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Why Do Democrats Hate Freedom Of Speech?

The Biden-Harris administration — if that is indeed the horrible fate awaiting this nation in January — has indicated that it wishes to pass unconstitutional laws banning “hate speech.” This clearly violates the First Amendment, a protection held up by a majority of Americans as our most significant national ideal.  Such unconstitutional dictates are, however, entirely consistent with how Democrats view the Constitution — as an obstacle, not a guide. It’s not a surprise that the senile infant Joe Biden and that cackling whore Kamala Harris would target the First Amendment, either. This is because, of all the freedoms Democrats hate, they hate free speech most of all.

You might wonder why that is. After all, with so many protections in the Bill of Rights to hate, why would they hate free speech more than, say, the Second Amendment, or the Fourth? These are all protections that Democrats despise, after all. What makes Freedom of Speech their number one target for infringement?

The answer comes down to the very core of how Democrats think. Either you see another man’s freedom of action as a benefit that accrues to us all, or you believe his freedom is a threat that must be controlled.

Democrats believe the latter. They believe that, if left to their own devices, if allowed to make their own choices, people will choose wrong.  It isn’t that human beings disagree about things, in the minds of Democrats; it’s that some people are correct and some people are bad. If you’re allowed to make your own decisions, you might decide in ways that Democrats don’t want, and that would be wrong.

What is free speech? It is you speaking your mind. It’s your mind that Democrats wish to control. They push for speech codes because if they can forbid you from using certain “politically incorrect” words, they can control how you think. They redefine any opinion they dislike as “hate” because “hate” can be marginalized, then declared improper, then made illegal. They advocate for an all-powerful government because governments alone have the power to force you to obey.

Popular culture has power. It’s why the Democrats spend so much time perverting it. If they can make it “hate speech” to say you don’t believe in this or that aspect of modern gender theory, they can silence you with public censure and the censorship of private enterprise. If they can make you a “climate denier” for saying you don’t believe climate change is the primary existential threat of our age, they can marginalize you with social media outrage mobs. But popular culture is not legal force. Only governments wield that.

Stated differently, no political interest group, no corporation, no civic group or private club, can send armed men to your door to kick it in and kidnap you. Wal-Mart cannot send black-masked commandos to intercept your car and shoot you through the windshield. Twitter and Facebook cannot shoot your dog dead, seize your bank account, and sentence you to years in prison for crimes they manufactured. Your government can do all these things, which is why Democrats fight so very hard to control it.

If they control the government, they control government force. If they control government force, they can make you obey. Making you obey is the thing they desire most. They want to use government force to bend you to their will.

This always implies, or explicitly includes, shutting you up. It’s very inconvenient to have the subjects of your divine rule speaking out against you. Democrats believe they have been granted sole cosmic power to rule over all of us for eternity, because they know better. They dislike being challenged; therefore dissent is wrong and must be stopped.

If a Democrat loses an election, why, the whole system must be broken. If a Democrat can’t wield unfettered government power at his every whim, why, the whole order must be destroyed. This is why Democrats fought so hard to steal the 2020 election. It’s why they engaged in a degree of voter fraud never before seen in the United States. It’s why they’ve guaranteed there will never again be a Republican majority in American government — and it’s why this nation has been reduced to a banana republic run by tin-plated dictators.

All resistance to this type of mean-spirited dictatorship starts with a single word of dissent. It starts with a single sentence uttered with the protection of the First Amendment. It starts by saying you disagree with a Democrat. This is the thing they hate most. This is the thing they must stamp out.

Democrats hate free speech because free speech is your first and most powerful weapon against them. This is why they want to censor you. This is why, if they have their way, you will be silenced. And this is why we must do everything in our power to fight their unconstitutional power-grabs.

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