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Without Republicans, Democrats Have Nothing

It’s been said that the folks in Hollywood are all out of ideas. This has led Hollywood to mine any number of played out veins for entertainment, producing the bizarre spectacles of obscure children’s shows and beloved sitcoms converted to horror or parody films, dreadful adaptations of video games, sequel after uninspired sequel, and a reliance on formula that proves both filmmakers and filmgoers are lazy. You could say, in fact, that Hollywood would have nothing, no talent, no inspiration, if it did not have the work of others from which to pick and graze. In pondering this after watching the horror remake of The Banana Splits, I realized it is an apt description of the Democrat Party.

This is why CNN and MSNBC have almost nothing to say except to whine and complain about what conservative pundits have said. There were times when you could get a more accurate summary of what took place on Fox News by listening to Brian Stelter cry about it than in trying to watch the network itself. Now that Fox has imploded, shedding formerly loyal viewers like asphalt shingles in a wind storm, political culture is more about individual conservative personalities. The Tucker Carlsons, the Sean Hannitys, the Ben Shapiros, the Dan Bonginos — they are the news, more often than not. They have opinions, while liberals exist to affect outrage at those opinions.

It has always been this way. Conservatives have always been the thought leaders in politics. There is no way they could not be, for you cannot construct a thought movement from nonsense. If the facts of objective reality do not support your movement, it can go nowhere (except to become increasingly ridiculous). This is why progressive “thought” has spiraled out of control to become ever-more self-destructive. It is entropy incarnate, destined to shake itself to pieces, even as its supporters struggle to drag countless Americans to their doom along with the movement.

Because the movement itself is all about destroying the very country that makes progressive absurdity possible, it spends the overwhelming majority of its time complaining about its designated enemies. Anyone who disagrees with the movement is an enemy — and is branded as such. The thoughts, the activities, the beliefs of those enemies are then held up as proof of the enemies’ wrongness. By that I mean that it becomes unthinkable, invalid, illegitimate merely to dissent from progressive orthodoxy. Thus we see Republican students treated like criminals on college campuses, Republicans chased from public venues and public life by angry, hostile, even violent mobs, and constant calls for violent revenge by progressives against conservatives and libertarians.

If you thought they would forget, if you thought they would relent, you were wrong. Progressives hate nothing so much as freedom of speech. They lie awake at night grinding their teeth at the fact that somebody, somewhere, is expressing a thought they do not like — and they will stop at nothing to stamp out that free expression. Even the words you are reading now are subject to the arbitrary oversight of Democrat tech moguls who feel entitled to edit the opinions I express.

They never forget, either. Their grudges are legendary. In 2014 I was responsible for humiliating a young would-be progressive pundit. He had an unpaid job at a political aggregation site, where he wrote a free column that was devoted to libeling conservative commentators. No one had heard of him and he had no circulation, but when he started writing columns about me, my online alert sent me a link. By the time I was done dealing with his attacks I had not just destroyed his poorly written columns, but caused the website to revoke his unpaid slot. I would say I got him fired, but you can’t fire someone who never really had a job in the first place.

That angry little Democrat — a self-described “furry” who lives with his mother and who has been unemployed for most of his adult life — still follows my columns. Occasionally he comments on them. When I first noticed the posts in my review queue, I was astonished. It had been all these years, and yet the poor boy had not forgotten. He was unable to let his hatred go. It will always be inside him, roiling away at his guts, burning him up… and I have never seen a better example of what constitutes the spirit of the Democrat true believer. These are people whose primary emotions, whose primary motivators, are hatred. It is always with them, leaving them hollow and unfulfilled, always.

Their inability to make a substantive argument in favor of their own belief systems, rather than tear down dissenting beliefs, is why Democrats pivoted so swiftly to revenge and punishment after the election. Facing the specter of losing the Bad Orange Man who has come to personify their hatred for all others, they needed desperately to find a way to channel their hatred for dissent into a new enemy. Thus they have begun constructing enemies’ lists, blacklists for punishing anybody who dared to have an opposing belief. In progressives’ minds, it is now illegal to have supported Trump. They will conduct themselves accordingly, persecuting the non-believers and dragging them before kangaroo courts of public opinion for their “crimes.”

It is not possible for a progressive ever to let go of this hatred for dissent. Even the most pathetic among them can never forget the humiliation they’ve suffered at conservatives’ hands. They’ll never forget how badly we hurt them by electing Trump. It’s why they worked so very hard to steal this election. It’s why they want so desperately to take revenge on us now.

Without us, they have nothing — and deep down, because they know that, they hate us all the more for it.

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