our own government’s bureaucrats. Specifically, politically correct elements within the United States government have repeatedly asserted that right-wing domestic terror groups, “white supremacists,” and “militia” groups are the foremost threat our government faces. This is absolutely false. The FBI arrives at numbers to support this assertion by strategically omitting other terror attacks in their timeline (while playing fast and loose with the definitions of the groups they do include).

This begs the question of why our government insists on furthering this myth. The answer is simple: For too long, agencies like Homeland Security and the FBI were heavily influenced by leftist propaganda and hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, a discredited and disgraced organization that has been sued repeatedly for libeling and defaming its targets.  With the SPLC acting as subject matter expert, our government previously mischaracterized as potential “domestic terrorists” just about everyone on the right side of the political aisle, including Christians, preppers, veterans, and gun owners in general.

In other words, the government is flatly wrong. Its continued focus on the “militia threat” is a waste of resources. In the case of Gretchen Whitmer’s very public hand-wringing over Donald Trump’s alleged influence on the militia, several inconvenient truths have come out.

The first, is that the “leader” of the alleged militia group is an anarchist who has publicly condemned Trump. He is no more influenced by Trump’s urging to “liberate Michigan” from Whitmer’s unconstitutional lockdowns than Trump would be influenced by advice from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Whitmer’s attempt to link Trump to her would-be kidnappers is a cynical ploy at best and an outright lie at worst.

The second problem is that if Trump is somehow responsible for plots against Whitmer by publicly criticizing her, then Democrats must answer for the rash of murders and attempted murders on Republicans and Trump supporters. If Whitmer’s logic were logical, Bernie Sanders is responsible for the shootings of Republicans at a softball game. Every member of Black Lives Matter is responsible for the assassination of police officers in Dallas. Maxine Waters is responsible for every street assault by Antifa thugs on conservatives and people in MAGA hats.

Horrifyingly, Democrats may well bear responsibility for assaults on Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians. This is because prominent Democrats (Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi among them) have exhorted others to engage in confrontation and even force to quell dissent. This contrasts sharply to Republicans and their fellow travelers merely criticizing Democrats. (Democrats wish to silence criticism, so they conflate the two.)

The final problem is that, while the lurid stories of what the supposed “militia members” wanted to do certainly do constitute a crime, they are a crime of conspiracy only. There was a vanishingly small chance that these loons would ever have acted on even a portion of their grand designs to storm government buildings with an army hundreds strong. These were crazy people fantasizing, not individuals with the wherewithal actually to follow through.

The arrests of the plotters is necessary and good. It eliminates any chance that they might actually carry out the illegal threats they’ve made. But let’s not kid ourselves. Do not believe, for one second, that these threats were imminent or even particularly credible.

Governor Whitmer is a terrible leader, an autocrat who treats the people of Michigan like so many serfs. She is, to put it mildly, the worst. The only way to oust her is to vote her out, which the people of Michigan are entirely capable of doing. Whether Michiganders will continue to get the government they deserve remains to be seen… but do not be fooled by Whitmer’s histrionics.

As she points and squawks and blames Trump for her unpopularity, demanding we take seriously the flights of fancy of so many fringe whackos, we must not lose sight of what is truly important. Whitmer, and every Democrat governor, must be voted out. This is the only way to ensure the freedoms and liberties of the American people, no matter what distractions Michigan’s shiny Lord Farquaad wants us to embrace.

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