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Why Lying About Crowd Size Matters

One of the petty attacks often leveled at President Trump is that he is not popular. I say this is petty because, with a certain segment of the populace, he is very popular. Every president after Trump is going to seem boring by comparison; every politician, compared to Trump, seems more predictable, more traditional, and much, much more dull. The reason Trump shot to the top of a crowded primary field in 2016 had nothing to do with his political skill (he has little) and everything to do with his personality. In some people he inspires great affection, and it is those people who form the backbone of his popular support.

It is said that you can tell a lot about someone by whether they can give credit where it is due. We should all strive for the objectivity necessary to credit our enemies for the things they do well. If we reduce them to caricatures, if we refuse to grant them their due, we run the very real risk of underestimating them. This is why an arrogant press proclaimed that there was no way on God’s green Earth that Trump was going to win the 2016 election… and why they screamed in agony to the sky when they learned he had.

Progressives are petty people, given to monstrous double standards. They are against guns — unless they have them. They are against violence — unless they are perpetrating it. They are against racism — unless they are condemning white people. They are against intolerance — unless they are “cancelling” someone who believes biological sex exists. On and on it goes, with progressives revealing, year over year, that they would have no standards at all if it were not for double standards.

The problem with being petty, and with refusing to place credit where it is due, is that when you combine these character flaws you will inevitably beclown yourself. So it was that progressives have tried to claim that Trump’s “comeback” rally, the first held after the lockdowns and quarantines began to ease, was “disappointing.” His campaign is off to a “rocky” start, they claim. The rally was a “failure.” Yet they simultaneously claim they prevented a crowd from assembling at his rally by gaming his reservation system.

We are meant to take from this that Trump is unpopular. Certainly he has endured twenty-four-hour-a-day attacks on his person and his presidency on a scale that no president has ever faced. Progressives have conspired to impeach and remove him since before he took office. The same people who whined that Trump would not accept the results of the 2016 election have been having a collective temper tantrum over the same issue for three years. Leftists believe they deserve power, that it is theirs by right, and they resent any attempt to deny them authoritarian control over others. Any lie they tell, any deceit they perpetrate, any violence they commit, is therefore justified, as they see it.

Consider the conditions of Trump’s comeback rally: Many citizens are still terrified of COVID-19, and rightly so. To emerge from the homes in which they have hidden for a quarter of a year and immediately assemble to the tune of thousands would be a daunting prospect. Yet, while the venue in question was certainly not full to anywhere near capacity, it still housed thousands of fans eager to hear from President Trump. Those same fans had to run a gauntlet of left-wing fascists eager to assault them physically for attending a private political rally. Yet still, they came, in the thousands.

Not only did these fans have to brave fascist intimidation and the threat of the pandemic, but they had to do so knowing any resulting coronavirus infections would be celebrated. For three weeks, the media have ignored COVID-19 while pushing, supporting, and providing cover for violent looting and mass protests by thousands of people. Forgotten in the media was all their hand-wringing about “people just wanting haircuts” when it came to the protests. Why, the protesters weren’t going to kill Grandma with COVID-19 when they brought infections back home… but those Trump supporters certainly were.

No sooner had the rally faded from viewers’ screens than the media began trumpeting a “spike” in COVID-19 cases in the city. Never you mind that the virus has an incubation period of up to two weeks, and any spike in cases was likely caused by the previous three weeks’ protests and race riots. No, it HAD to have been the bad orange man that did it.

This simple hypocrisy laid bare the political agenda of those in our mainstream “news.” It is impossible for them to hide their petty double standards any longer. This event brought that out. They could not help but humiliate themselves on a national stage.

But another hypocrisy deserves mention, too. Much was made of the fact that “zoomers” — what idiots call younger people these days — on the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok had “punked” Trump’s rally. They had gamed the system, making the Trump campaign believe a million people wanted to sign up for the rally. Thus, when Trump showed up to a much smaller crowd, he was made to look foolish, they told us.

Well, which is it? Is Trump so unpopular that his crowd size was small because his presidency has failed? Or was Trump’s crowd smaller than it would have been because progressives — whom, you may recall, only a few months ago were very upset at the thought of “election meddling” — now believe interfering in a national presidential election is clever? And if progressives can be trusted to commit this type of mass fraud campaign over a rally, what efforts will they go to steal an election conducted by mail?

Either Trump is a failure, in which case it was not necessary to meddle with his rally, or the meddling was necessary, in which case Trump is popular enough to draw an immense crowd. Either is possible — but what matters is that progressives feel the need to lie. As their own frail, feeble-minded candidate hides from the public, one wonders just how large a crowd the Democrats could draw if they were to make the attempt.

If they did, we would need no deceit, no double standards, to know for certain the outcome.

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