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Why It Matters That Biden Is A Senile Puppet

There’s an episode of the original Star Trek series in which a well-meaning fellow implements a fascist regime on the grounds that fascism is efficient — that it can accomplish his goals most expediently. By the time he finally gets shot to death, he’s been spending his time drugged into a stupor while controlled, scripted speeches are attributed to him. He basically spends his time “on camera” sitting in a box with a microphone obscuring his mouth. That way, nobody can tell he’s essentially a political ventriloquist’s dummy.

Sound familiar? It should, because I just described Joe Biden.

Because the Democrats always project, they’ve recently tried to start a baseless rumor that there’s something wrong with Donald Trump’s health. The bizarre hypocrisy, the tone-deaf self-own, that is this tactic would be hilarious if not for the complacent and complicit media outlets helping the Democrats to steal the election. News outlets that are only too happy to call any criticism of Biden’s health a “conspiracy theory” are just as fast to repeat these falsehoods about Trump’s health. Meanwhile, the indefatigable Trump gives three-hour speeches off-teleprompter any time somebody looks at him funny.

Biden, for his own part, has had his media appearances strictly controlled, edited, and redacted. It’s widely believed that his appearance at the DNC was an edited recording. He has taken pitifully few questions during the run up to November, but those questions he has answered have simply opened him to endless comparisons to his previous statements. Biden is a liar and a flip-flopper, you see. Recordings of him can be edited in a way that makes him debate himself.

“I won’t ban fracking,” says Biden, except that he also says, “I will eliminate fossil fuels.” He goes on to claim that he believes in the Second Amendment, but that magazines capable of holding more than one round should be banned. He is tested for cognitive capability all the time, he says, except that he has never taken a test, he points out. He then wonders if the interviewer has been screened for cocaine.

This is not, however, merely a matter of hypocrisy. Republicans are quite used to double standards in the media. If it weren’t for lying and projection, Democrats would have little to say that was not simply screeching in anger or sobbing in impotence. No, the real reason that it matters that Biden is a senile puppet is that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for unaccountable leftist political operatives.

Biden’s constant gaffes are not jokes. These are not statements taken out of context. This is the collapse of a man who is suffering from dementia so badly that it is cruel to make him campaign. Most recently, Biden was supposedly giving an interview when it became obvious he was reading from a teleprompter. He mistook one of the headings on the prompter for one the lines of dialogue he was tasked with delivering. It was at that moment that I realized I was seeing “Patterns of Force,” the Star Trek episode. This is not a man answering questions and telling you what he believes. This is a puppet delivering pre-written lines of dialogue.

Democrats refuse to admit they’ve made a terrible mistake in nominating Joe Biden. Biden, in turn, selected as his running mate one of the least likable also-rans from the primaries, a woman who had so little support that she dropped out extremely early n the process. Kamala Harris may be even less likable than Hillary Clinton — something that is remarkably hard to do. Democrats, however, may not see the puppet presidency of Biden as a negative… so long as the puppeteers put opinions in his mouth that lean sufficiently left.

It is for this reason that this will be the most left-leaning presidency in history. The Democrats will win, of course. They are already priming us with news stories about how a Republican landslide on election night will be countered by falsified mail-in ballots “discovered” in the days after the vote. They have been seething since 2016 over their failure to steal the election through illegal voting in person, after all. They won’t make that mistake again, nor will they tolerate another four years during which what they believe is their divine right to rule us is denied them.

It therefore matters that Biden will be a puppet president, because his handlers will be the worst that Democrat operatives have to offer. He will govern so far left, so predictably in line with what left-wing puppeteers demand, that America will cease to exist. The presidency will disappear, replaced by an oligarchy of unaccountable Democrats who hate the Constitution and the liberties it protects.

The 2020 election will be the final insult in a year marked by suffering. No matter how bad the last year has been, however, it will pale in comparison to four years of Democrat puppet rule. Joe Biden isn’t home anymore. The people putting words in his mouth are the last people you want running this country. Unless Republicans vote in staggering numbers come November, this is the barrel of the government gun into which we all now stare.


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