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Kamala Harris Thinks You’re Stupid

Just in time for the made-up holiday of Kwanzaa, Kamala Harris told another of her unconvincing lies while pandering to whatever audience she thinks she’s addressing. I want to stress that Harris was lying about something completely unimportant. It doesn’t matter if we think her family traditions were nice or if we even believe they happened; therefore, lying about them gains her nothing but risks further damaging her already tenuous credibility.

This makes a difference because someone who is willing to lie to you — casually and repeatedly — about things of no consequence will almost certainly lie to you about significant issues. That senile infant Joe Biden is not long for his office; if he does not step down or die of natural causes, he will almost certainly be pushed aside to suck on “Doctor” Jill’s fingers in his increasing senility while Harris takes the reins of power through some administrative maneuver. Once in charge, Harris will be the most incompetent president who has ever held office. She is utterly unqualified, completely insincere, possesses no respect for the Constitution, and has absolutely no qualms about lying every second of the day.

Her lack of hesitation is telling because it points to just how stupid she thinks you are. She wants us to believe that her family had a long and storied history of celebrating Kwanzaa even though the holiday was invented years after she was born and did not catch on until many years after that. To say even that it “caught on” is not accurate, honestly; it would be more fair to say that it became politically correct to cite Kwanzaa sometime in recent memory, when left-leaning black Americans began disdaining all traditional American holidays and social mores in favor of a new racial separatism.

That’s what Kwanzaa is, after all; it’s nothing more than an attempt to assert separation from other, more accepted holiday traditions. It was wholly invented from a mishmash of pseudo-African traditions tacked on to an imitation Hanukkah and conveniently scheduled from December 26th through January 1st — you know, all the days that were already free between the established holidays.

I know of no one who attaches deep and sentimental significance to Kwanzaa, although I’m sure there must be a few. (That’s true simply because no matter how dumb an idea is, there will be people who believe in it.) Stupid an affectation as Kwanzaa is, you could argue that all other holidays are essentially “made up” in the technical sense. That’s true — but the established holidays have been legitimized by the passage of time. Kwanzaa is still something that a radical lunatic penciled into the calendar within living memory. Somehow, we’re supposed to take this seriously. I’m sorry, but I don’t.

That makes Kamala Harris lying about her family’s Kwanzaa traditions that much more hilarious. Democrats love telling tall tales, but they’re terrible at scripting them. Not only are the characters in their fictions always very obviously made-up (like Joe Biden’s racist “Corn-Pop” villain), but the stories inevitably invite cringe. I’m quite sure Biden thought making up his 1950s lifeguard duels sounded like something out of Rebel without a Cause, but only someone utterly out of touch with reality could believe these were flattering stories.

This is why, incidentally, everybody made so much hay out of Jill Biden’s pretentious insistence on being called “Doctor” when she’s got an education degree. When people who are anything but genuine start putting on airs, the rest of notice. We aren’t impressed. Worse, we’re usually repelled. This is the effect the Bidens have (particularly in light of Joe Biden’s lifelong history of lies and plagiarism) and it’s the constant stench in the air whenever Kamala Harris opens her mouth.

Kamala thinks you’re stupid because she thinks you’ll believe her inartfully told, poorly conceived lies about her childhood. Previously, she lied about smoking pot and listening to certain artists who had no hits at the time in question. Worse, she cackled with glee at the notion of smoking pot, even though she’s put people in jail while enforcing marijuana laws.

Kamala’s cackle is a tic, a cover, something she does when her brain can’t formulate a response that even begins to work. What’s worrying is that the lies she tells when she thinks she does have something to work with are easily worse than any amount of cackling might be.

It bothers me that someone so false, someone so off-putting, someone so… just awful… is going to be president of the United States. Joe Biden’s presidency is illegitimate, but when Harris takes over for him, she will be even less legitimate than her lying, drooling, coughing, sputtering predecessor. This bodes ill for the nation and promises to be incredibly annoying — because there is nothing worse than being hectored and lectured by an unqualified moron who thinks you are stupid.

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